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Carenado A42-500: The FSElite Video Review

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Ronnie here with another FSElite video review. This time, I’m looking at the Carenado A42-500 on Prepar3D. The aircraft is perfect for short-hops carrying lots of paying passengers. You can watch my video review above, where I take a look at the modelling, the systems and other elements that make up one of the latest aircraft from Carenado.

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Carenado A42-500 Updated to v1.1

2019 4 25 21 31 48 360
Following a successful release, Carenado has pushed a version 1.1 update for their A42-500 add-on for FSX and Prepar3D. The ATR 42-500 saw its maiden flight in 1981 and has since seen over 1800 of the type built. With a typical seating layout for 48 passengers and a maximum range of 716nm, it’s a great aircraft for domestic travel. Version 1.1 brings
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