Mettar Simulations Provide Development Update #1


If you’re not familiar with Mettar Simulations, they are a development company headed by Twitch and YouTube personality Matt Davies. They are perhaps most known for their hugely popular projectFLY, but recently have had their name tied to their study level A380 in development. While many flight sim development companies are notorious for their communication, and lack thereof..,Mettar aims to be better about communication with the community. Their solution is to start a development blog where they’ll post weekly developments on Thursdays detailing everything that happened at Mettar the previous week regarding their various ongoing projects. With this out of the way, lets dig into Dev update #1!


Before we get to the exciting stuff, first must come the more mundane-but-still-exciting-ish housekeeping information. The Mettar Simulations team has now grown to a size of 10 which will allow Mettar to utilize anywhere between 400-500 hours of development time per week, an increase from the 10-20 in the past. This massive increase in development time will mean that we will now see significant development updates regularly, including a weekly update regarding projectFLY,


First off, Matt notes that open beta 8 of projectFLY is now available, with the massive beta changelog being available for viewing here. The team acknowledges that they’re hugely being on support tickets but have 2 team members solely dedicated to clearing out the backlog. Once this is completed users can expect ticket responses in a timely manner, with no more long wait periods for those with unsolved issues.

The promised Mac/Linux versions of the app has been long delayed due to a required code signing certificate needing to be implemented into the app in order for it to work without any security issues. This certificate was purchased about 5 weeks ago, but the company’s drawn out verification process has incurred a huge delay on the delivery of the certificate. Matt states that once this certificate is in hand, they can implement it and then finally release the versions that were promised long ago.

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Mettar Simulations are Hiring

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Mettar Simulations - the company behind SimTweak's PTA, projectFLY and the in-development A380 are looking for a full time developer to join their team. For those unfamiliar with Mettar Simulations, it is a company set up and run by Matt Davies; and for those that don't know Matt, simply search YouTube, Twitch or Facebook and you'll find your answer pretty
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Mettar Simulations: 2018 And Beyond

You may not know the name "Mettar Simulations", but you likely know the main man behind that name very well. Matt Davies is well known in our community for his Twitch streams and YouTube channel (formerly going by the screen name Belynz,  saving the P3D Tweak Assistant tool (better known as PTA) from being relegated to history by the previous
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Study Level A380 Cockpit Previews

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It's been a few months since we heard the news that a Study Level Airbus A380 has been confirmed for Prepar3D v4 and XPlane 11 being produced by Matt Davies and his team. Via Matt's Twitch Stream he has previewed the internal model for the flightdeck of his A380. He confirms that this is all working progress, but it's great
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X-Plane A380 – A Statement from the Developer

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Yesterday, a forum post over on the X-Plane official forums sparked us to look into an A380 project being designed as freeware for X-Plane 11. That developer was previously involved with the Cloud Surf Team scandal that we exposed back in February of this year. Because of the association with the previous development team, we were skeptical on the situation
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Study Level A380 Confirmed for Prepar3D V4 and X-Plane


It’s a busy day for Matt as he’s just gone on record to confirm that he and his team of 8 will be working on a Airbus A380. Via his Twitch account, he said it will be a “study level” sim, as it’s something he has always wanted to work on. Due to the fact the aircraft is seriously complex, it won’t be for a 32-bit environment so the team will be developing it Prepar3D V4 and X-Plane.

He confirmed that he has the contacts he needs to develop the aircraft.

Outside of this information, there’s not a lot left to tell other than he’s already started working out the logic behind certain systems include “Brake to Vacate (BTV)”.

Don’t expect it to be released any time soon. This is a project of love that will be developed as long as it needs – there’s no time scale. Matt said that he’ll possibly update us on development come the end of the year, but for now, let’s take this as confirmation for an aircraft to look forward to in the future.

As for why we’re not putting this under the grill like we did for Cloud Surf Team is the fact that Matt is an established community member who has produced the fantastic ProjectFly.

In the mean time, the team will continue to develop ProjectFly and SimStall (and now the PTA tool).

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My thoughts on the Cloud Surf Team A380

Yesterday, a developer called Cloud Surf Team announced that they would be developing an Airbus A380 for Prepar3d. Queue loud cheers and a round of applause. Except… wait, WHO!? That’s right, the shock announcement came from a team that is pretty much unknown to the Flight Sim community. Cloud Surf Team have only been around since August 2016. Well, publicly
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