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Study Level A380 Cockpit Previews

A380 P3dv4

It’s been a few months since we heard the news that a Study Level Airbus A380 has been confirmed for Prepar3D v4 and XPlane 11 being produced by Matt Davies and his team. Via Matt’s Twitch Stream he has previewed the internal model for the flightdeck of his A380.

He confirms that this is all working progress, but it’s great to see some shots of it!

The clip of Matt showing off the A380 cockpit can be found here. Warning this video does contain explicit language.

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X-Plane A380 – A Statement from the Developer

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Yesterday, a forum post over on the X-Plane official forums sparked us to look into an A380 project being designed as freeware for X-Plane 11. That developer was previously involved with the Cloud Surf Team scandal that we exposed back in February of this year. Because of the association with the previous development team, we were skeptical on the situation
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My thoughts on the Cloud Surf Team A380

Yesterday, a developer called Cloud Surf Team announced that they would be developing an Airbus A380 for Prepar3d. Queue loud cheers and a round of applause. Except… wait, WHO!? That’s right, the shock announcement came from a team that is pretty much unknown to the Flight Sim community. Cloud Surf Team have only been around since August 2016. Well, publicly
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