ToLiss Shares A340-600 Progress Update

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Developer ToLiss has shared a long-awaited updated for their upcoming A340-600 aircraft for X-Plane 11. The new previews are part of an anniversary special being held by ToLiss in celebration of their A319 and A321 releases.

The new previews of the long-haul Airbus jet highlight the completed cockpit 3D modelling. Whilst the cockpit is still missing many textures, things are in progress to create an authentic-looking Airbus A340-600. In addition, the team confirmed that animations are also in development. Also, we can see that modelling on the virtual cabin is also underway with various classes in the cabin and even the lower-deck galley/toilet area found on specific aircraft.

In regards to the systems, performance handling tuning is complete, but there is still plenty of work to go before the aircraft will be ready for people to use in the sim.

Finally, it was confirmed that the target release date is currently the second half of 2021. There is still plenty of work to be done, but to see the quad-engine jet for the sim this far into development is reassuring for those ready to explore new destinations in the aircraft.

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