Aerosoft 330 Pre Alpha

Watch the Aerosoft A330 ‘Pre-Alpha’ In Action

With the slew of Aerosoft A318-321 updates recently, it's great to see that the hotly anticipated long haul Airbus aircraft from Aerosoft has made an appearance again. Hosted on the 'Web Conference 2017' hosted by the Online Virtual Pilots Association, Mathijs took the guys through some of the features that will come when the aircraft is finally released. During the
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Aerosoft A330 Video Sneak Preview – Taxi Preview

Sneak Peak AS A330
We've been subject to a few model teases over the past few months showcasing minor progress on the grander scheme of things with the Aerosoft A330. Well today brings a new sneak peak in the form of video! At least we can see the aircraft in motion for the first time, complete with sounds. The Dude was extremely forthcoming in providing
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Aerosoft A330 Previews and Fuel System Information

A330 CARGOFWD 004.png.15eb79eb11130e7f8ed7faed2bd86c1f
Aerosoft continue to work on their upcoming A330 with modelling progressing with the cargo bays. As usual, Stefan's work continues to impress and the level of detail is some of the best we've seen from Aerosoft. You can see his progress below, which he describes as the "forward hold is so far complete". Work continues on the aft section, with
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Aerosoft A330 Cabin Night Lighting Previews

Aerosoft A330
Aerosoft are back again today with some new shots of their upcoming A330 for FSX and P3D. Today, we've been shown some of the night lighting for the cabin in external view. Work is still to be completed on the lighting for the passenger windows, but as you can see, the galley sections are coming along nicely. We won't have
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GALLEY2 PREVIEW 001.png.0c0712364664495d50fa148333f6d13f

More Aerosoft A330 Previews

A bunch more previews for the Aerosoft A330 surfaced today, showing off the aircraft galley. Not much in the way or progress shown today, but these seem to be the last few details for the modelling work. You can read our exclusive interview with Mathijs Kok here.
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Aerosoft A330 Update – New Images

More previews of the Aerosoft A330 have surfaced. As part of Developer Month, I mentioned how much I love how often Aerosoft showing off constant previews of their products and giving insight to the community on progress. A few days ago (sorry, we missed it), Aerosoft gave us some more preview pictures of the door and galley area of the
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Aerosoft A330 previews

More A330 previes from Aerosoft! And it's not even Friday yet! Crazy world... Aerosoft have taken a short trip from Frankfurt to Munich in their new Bus . And during that trip they made sure to make some very cool screenshots of the A330 in action. Coolest thing yet? We finally get to see the dual MCDU in action! Very
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Aerosoft A330 – Interior Table Preview

UPDATE 03 Feb 2017: Been some concerns with VAS etc. We've been assured that it will have minimal impact due to the low poly count of the modelling. Also, it hasn't packed development time at all, as it was done for a bit of fun during the specific developer's downtime.   We stopped doing weekly updates on the A330 a
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