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Infinite Flight Updated to Version 19.1

Infinite Flight 19.1 (7)

Mobile Flight Simulation Infinite Flight has been updated to version 19.1, which adds a range of new features, functionality and improvements based on community feedback. The most significant new feature is the new redesigned Replay System built directly into the simulator itself.

The new reply system now gives users the ability to capture, reply, export and share their past flight and controlling sessions right from the new user interface on the home screen. You can sync these replays to various cloud services, share them via AirDrop or share with a friend via various other services. You can capture exciting angles for those ‘wow’ moments within the simulator. For those concerned about size, the information is saved as network data as opposed to video saving you plenty of space for many captures.

In addition to the new replay system, there’s a brand new Super-Resolution screenshot mode. Simply get into position and then hit the screenshot button to capture a series of screenshots, which Infinite Flight then stitches together for a huge and impressive looking image.

Another exciting change to Infinite Flight is the huge number of changes to the A330-300/200F models. The new changes include wing flex, ground effects, autoland and various new liveries to explore the world in. There are also some additional fixes to things such as flaps and the autopilot system.

The full update for the A330/200F can be found below.

If you choose to use the A330, you may be pleased to also hear that ramp start availability & gate size restrictions have been implemented to ensure that you don’t spawn on another user anymore.

There has also been a range of fixes and changes to Infinite Flight, which can be found below.

If you’re keen to learn more about Infinite Flight, you can read our Original Content piece on our experience with it. If it sounds good to you, you can download Infinite Flight from either the Google Play or AppStore. If you want the full experience, you will need to pay for a subscription, which starts from $9.99.

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Additional Aerosoft A330 Professional Cockpit Previews

Aerosoft 330 Cockpit Pbr Less 3
Further to the in-sim previews of just a few days ago, Aerosoft has released a few additional previews of the cockpit. Whilst we have seen many of these types of previews from them before, there was an additional bit of news that came with the forum post. It was stated that the images are currently designed with P3D v4.2 standards,
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In-Sim Previews of the Aerosoft A330 Professional

Aerosoft 330 Previews Sim (2)
Whilst testing out some features on the upcoming A330, Aerosoft decided to share just a handful of beta testing shots of the A330. These shots were taken by beta testers and come directly from the simulator. It's still work in progress, but the team wanted to share them nonetheless. Further information in the forum post included that "things are moving
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EFB to be Included in Aerosoft A330

Aerosoft A330 Vc 2019 6
While we've certainly seen the visual model previewed on the upcoming Aerosoft A330, something we haven't heard a lot of is some of the features we can look forward to in the product. One of the most requested features for the Aerosoft Airbus family has always been an EFB, or electronic flight bag, used to store and read charts, among
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Further Aerosoft A330 Professional Virtual Cockpit Previews

Aerosoft A330 Vc 2019 5
Following on from the news that the Aerosoft A330 will be delayed further, Mathijs has shared a few more previews of the long-awaited aircraft. The new previews show off the inside of the plane, opposed to the various external renders we were most recently seeing. The modelling shows off the detail in the switches, panelling and even the cosmetic details.
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Aerosoft Statement on A330 Delay

Aerosoft A330 Professional Lufthansa FSElite2

It has been a long time since we last heard any progress on the Aerosoft A330. However, Mathijs Kok has taken to the forum to describe, in detail, what’s been going on and when we can expect it.

He opens up his forum post letting us know that the modeller behind the project, Stefam, is currently working on a different project. Whilst it wasn’t disclosed what the project was, but it was confirmed that is a project that will enable Aerosoft to grow in new ways and is also financially beneficial to them. The project may come to the simulator, or it may not.

As for the 3 other developers, they are now focused solely on A330 development. Beforehand, it was focused on the A320 platform, but as Mathijs describes: “95% of the code they are doing for the A320 series is part of the A330.” From the forum post, it would appear that there are still over 500 issues that are on the bug tracker. Some are small problems and some are bigger ones. Whilst development on the A330 is now firmly on the front-burner, fixes and changes will be back-tracked automatically to the A320 code base.

What this means is that those waiting for Service Pack 1 for the A320 family, it will no longer be coming. Instead what will happen is that when the coding is complete and fixed, the update will be pushed out to the community. An example of this is the PFD, which is being rewritten. Another example is Connected Flight Deck, which has started performance testing today.

Mathijs then went onto talk about schedules. What he is hoping is that instead of a singular large update, users will start to see more frequent updates which will push out big and small changes as things are fixed and developed. He said that they are “getting a better idea on the causes of the big issues”. He then went onto say that whilst they make every effort to fix bugs reported, sometimes bugs appear in the real-world too, giving examples of when an aircraft doesn’t slow down at certain waypoints.

Finally, no sort of release date was given regarding the A330. He has “no idea” when it will be released at this point in time and will commit to releasing once fully comfortable with the aircraft.

Mathijs concluded that if anyone were to have questions, they should head to the Aerosoft forums and ask them. He assured users he would be as honest as possible, providing he could realistically answer them.

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Black Box Simulation Airbus V0.90 Update Information

49756037 2001154693303252 4018784230099124224 O
Black Box Simulation has taken to Facebook to inform the community of the current status update with their Airbus Prologue series. Version 0.90 has been in development for some time, with many curious what is going on. However, the team shared that work has been on-going, but they have been busy working on new features and modelling. The first piece
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Aerosoft Preview A330 Professional in Lufthansa Livery

Aerosoft A330 Professional Lufthansa FSElite2
While many were pleased to see the Aersoft A330 Professioal being shown off, some were less than thrilled seeing it in the same DragonAir livery nearly every time it was shown off, and quite understandably so. That changes today with a "small Friday update" from Aerosoft developer Stefan Hoffmann, where he shows off his current work on the Lufthansa-skinned A330!
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Aerosoft Releases More A330 Previews

A330 EXT 005.thumb.png.9bc0786abe3e447f299238738dc6c1d6
In light of the recent release of their A320 series professional product, Stefan Hoffmann has posted more in-dev screenshots of their upcoming A330 professional aircraft. The shots below are taken from the 3D software. More refinement will come in the future. There was no mention of a release date at this time.
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Aerosoft: “32-bit A330 Will Most Likely be Done”

Aerosoft A330
The release of the 64-bit platforms have caused Aerosoft a bit of a dilemma in regards to their Airbus series. The original aircraft were running in a 32-bit platform to great success, but when P3Dv4 came along, many fans were interested to know what would happen to their products for the new 64-bit simulators. We now know the story and
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