Aerosoft Announces Development of Airbus Series for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Aerosoft Airbus Microsoft Flight Simulator

Whilst the news seemed inevitable that Aerosoft would bring their series of Airbus aircraft to the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator, it has today been confirmed that development has entered the very early stages. It is confirmed that the A320/A321, A318/A319 and the A330 will all make an appearance in the new simulator at some point in the future.

Shared by Mathijs Kok on the forums, three people are currently working on the systems for the aircraft and over the next few months that team will grow to six. Whilst Aerosoft are welcoming comments and feedback, it must be made clear that they are in the very early stages of development and this post serves more as a piece of information rather than a preview and feature blowout. The team aren’t likely going to have much to share for some time, but to avoid any doubt, Aerosoft will be bringing the series of planes to the new simulator.

It is also confirmed that these aircraft will continue to focus on day-to-day operations for the aircraft and will not feature systems that very rarely happen in real-world operations. It was also confirmed that these aircraft are completely new builds and will feature many new pieces of technology thanks to the new engine of Microsoft Flight Simulator. The preview shared is of some very early work and modelling and texturing hasn’t really started yet.

It must be absolutely stressed that development on the Airbus series does not mean work on the CRJ or Twin Otter has stopped or delayed, as both aircraft will come before the Airbus series.

You can follow the full thread on the Aerosoft forums, but Mathijs has made it clear that right now replies will be limited to when there is new information. He does, however, want constructive feedback to help shape the future of the development.


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Aerosoft Updates A330 Professional to Include CPDLC

Aerosoft A330 Professional Release (7)
Aerosoft has released a brand-new update for its A330 Professional on Prepar3D v4 and v5. The new stable release introduces Controller–pilot data link communications (CDPLC) as the primary new feature to the update. Using the Hoppie network, you will now be able to receive flight ATC data and messages directly within your aircraft. The new networking capabilities mean that VATSIM
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Aerosoft Previews A330 Professional In Prepar3D v5

Aerosoft Airbus A330 Professional V5 (7)
The Aerosoft A330 Professional will soon be coming to Prepar3D v5. According to Mathijs in the Aerosoft forums, the team are making the last few changes required before a release, but wanted to showcase a number of previews of the aircraft in action within the new simulator. As previously mentioned, the update will likely be free of charge to customers
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Aerosoft Updates Entire Airbus Series of Aircraft

Aerosoft A330 Professional Release (7)
Aerosoft has updated its range of Airbus aircraft including the A330, A320 and A319. Version for the Aerosoft A320/A321 and the A319/318 are exactly the same with version now ready for the Aerosoft A330 Professional. Aerosoft A320/A321 Professional & Aerosoft A318/A319 Update Version for the series of aircraft is a full new build. Various bug fixes have
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Aerosoft A330 Professional: The FSElite Review

YouTube Thumbnail Template 2019
Be sure to watch the video review above. The Aerosoft A330 has been one of the most highly anticipated add-ons for Prepar3D v4, and it has finally been released. The first announcement came almost 6 years ago, and after facing many delays and setbacks, it's great to see it all finally come together. But was the wait worth it? The
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Aerosoft Updates Airbus Professional Series (A318 – A321 & A330)

Aerosoft A330 Professional Release (8)

Aerosoft has updated its entire Airbus products on Prepar3D V4. The Aerosoft A318/319 Professional, along with the A320/A321 Professional package are now on version, with the Aerosoft A330 Profesional now on version Both updates are dubbed “experimental” by the developer.

The Aerosoft A318-A321 professional update focuses primarily on the addition of the EFB now integrated into the aircraft. It includes support also for those with NavDataPro and also Navigraph for the latest charts and procedures. The update also brings a range of improvements such as engine start logic changes, GSX2 implementation updated and also a fix to the fact that the fuel display was incorrectly coloured. Further fixes include changes to the DES page predictions, changes to the MCDU menu and also improvements to the GO-AROUND checklist logic.

As for the Aerosoft A330 Professional, lots of improvements have been listed with this experimental update. Many of the improvements are similar to that of the A318-A321 stated above, but with additional changes such as the inclusion of Navigraph data support, changes to the fuel calculations, and conditions to show raising runways.

The full list of changes for all the aircraft products can be found below.

You can buy the Aerosoft A318/A319 Professional here.

You can buy the Aerosoft A320/A321 Professional here.

You can buy the Aerosoft A330 Professional here.

Thanks to Peter G for the tip.

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Black Box Simulation A330 Variants and Liveries Previews

Blackbox Simulations A330 Previews P3d (10)
Black Box Simulation continues to share off previews for their A330 in version 0.90, which includes a range of new variants and changes to the external modelling. The biggest addition to the A330 range in the update will be the inclusion of the NEO type. The development team has shared a range of new previews for a variety of aircraft
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Black Box Simulation A330 Previews

83859939 2696403780445003 6904975821782384640 O
Black Box Simulations is once again back with previews of their A330. The previews, over on Facebook, show off the PBR textures on the plane. The plane is also sporting a new house livery, with the company asking users to comment on the new house livery proposal.
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Aerosoft A330 Professional : The FSElite First Look Part lI

Aerosoft A330 Professional The FSElite First Look Part LI
In our second and final part of this First look for the Aerosoft A330 Professional, we land the aircraft into John F Kennedy Airport both during a stunning sunset and in heavy fog. The video was recorded with version of the aircraft as various improvements on the autoland and aircraft handling were made at this time. A full review
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