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New Aerosoft A330 Professional Wing-Flex Video and New Details

A brand new video preview of wing-flex for the Aerosoft A330 Professional has been shared by project manager Mathijs Kok. The video is just around 20-seconds in length, but gives you a brief look at the wing-flex from the passenger’s perspective.

He said that they have “[spent] a lot of time on it as we wanted wingflex a bit more realistic than what is normally done.” Whilst they are happy with the results so far, he did say that “[…] realistically, the frequency should simply be a lot higher than what P3D can do […].”

Following on from that, it is said that modeller Stefan will be back on the A330 project at the end of June to work on updating the virtaul cockpit with PBR and also other improvements to bring it in-line with new standards. It has been described as “[not] a very quick process […],” but the team will be able to show visible progress soon.

Talks regarding a built-in CPDLC have resumed with VATSIM, IVAO and also POSCON. Providing that the interfaces for the data remain largely similar, Aerosoft will support them all. It will also merge just fine with PMDG Global Flight Ops.

Finally, the EFB was said to be progressing nicely.

You can read the whole forum post here. Perhaps we’ll even see the A330 at FlightSimExpo in just a few days time.

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Aerosoft Previews 330 Professional Wing Flex

Prepar3D 2019 04 13 23 05 22 01
The last previews of the Aerosoft 330 Professional were that of the newly recorded sounds for the aircraft. Provided by TSS, the sounds were to give a static representation of what we could expect. In a new video shared by Aerosoft, we can now see that the model will indeed have wing flex. Aerosoft are often asked if it would
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Sound Preview of Aerosoft A330 Professional

TSS Aerosoft A330 Sound Demo
Aerosoft have been quiet recently regarding their A330 Professional, but today that changed with a new brief update from the team. As it's known, the sound pack will be produced by TSS. It would appear that they have been working on the sound pack and are in a position to share their work. As you can watch above, the video
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Infinite Flight Updated to Version 19.1

Infinite Flight 19.1 (7)
Mobile Flight Simulation Infinite Flight has been updated to version 19.1, which adds a range of new features, functionality and improvements based on community feedback. The most significant new feature is the new redesigned Replay System built directly into the simulator itself. The new reply system now gives users the ability to capture, reply, export and share their past flight
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Additional Aerosoft A330 Professional Cockpit Previews

Aerosoft 330 Cockpit Pbr Less 3
Further to the in-sim previews of just a few days ago, Aerosoft has released a few additional previews of the cockpit. Whilst we have seen many of these types of previews from them before, there was an additional bit of news that came with the forum post. It was stated that the images are currently designed with P3D v4.2 standards,
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In-Sim Previews of the Aerosoft A330 Professional

Aerosoft 330 Previews Sim (2)

Whilst testing out some features on the upcoming A330, Aerosoft decided to share just a handful of beta testing shots of the A330. These shots were taken by beta testers and come directly from the simulator. It’s still work in progress, but the team wanted to share them nonetheless.

Further information in the forum post included that “things are moving smoothly” and that “over 200 hours” have been dedicated to testing Connected Flight Deck. They are learning about what things could impact the framerates and more.

The previews come just a few days after it was stated that there is a 90% chance that the Aerosoft A330 Professional would include an EFB in the flight deck.

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EFB to be Included in Aerosoft A330

Aerosoft A330 Vc 2019 6
While we've certainly seen the visual model previewed on the upcoming Aerosoft A330, something we haven't heard a lot of is some of the features we can look forward to in the product. One of the most requested features for the Aerosoft Airbus family has always been an EFB, or electronic flight bag, used to store and read charts, among
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Further Aerosoft A330 Professional Virtual Cockpit Previews

Aerosoft A330 Vc 2019 5
Following on from the news that the Aerosoft A330 will be delayed further, Mathijs has shared a few more previews of the long-awaited aircraft. The new previews show off the inside of the plane, opposed to the various external renders we were most recently seeing. The modelling shows off the detail in the switches, panelling and even the cosmetic details.
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Aerosoft Statement on A330 Delay

Aerosoft A330 Professional Lufthansa FSElite2
It has been a long time since we last heard any progress on the Aerosoft A330. However, Mathijs Kok has taken to the forum to describe, in detail, what's been going on and when we can expect it. He opens up his forum post letting us know that the modeller behind the project, Stefam, is currently working on a different
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Black Box Simulation Airbus V0.90 Update Information

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Black Box Simulation has taken to Facebook to inform the community of the current status update with their Airbus Prologue series. Version 0.90 has been in development for some time, with many curious what is going on. However, the team shared that work has been on-going, but they have been busy working on new features and modelling. The first piece
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