FlyByWire Simulations Releases A32NX Stable Version 0.6.0

Following a short testing period, FlyByWire Simulations has released the A32NX version 0.6.0 as part of the stable branch. The new update brings hundreds of updates and makes it a standalone aircraft no longer requiring the default A320neo aircraft in the simulator.

In a press release issued by FlyByWire, the team has confirmed that over 230 updates and features have been added since the previous stable release. The new version of the A32NX also marks the first time that a community-driven open-source aircraft will be listed on the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace. Whilst the mod was originally built off of the default A320neo aircraft in the simulator, the team has now been able to release the aircraft as a standalone product.

Version 0.6.0 of the FlyByWire Simulations A32NX includes a number of changes and features that are now unique to the aircraft. This includes a new electrical system, improved VOR/ADF Nav display and also improved transponder operations. The cockpit has seen texture improvements and the new printer is fully functional.

In addition to the changes with the aircraft, the flyPadOS has also been updated to version 1. The built-in EFB includes integration with simBrief meaning you can see your generated OFP. Furthermore, the EFB enables you to control additional sound options, ground services and also fuel management.

This new stable version marks an important milestone for the team and the community as a whole. The progress for the aircraft modification has been interesting to follow and now as a standalone aircraft, it should pave way for even more innovations in the future. You can keep updated with the latest on the FlyByWire Simulations Discord.

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FlyByWire Simulations A380X Previews, EFB Update and More

In The Hangar Episode 5
Over the weekend, FlyByWire hosted their "In The Hangar" Q&A video which answered community questions and shared the latest progress with both the A32NX modification and the upcoming A380X for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The biggest surprise from the episode was the progress shots of the A380X. The double-decked aircraft is hotly anticipated amongst the community and the new renders from
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Preview of FlyByWire A32NX EFB In Action

The FlyByWire A32NX mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator continues to grow in features and the EFB is something highly sought after by the community. YouTube content creator Easyjetsimpilot has the EFB installed and gave a brief overview of it in action. The EFB with the FlyByWire's A32NX A32NX has various pages such to perform specific actions. The dashboard page appears to
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FlyByWire Simulations A32NX Installer, Virtual Printer and More

FlyByWire Installer 2021 01 15 10 55 31
The team at FlyByWire Simulations has continued to make headway with their A32NX modification and has been updating their Facebook page with some of the new features currently in development. This includes a brand new virtual printer, reworked radios, a new dynamic sound pack, improvements to the engine modelling and also a brand new installer to make it even easier
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Flybywire Simulations A32NX Updated to Version 0.5.1

Flyby 2.c89deba9
Following on from the recently released update for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the team at Flybywire Simulations has issued a quick patch to ensure it is fully compatible with the latest build. Version 0.51 has fixed multiple issues including with the APU, the engine start, flaps and also some minor issues with SimBrief integration. Along with the update to ensure compatibility
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FlyByWire Simulations Updates A32NX to V.0.5.0 for MSFS

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Following recent teasing, FlyByWire Simulations has taken to Facebook, indicating to community followers the release of their latest stable update to their Airbus A320Neo modification for MSFS.

The recent update brings the Airbus mod up to version 0.5.0 and, according to the detailed changelogfeatures an extensive 165 modifications or additions to the previously existing version of the airplane.

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Flybywire Simulations A32NX Sound Improvement Preview

Chrome 2020 12 15 13 29 50
The freeware add-on that enhances the default A320Neo mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator continues to be developed by the Flybywire Simulations team. The assortment of developers, pilots and testers continue to bring improvements to the aircraft through visuals, audio, systems and more. The latest development previews are shown on their Facebook page highlight the sound improvements that are being made.
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FlyByWire A32NX Night Lighting Improvement Previews and Autopilot Fix

Flybywire A32nx Night Lighting (2)
Development group FlyByWire Simulations has had a busy few days since the release of the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator update. The update released, which included the latest world update, consequently broke the aircraft and the team has since worked hard to resolve the autopilot issue. However, the team has confirmed this is now resolved and shared some new previews for
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Flybywire Simulations A32NX Simbrief Integration Preview

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The talented team over at Flybywire Simulations, that has been working hard to make our MSFS experience even better and more immersive, has shown a preview video of one of their upcoming features: Simbrief integration. The A32NX will soon be able to load your flight plan from the popular flight planning tool. Doing so will pre-fill certain fields, such as
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FlyByWire Simulations Updates A32NX for MSFS

FlyByWire Simulations A32NX Official Livery Reveal
As a next step in their mission to provide a 'freeware study level Airbus A320 Neo' for Microsoft Flight Simulator, FlyByWire Simulations released a huge update of their A32NX project. Since our latest post, there are 23 additions, 58 changes and 3 removals, making this an important leap in a short time span. They also made progress in making their project
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