ToLiss Updates A319 and A321, Includes Vulkan Compatibility

ToLiss A321 Review 8

Developer ToLiss has confirmed that their A319 and their A321 aircraft are now both compatible with the X-Plane 11 Vulkan API engine. Alongside that, the A319 has seen a significant improvement as part of the update including changes to the FMGS.

The A319 in particular saw a large number of changes including a complete rework of the flight path computation (in line with the A321) along with the addition of FIX pages, SECONDARY FLIGHT PLAN, and the addition of a standby compass and opening cockpit doors.

Both aircraft have seen improvements in the PFD colourisation, smoother autopilot functionality and also a rework of the EPR values for the IAE engines. Because both aircraft are now Vulkan compatible, they are also improved performance-wise.

Despite this update adding Vulkan compatibility, the update still functions with these updates for those using OpenGL still or have yet to update to X-Plane 11.50’s beta program.

The update can be installed via the ToLiss auto update tool found within the product.

You can read our review on the ToLiss A321 here.

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ToLiss Airbus A321: The FSElite Review

ToLiss Airbus A321 Featured Image FSElite Review
Introduction The Airbus A321 is the larger brother of the A320 family and is established as a major competitor within the short to medium range category, having sold over 2000 units. The twin-engine narrow-body can typically carry up to 236 passengers over 3200nm. Thanks to the aircraft developer ToLiss, who also released the A319, the Airbus A321 is now available
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FlightSimLabs A321-X: The FSElite First Look

FlightSimLabs A321 X The FSElite First Look
I have used other aircraft comparable to the FlightSimLabs A321-X, but no other developer has even come close as what FlightSimLabs does with this Airbus aircraft. I have used other aircraft within the same price range, a number of them I might add, and none of them immerses me in the cockpit with the same quality sounds, visuals and system
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ToLiss A321 Updated to Version 1.0.2

Store Image 321 2
A new minor update for the ToLiss A321 has been released. The update, confirmed via the Facebook group, has a few new changes over the previous build (v1.0.1) to improve usability for customers who purchased the add-on. Some of the changes include a fix when entering HOLD during a secondary flight plan, a retune of the approach attitude and speeds,
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ToLiss A321 Receives First Update Since Release

Store Image 321 10
The ToLiss A321 was released just last week, but the developers have spent the weekend listening to feedback from the community and has issued a new update addressing some bugs and issues. The new update is relatively minor but does correct many things missed in the initial launch. Some highlights in the differences found in version 1.0.1 include the aural
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Aerosoft Updates Airbus Professional Series (A318 – A321 & A330)

Aerosoft A330 Professional Release (8)

Aerosoft has updated its entire Airbus products on Prepar3D V4. The Aerosoft A318/319 Professional, along with the A320/A321 Professional package are now on version, with the Aerosoft A330 Profesional now on version Both updates are dubbed “experimental” by the developer.

The Aerosoft A318-A321 professional update focuses primarily on the addition of the EFB now integrated into the aircraft. It includes support also for those with NavDataPro and also Navigraph for the latest charts and procedures. The update also brings a range of improvements such as engine start logic changes, GSX2 implementation updated and also a fix to the fact that the fuel display was incorrectly coloured. Further fixes include changes to the DES page predictions, changes to the MCDU menu and also improvements to the GO-AROUND checklist logic.

As for the Aerosoft A330 Professional, lots of improvements have been listed with this experimental update. Many of the improvements are similar to that of the A318-A321 stated above, but with additional changes such as the inclusion of Navigraph data support, changes to the fuel calculations, and conditions to show raising runways.

The full list of changes for all the aircraft products can be found below.

You can buy the Aerosoft A318/A319 Professional here.

You can buy the Aerosoft A320/A321 Professional here.

You can buy the Aerosoft A330 Professional here.

Thanks to Peter G for the tip.

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ToLiss A321 Now Available for X-Plane 11

Toliss A321 X Plane 11 2
After weeks of anticipation, the team at ToLiss has released their awaited A321 for X-Plane 11. The aircraft product is officially licensed from Airbus and comes with a range of features and both engine types for the CEO model. The A321 is the bigger brother of the A320, packing in additional rows of seats, increased MTOW and range, all with
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ToLiss A321 Pricing and Features Announced

87938930 595560207957309 719070047535890432 O
Over on Facebook, ToLiss released the pricing for their upcoming A321 for X-Plane 11 along with an extensive list of features. Included in the package come release will be both the CFM 56 and IAE V2500 with Turbine Sound Studios (TSS) sound packs. Both engine variants will include wingtip fences and sharklets as well as optional ACTs to enable users to
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ToLiss A321 Will Release on February 28th

Toliss A321 X Plane 11 2
Update: A developer at ToLiss wrote to us to add the following statement to clarify what exactly an A321LR (CEO) is. 'It seems I need to make something clear. What is the Ceo A321LR? The original A321LR is a model of the A321 that has since fallen into obscurity that more of less nobody remembers. It is a regular Airbus
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ToLiss Announces A321 for X-Plane 11

In a surprise Facebook post, developer ToLiss has announced that they are bringing the A321 to X-Plane 11. Announcing that the plane has just entered the pre-release beta phase, the developer said the plane is coming in early 2020. Following the announcement, we spoke to a member of the development team who provided FSElite with additional information. They confirmed that the
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