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Flight Factor A320 Wingflex Video

Flight Factor, the group that is creating the A320, has released a preview video showing the wingflex in X-Plane. It’s a good sign that FF reach out to their customers with an update and show us the latest news.

According to developer Ramzzess the A320 is getting closer and closer to public beta – there are only a few things to finish.

For more go to Flightdeckx website and this forum over at x-plane.

Aerosoft Update us On A330 and A320 64-bit Progress

It’s Friday and the past few weeks have see the Aerosoft forums become eerily quiet of A330 previews. As you well know by now, each Friday brought a small update detailing us the modelling work that had gone on. But fear not, as both Stefan and Mathijs have provided some insight into what is going on with the A330 and the other Airbus family aircraft by Aerosoft.

It’s no secret that Aerosoft have been working hard on bringing their Airbus series to Prepar3D V4. It’s been made clear several times that the update from 32-bit code to 64-bit won’t be a simple port. Stefan confirmed that the A318-A321 will receive a more “modernized modular” version of the software base. In addition to this, there has also been some big changes to the 3D modelling of the smaller Airbus family of aircraft. This has included a overhauled virtual cockpit model, which now preforms 30% better than the older version, even though the average resolution has also been increased. Furthermore, as P3DV4 requires a different shadow model on the ground, the wing and engines have now been included into the VC view – a much requested feature! Finally, the virtual cockpit has been adapted to suit HDR viewing so that the textures stay at the same colour and brightness levels. Stefan hopes to share some images next Friday.

From a systems point of view, Mathijs said that they have a ‘good deal of the code’ running in 64-bit and the A330 is coming along nicely. Furthermore, he said that they have seen the first good results from the new Connected Flight Desk system, which uses a server instead of P2P software.

Back to the A320 series, Mathijs wants to make it clear they decided not to do a quick port of the current models, but invested in importing all their new development technology. The elextrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and APU systems have all been completely rewritten. The MCDU and AP systems have also had ‘massive’ enhancements. With all these changes, the documentation will be updated.

For now, the A330 remains TBA on Aerosoft’s Prepar3D V4 compatibility list, whilst the A320 series is still listed for August 2017.

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Flight Factor A320 Ultimate for X-Plane Video Landing

Just a few days ago, Flight Factor announced they’re working on a highly detailed version of the A320 for X-Plane. This got fans excited to see what the 64-bit platform could do for the airline type. With advance features and different simulator parameters, X-Plane fans were excited to see what could be done. Luckily, we didn’t have to hold our breath long as a video showcasing the aircraft landing into Madeira was released onto Youtube.

The video not only shows the RNV approach, but also the incredible rain effects splashing against the windshield.

I’m personally not convinced by all the texturing and modelling work, but it is worth remember this is still work in progress.

You can view it above. More news when we get it.

Flight Factor Preview of A320 Ultimate

Flight Factor has today announced their little secret about their Flight Factor A320 Ultimate. They have finally officially announced that they are going to create their Airbus A320 Ultimate.

Flight Factor began two years ago with a cooperation group to work on a real training sim for pilots. A simulation that has a totally different depth than their Profession series models.

After additionally two years of extra tough work FF are close to completion with their A320 model. Compared to the A350 that FF has made before this new A320 is made by a completely different team. This comes from” the real world” so to speak. The model is going to be completely different than what he have previously seen and experienced before which sounds interesting.

Previously the only Airbus A320 available for XP10 and today even XP 11 was the JARDesign A320 Neo.

Here are some of the unique features planned for release:

·        Hi quality and realistic interior and exterior visual model.

·        Hi quality and realistic sound pack with hundreds of sounds from the real aircraft.

·        Hi quality display graphics (4K panel).

·        Unique rain effects.

·        Fast access popup panel system.

·        Precise aerodynamical model with unique features like transonic effects, hi speed stall etc.

·        Specific engine model with realistic performance and dynamics.

·        Realistic simulation of transition effects, self-tests and other real aircraft undocumented features.

·         Precise flight management system with full profile predictions and modes of operation.

For more information head over to X-Plane Forums to read the complete announcement of their new A320 Ultimate by FF.

Black Box Simulations Airbus Xtreme Prologue Texture Update Previews

Since the release of the widebody series of Black Box Simulations Widebody series, the team have been working on creating the next update for their A320 series of aircraft. The Airbus Xtreme Prologue update has been “progressing well” based on feedback from other users and pilots. The team took a few quick previews of the A320 virtual cockpit from Prepar3d v3. The textures are “totally new” and the modelling has been “refined”.

“Moving along with speed”

Black Box Simulations have asked that nobody asks for a release date as it’s unknown, but they are moving along as quickly as possible. For now, check out the previews of the circuit board and a few other features of the new virtual cockpit.

If you can’t wait, then why not check out what we thought of their widebody series. Or perhaps check out their latest GA release.

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FSLabs A320X Prepar3d ‘Intended’ Release this Holiday Season

It would appear that our stockings could contain FSLabs’ A320X for Prepar3d.

With FSLabs having a successful launch of their fantastic A320 for FSX back in August, Prepar3d users have been left wondering when their Sim would see the addon. It was confirmed that it would be a few weeks / months after the FSX release, but we’re not biting at the bit to get our hands on the desktop aircraft sim.

Since then, the P3D version has officially been shown off publicly. You can see the only P3D screenshot we could find above. When asked about the status of the product, Andrew Wilson stated it was their “intention to get the A320 for P3D out before the holiday season.”

It is certainly our intention to get the A320 out for P3D before the holiday season.

Whether “holiday” means Thanks Giving or Christmas is unknown. Either way, to know it’s still on track for 2016 is great news.

The focus is on performance for FSLabs’ A320

Andrew then went on to talk about that the main items are complete, and that the “focus” is on performance.

At this stage, most of the items we had wanted to focus on for the P3D build are completed and we’re now focusing on making additional optimisations, in an effort to squeeze a little more performance out of the aircraft for you.

With many users of the FSX version experiencing a few issues with performance, it was also confirmed that any updates and performance optimisations that were found would then be made available for Flight Simulator X users via an update.

We are super excited to finally have this in-depth A320 in Prepar3d. In the mean time, however, you can purchase the FSX version and then ‘upgrade’ to help spread the cost. It’s expected that the Prepar3d version will cost around $30-$40 more.

Will you be purchasing the FSLabs A320 on launch or is it too expensive?