Aerosoft Announces Development of Airbus Series for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Aerosoft Airbus Microsoft Flight Simulator

Whilst the news seemed inevitable that Aerosoft would bring their series of Airbus aircraft to the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator, it has today been confirmed that development has entered the very early stages. It is confirmed that the A320/A321, A318/A319 and the A330 will all make an appearance in the new simulator at some point in the future.

Shared by Mathijs Kok on the forums, three people are currently working on the systems for the aircraft and over the next few months that team will grow to six. Whilst Aerosoft are welcoming comments and feedback, it must be made clear that they are in the very early stages of development and this post serves more as a piece of information rather than a preview and feature blowout. The team aren’t likely going to have much to share for some time, but to avoid any doubt, Aerosoft will be bringing the series of planes to the new simulator.

It is also confirmed that these aircraft will continue to focus on day-to-day operations for the aircraft and will not feature systems that very rarely happen in real-world operations. It was also confirmed that these aircraft are completely new builds and will feature many new pieces of technology thanks to the new engine of Microsoft Flight Simulator. The preview shared is of some very early work and modelling and texturing hasn’t really started yet.

It must be absolutely stressed that development on the Airbus series does not mean work on the CRJ or Twin Otter has stopped or delayed, as both aircraft will come before the Airbus series.

You can follow the full thread on the Aerosoft forums, but Mathijs has made it clear that right now replies will be limited to when there is new information. He does, however, want constructive feedback to help shape the future of the development.


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FlyByWire Simulations Updates A32NX to V.0.5.0 for MSFS

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Following recent teasing, FlyByWire Simulations has taken to Facebook, indicating to community followers the release of their latest stable update to their Airbus A320Neo modification for MSFS. The recent update brings the Airbus mod up to version 0.5.0 and, according to the detailed changelog, features an extensive 165 modifications or additions to the previously existing version of the airplane. Some of the main features
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Flybywire Simulations A32NX Simbrief Integration Preview

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The talented team over at Flybywire Simulations, that has been working hard to make our MSFS experience even better and more immersive, has shown a preview video of one of their upcoming features: Simbrief integration. The A32NX will soon be able to load your flight plan from the popular flight planning tool. Doing so will pre-fill certain fields, such as
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Aerofly FS2 Fall 2020 Update: The FSElite First Look

Aerofly FS2 Fall 2020 Update The FSElite First Look
In this video, Patrick showcases what you can expect from the latest Aerofly FS2 update. Added EC135 twin turboshaft helicopter New implementation of the location dialog with airport search by IATA or name, ground images visible in airport diagram Selection of cold-and-dark, before start and ready for taxi in the location menu New implementation of the navigation dialog with search function,
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FlyByWireSim Updates A32NX to v0.3.0 for MSFS

Flybywiresim A32nx Msfs Update (1)
A collaboration of developers are continuing to update the default A320Neo for Microsoft Flight Simulator. As we have reported over time, the development team known as FlyByWireSim has spent time creating a more realistic and accurate rendition of the aircraft type for the simulator. Today, version 0.3.0 has been made available for anyone looking to download. From our count on
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FS2Crew Releases Flight Crew A320 (Button Control)

FS2Crew Flight Crew A320 Trailer For Microsoft Flight Simulator

Update: Some pieces of information in the original version of this article contained outdated information. We’ve rectified this and apologize for this error.

FS2Crew, the well-known add-on developer for P3D and FSX, released Flight Crew A320 (Button Control). With their first product for the new MSFS, they want to ease the job of the virtual Airbus A320 pilot. The add-on has a brand new user interface, where you can use your keyboard buttons or joystick to interact with your virtual flight crew in the cabin and on the ground. Voice control is not included in the current release, but FS2Crew doesn’t rule out a future version, maybe even as a new add-on.

You can expect checklist execution, specific Airbus flows for the captain and first officer, for Pilot Flying and Pilot Monitoring and numerous interactions between the ground and cabin crews and the pilots.

Flight Crew A320 (Button Control) was designed for the default Airbus A320 in MSFS, but can be used with any Airbus in P3D and FSX, keeping in mind some limitations apply in the different simulators. The product is easy to learn.

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Aviacraft Releases Flight Factor A320 Mod v4

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Aviacraft has released a new version of their Flight Factor A320 modification pack. The new mod pack, which is freeware, adds a range of options and changes to the standard Flight Factor A320 for those looking for changes to the aircraft to enhance their simulation experience. The new updated mod will enable users to change their exterior lights on the
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FlightFactor Updates A320 Ultimate to Version 1.0.7

X Plane 2018 02 12 00 52 56 00
FlightFactor has pushed out another update to their advanced series A320 Ultimate aircraft bringing it to version 1.0.7. This update comes and brings a cumulative version with fixes from beta versions 1.0.2 to 1.0.6. The team is currently working on the aircraft and getting it prepared to handle the new X-Plane rendering system, Vulkan. FlightFactor has advised users that the Vulkan
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Parallel 42 Aerosoft A320 Immersion V2 Released

Parallel 42 A320 Immersion V2 (2)
A few weeks ago, Parallel 42 confirmed that the Aerosoft A320 family would be getting a redone immersion pack and were looking for testers. Now that product has released via OrbxDirect for everyone to enjoy. The Aerosoft A320 Professional Immersion V2 is an all in one package. The A318, A319, A320, and A321 are all compatible with this immersion pack.
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