Simbrief Update, now Compatible with MSFS


Derek, the main developer behind Simbrief, has brought to Facebook the details of his latest update. The first announcement is regarding a new *.pln format which is compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator. This new format can be used to import the flightplans in Sim. The developer further explained that there might still be a bug where SID and STAR might not be imported correctly, and that the pilots will still need to select the arrival procedure in the simulator after importing the flightplan.

The second improvement concerns VATSIM users. As VATSIM is currently migrating their network to a new portal, they are also bringing their flightplan to the latest ICAO format. This means that Simbrief will now generate prefiles accordingly. Overall, it remains very similar to the previous format.

Last but not least, Simbrief is now able to communicate directly with the FSLabs A320-X that was brought in the August 15th update. For this to work, users need to enter their Simbrief user name when installing the A320-X. This way, the ATSU will then be able to receive the flightplan. Lefteris, main FSLabs developer, further added on the FSLabs forums instructions on how to use the ATSU with this new feature.

For those readers who don’t know it, Simbrief is a powerful online flight planner that is compatible with most add-ons on the market. Simbrief has a default old AIRAC database, but can be linked to your Navigraph account in order to generate flightplans with the latest data. It can export data to numerous formats, whether your add-on is on X-Plane, P3D and now MSFS. Constantly improved and updated, Simbrief has become a must-have for simmer looking for a closer to reality flight planner.

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Small Update for FlightSimLabs A320-X

Fslabs A320 X P3dv5 (9)
Developer FlightSimLabs has updated its popular A320-X addon for Prepar3D, bringing the latest version of the product to v5.0.1.105. The update brings a general performance increase as well as ATSU integration with flight planning software, Simbrief. Users can now use the ATSU, built into the MCDU of the A320, directly with Simbrief. This now enables pilots to fetch flight plans
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FlightSimLabs A320-X / A321-X Update Released

Lefteris of FlightSimLabs has today announced the release of v5.0.1.103 for the A320-X and the A321-X. Both of the downloads are ready to obtain through the redownload portal from their website. This release of the A321-X provides support for Prepar3D v5, along with numerous improvements and updates. As with the release of the A320-X for Prepar3D, the A321-X brings with it
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FSLabs Releases Update v5.0.1.100 For A320-X

A320 V5 (1)
FlightSimLabs has released the latest update for their flagship product, the A320-X. The update brings with it a myriad of changes, most notable being compatibility with Lockheed Martins Prepar3D Version 5. FSLabs' Lefteris Kalamaras took to the company forums to announce the update and a full changelog. Along with major performance improvements, the move of the A320-X to P3D Version
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FlightSimLabs A320-X Previews in Prepar3D v5, New Details

Fslabs A320 X P3dv5 (2)
Whilst many await for FlightSimLabs to release their A320-X update (along with their other aircraft), testers have had their NDA lifted to now showcase the aircraft from within Prepar3D v5. Whilst the NDA for the Sharklets hasn't yet been lifted, a minor (but neat) feature was shared by Lefteris and Andy from the FlightSimLabs team. As part of the upcoming
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FlightSimLabs A320-X Prepar3D Hotfix Update

FSL 5.jpg.42db18c8b965df5cf5aa893bf2c50bf9

As announced a few days ago, FlightSimLabs has updated their A320-X family product line to be compatible with Prepar3D v4.5 hotfix 3. The update goes by version number v2.0.2.450. It does not contain any new features, nor does it add compatibility for Prepar3D v5.

To read more information about the update, as well as FlightSimLabs’ statement on Prepar3D v5 and the upcoming A320-X sharklet update you can read this article.

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FlightSimLabs Prepar3D v5 Compatibility, A320-X Sharklets and More

FSL 3.jpg.ae4901f8e33d0300aa4db78540311577
In a forum post, Lefteris Kalamaras has given an extensive update regarding the A320-X series in Prepar3D v5 and compatibility, the Prepar3D v4.5 HF3 and excitingly, the A320-X Sharklets. First up, with the release of a new hotfix for Prepar3D v4.5, FlightSimLabs will release a small update that will add compatibility with the latest hotfix. This release will not any
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FSLabs Updates A320-X A319-X and A321-X to V2.0.2.440

IMG 153
Over on the FSLabs forums, version was announced today and is now available for all users of the FSLabs A320-X, A319-X, and A321-X. Version addresses various bugs like the STD ATSU leap year issue as well as fixes in friction logic during "hard winter" scenarios. It was also shared that FSLabs is continually working on a sharklets extension
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FlightSimLabs V2.0.2.434 Available for the A320-X and A319-X

2019 10 12 19 16 16 974
FlightSimLabs has released a new update (V2.0.2.434) for their A320-X and A319-X aircraft. As described on the forums, the update brings various fixes to numerous items along with product improvements. I'm sure most of you will also be excited to hear that this update paves way for the upcoming release of the A321-X. The biggest new feature included within this update
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