Flight Sim Labs Reveals its FSL Control Center

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The developers behind the popular A32X series, Flight Sim Labs, has shared the first previews for its upcoming FSL Control Center. The new application will serve as the company’s solution to providing customers with a quick and easy way to install products, updates and liveries.

The new FSLabs Control Center will allow users to manage their entire product library from one application. The primary aim has been designed to allow a one-stop update facility for the product line and improve the experience with micro-updates rather than full reinstalls for every update. You will be able to easily uninstall any products, update them and also deactivate license keys should you change hardware, without the need to contact support for any reactivation issues. Lefteris also confirmed that the platform can be used to install liveries, airline packs, and also enter details for Hoppie ACARS and Simbrief.


Perhaps most exciting is the news that Flight Sim Labs will be using this tool to open up the possibility for customers can choose to be part of an open testing channel. This ‘experimental’ channel will allow those who opt-in to try out new features or updates before they’re officially released as stable.

As the utility is reliant on client-server operations, there will be a staggered release process in order for the team to assess the platform and acquire feedback from customers. Initially, the team are looking at selecting a number of customers from those who fill out the Flight Sim Labs application from. Following that, the team will gradually open up testing to more people until the team feel the platform is stable for a wide release.

Sadly no news on Concorde (which is due in 2021) or any other aircraft from Flight Sim Labs was mentioned in the most recent post. Suffice to say, this new tool will be a play a key role and make installing whatever FSL have coming next much easier than before.

For more on Flight Sim Labs, why not watch our video on how to get the EFB set up and how to use it on an external device.

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ToLiss A319 for XPL Updated to Version 1.6

Simon Fselite Toliss A319 EasyJEt
A week ago ToLiss announced that they would be releasing a new update for its A319 aircraft on X-Plane 11. That update is now available for customers to download and the team has reconfirmed the new features that are present in the update. Major features in version 1.6 of the ToLiss A319 includes the ability for custom waypoints to be
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ToLiss Updating Airbus Aircraft Soon

A319 StdDef 14 1600×900
X-Plane developer ToLiss has taken to the forums to reassure customers of their A319, A321 and A321 NEO that a new update will soon be released. ToLiss will soon be releasing version 1.6 which will add a range of new features and improvements to all the aircraft. The first aircraft to be updated will be the A319, which is
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ToLiss Updates A319 to V1.5.1

A319 StdDef 14 1600×900
Following on from the last large improvement in August of this year, aircraft developer ToLiss has updated their Airbus A319 to version 1.5.1 for X-Plane. The ToLiss A319 was released in February 2018 and has seen many developments since release. This particular update builds on previous improvements and is the first update since the developer increased the price by $10
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ToLiss Updates A319; Price Increase Expected Soon

Simon Fselite Toliss A319 EasyJEt

Developer ToLiss said last week that an update for their A319 would be made available and that update is now ready to download for customers. The new update, version 1.5, includes numerous new features and bug fixes, with the primary update being the inclusion of the TSS IAE soundpack as default.

The new included soundpack is what was originally made by Turbine Sound Studios and is now included by default with the aircraft. The soundpack provides accurate sounds for the IAE engines for the aircraft type. Alongside the new sounds, the entire soundscape has been updated to be FMOD compatible and includes additional sounds such as door opening, hydraulic systems and brake fans.

Alongside the soundpack update, there is a range of other improvements included as well. These included fine-tuning to the engine and auto-ignition logic, fixes to the TCAS behaviour and also some changes to the 3D cockpit modelling. The update is fairly comprehensive and the full list of changes is down below.

Finally, the new update comes a price increase for new customers. Going forward, if you wish to buy the ToLiss A319 for X-Plane 11, it will now cost you $79.00 instead of the previous price of $69.00. You can buy your copy from the store now. At the time of writing, the price is still $69 so now may be your last chance to get it at the discounted rate. Previous owners will get the update included for free.

You can get the update through the updater tool or via a new download

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ToLiss Increasing Price of Airbus A319

Aircraft developer ToLiss has announced that they will be increasing the price of the Airbus A319 in the coming days to reflect improvements made to the aircraft since the initial release. The X-Plane 11 aircraft will increase the price from $69.99 USD to $79.99 USD. The new price increase is due to improvements made to the aircraft and a new
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ToLiss A319 and A321 Updated

A319 StdDef 14 1600×900
Both the ToLiss A319 and the A321 has been updated to version 1.4.1 and 1.0.4. The new updates are relatively minor but do fix some common issues users were reporting across both aircraft in X-Plane 11. In their recently released A321, the update fixes some issues with the ECAM text colours as well as some other issues relating to the
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CoPilot for ToLiss A319 Released

JARDesign has released a CoPilot plugin for the popular Airbus A319 from ToLiss on X-Plane 11. The copilot will listen to you, execute commands, and read checklists. The copilot's name is Linda and she is a well qualified A319 first officer. Linda has a 3D copilot body that is animated. She can recognize and execute your commands and speak with
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ToLiss Updates A319 and A321, Includes Vulkan Compatibility

ToLiss A321 Review 8
Developer ToLiss has confirmed that their A319 and their A321 aircraft are now both compatible with the X-Plane 11 Vulkan API engine. Alongside that, the A319 has seen a significant improvement as part of the update including changes to the FMGS. The A319 in particular saw a large number of changes including a complete rework of the flight path computation
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