FSLabs Updates Airbus A319-X/A320-X/A321-X

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Aircraft developer FSLabs has updated their entire Airbus fleet to version bringing full compatibility to their A319-X for P3Dv5.

In a post on their company forum, FSLabs founder Lefteris Kalamaras announced that they have made substantial improvements to their Airbus fleet as well as making their A319-X fully compatible with Prepar3d version 5. 

The A319-X has received improvements including tuned dynamic lighting, PBR texture treatments to the entire external model as well as other cosmetic fixes to bring the aircraft in line with current P3D v5 standards. This update will mean that the older liveries will no longer be compatible with the aircraft and will need to be re-downloaded.

The entire Airbus fleet has seen system code fixes including S8-related FMGC PERF To and AC STATUS pages, FADEC manual start crank logic as well as updates to external lighting for P3Dv4 users among others.

Users of the Thrustmaster TCA Airbus Sidestick and Throttle Quadrant will now experience auto-configuration with all buttons and inputs being fully configured to its logical simulator counterpart which will save lots of time calibrating the inputs, although you will have to calibrate the thrust levers once.  When the third and final releases of the TCA range is released, speed brake and flap level extension, these too will be fully configured automatically. 

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FlightSimLabs Previews A319-X Update in Prepar3D v5

A319 1.jpg.79c3b5d064a7ea7659b6d846e364238c
Over the weekend, FlightSimLabs shared a handful of new previews for their upcoming A319 update in Prepar3D v5. Andy Wilson took to the FlightSimLabs forums to please readers that development is progressing and provided some new shots to highlight the new update is still coming. As usual, no time frame was given on the release of the update. However, he
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FlightSimLabs Prepar3D v5 Compatibility, A320-X Sharklets and More

FSL 3.jpg.ae4901f8e33d0300aa4db78540311577
In a forum post, Lefteris Kalamaras has given an extensive update regarding the A320-X series in Prepar3D v5 and compatibility, the Prepar3D v4.5 HF3 and excitingly, the A320-X Sharklets. First up, with the release of a new hotfix for Prepar3D v4.5, FlightSimLabs will release a small update that will add compatibility with the latest hotfix. This release will not any
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FSLabs Updates A320-X A319-X and A321-X to V2.0.2.440

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Over on the FSLabs forums, version was announced today and is now available for all users of the FSLabs A320-X, A319-X, and A321-X. Version addresses various bugs like the STD ATSU leap year issue as well as fixes in friction logic during "hard winter" scenarios. It was also shared that FSLabs is continually working on a sharklets extension
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FlightSimLabs V2.0.2.434 Available for the A320-X and A319-X

2019 10 12 19 16 16 974
FlightSimLabs has released a new update (V2.0.2.434) for their A320-X and A319-X aircraft. As described on the forums, the update brings various fixes to numerous items along with product improvements. I'm sure most of you will also be excited to hear that this update paves way for the upcoming release of the A321-X. The biggest new feature included within this update
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FSLabs A320-X & A319-X Updated To v2.0.2.424

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FSLabs announced today in their forums they had updated their Airbus series aircraft to version The past two months have seen a continuous roll of updates on their aircraft, preparing the grounds of fixing once for all the legacy products before an eventual A321-X release.

Among other minor corrections, this update aims at fixing the random pitch up that would occur upon landing for some users, and several modifications to the sounds of both CFM and IAE engines.

The update is available through the usual redownload site of FSLabs.

If you don’t already own the FlightSimLabs A320-X ($139,95 Excl. VAT) and A319-X ($39,95 Excl. VAT), both are available exclusively at the FSLabs store.

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FlightSimLabs Releases A320-X / A319-X – Update v2.0.2.420

2019 5 11 15 52 36 640
Aircraft developer FlightSimLabs has today released a new update for their A320-X and A319-X series of aircraft. The new update, version 20.2.420 focuses on bug fixing since the previous release along with new logic for vPilot sound volume controls, a fix for Simbrief OFP parsing and also improvements to the green dot speed. Other improvements in this update also include
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FSLabs A320-X & A319-X Updated to v2.0.2.415

2019 10 12 19 16 16 974
In a forum post, Flight Sim Labs has announced that they've pushed out an update for their well-known A320-X and A319-X add-ons. Version brings along some significant changes such as fixes and improvements throughout the product line with the most notable being a complete redesign and overhaul of the Elevator and Aileron Computer (ELAC). Of course, not to mention, this
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FSLabs Releases Update v2.0.2.400 for A320-X and A319-X

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Following on from the announcement earlier this month, FSLabs has released update v2.0.2.400 for both the A320-X and the A319-X on P3Dv4. The update brings a range of general fixes for a range of areas of both aircraft. Furthermore to the update, FSLabs has also launched the new FastSpring system for people to download and purchase products. We'll cover the
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FSLabs A320-X & A319-X Updated to v2.0.2.352

2019 5 11 15 52 36 640
Over on their forum, FlightSimLabs has announced that they've pushed out an update for their popular A320-X and A319-X add-ons. Version brings along some new key features such as added compatibility with the Pushover application, EGPWS predictive logic, suppressed GSX messages for cabin/cargo doors and most notably, compatibility with the latest Prepar3D v4.5 Hotfix 1. You can find the complete
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