iniBuilds Development Update: Beluga, A310-300 and More

IniSimulationsBelugaST Feb Preview 2.png.651bf3c075958fb882f0941d1c285879

Development team iniBuilds has shared a brand new development blog post on their forums highlighting progress with their previously announced Beluga and A310-300 ON THE LINE projects, along with announcing a brand new scenery product.

A300 BelugaST

It is said that development for the upcoming A300 BelugaST is progressing well and that the product is now in beta testing. iniBuilds said that the product takes the “A300 series further with some excellent features” as part of the upcoming BelugaST product. One of those new features appears to be SimBrief integration and a functional ACARS from within the FMS. The post also said that each element has been improved or refined from the original A300-600R(F) product and those changes will be brought to the product in due course throughout the year.

Furthermore, new previews for Hawarden Airport has been shared. iniBuilds has commissioned Zero Dollar Payware to create a freeware version of Hawarden Airport (EGNR), which is a primary airport as part of Airbus’ factory network. The Beluga often operates to and from the airport and the short runway will give a pilot any challenge. A fictional apron is also going to be included as a separate version to ensure that multiple pilots can land without congestion or holds as the real-world airport can only handle one Beluga every 30 minutes.

A310-300 ON THE LINE

Whilst the Beluga appears to be close to release, the team continues to also push ahead with the A310-300 ON THE LINE for X-Plane 11. Since the initial announcement, the team has been “overwhelmed” by the support from the community and as such, have confirmed that a series of expansion packs will be released for free. In total, three will be released for free, with the first being confirmed to be the A310 MRTT. The team say this is not only an exterior visual change but that a custom cabin will be included.

iniScene Beauvais (LFOB)

iniScene has announced that they are developing Beauvais Airport. The team are collaborating with ADM Simulations to create the French Airport which is frequented by low-cost carriers Ryanair and Wizz Air. Beauvais Airport will first be released for Microsoft Flight Simulator followed by X-Plane 11. Two renders of the mid-development product were shared.

iniScene Shoreham Airport (EGKA)

The team finally confirmed that a new update for Shoreham Airport (EGKA) is in the works. The new update will bring a range of changes including re-modelled terminal building, new landside road and parking textures, fuel pump models and also weathering textures for those older outer buildings. In addition, the airport will be made compatible with the latest update from Microsoft. The new update will be released via the iniBuilds store and then within a month on the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace. The full list of changes is below.

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iniSimulations A310 Announcement, A380 Update, and more.

A310 1
Today, iniSimulations announced the next aircraft in their line up of planes. Following the recent teaser that was released a few days ago, the next iniSimulations aircraft is the Airbus A310-300. Airbus A310 The iniBuilds A310 is going to be a standalone product and will feature "new and improved 3D elements including a new wing and a full overhaul of the exterior
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iniBuilds Teases New A310 Project

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iniBuilds, developer of the highly acclaimed Airbus A300-600R(F) ON THE LINE for X-Plane 11 has teased their next project. A brief and cryptic post was made to the iniBuilds Facebook page that simply reads, "As things begin to wrap up on v1.1, here is a preview of the next one." The post also includes an image of the winglet of
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Just Flight Airbus A300 Series First Renders

Just Flight A300 P3d Renders (2)
Developer Just Flight has shared some brand new previews for their previously announced A300 series aircraft on both P3D and X-Plane 11. The aircraft is still very much in the early stages of development with only a selection of renders available to view at this point in time. The renders showcase the outside of the aircraft and also some elements
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CremonaSoft Updates Its A310 to Version 1.4.1

A310 305
CremonaSoft has reported on about a new update for their A310. Version 1.4.0 brings several needed changes for their A310 while 1.4.1 released three days later addresses three additional issues. The 1.4.0 update comes with some significant changes, such as the addition of 3D sounds, added functionality to disconnect the auto-pilot when the stick shaker activates and the addition
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CremonaSoft A310 Updated to Version 1.3.0

A310 304 Cs 001

Aircraft developer CremonaSoft has updated their A310 to version 1.3.0. The new update has added a range of new features including TCAS/ATC panel, APU exhaust heat effects and also a custom flare, rollout and runway logic.

Further to the new additions, a few fixes have also been included such as the beacon light not powering after a cold start, comms power status discrepancy and also the barometer inches display rounding error. Although there’s no information on exactly what is new, the team has added a new flight model, autopilot and cockpit to the aircraft with this new update. The full change log is down below and was issued on July 31st 2019.

You can buy the Airbus A310 from CremonaSoft via the store. At the time of writing, it’s discounted to $49.95. You can also read our review. We scored it 2/10.

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CremonaSoft A310 Updated to v1.20

A310 304 CS House Xp11 1
Over on the forum, CremonaSoft has announced that they've pushed an update for their A310 add-on for X-Plane. Version 1.20 brings along autopilot bug fixes, weather radar implementation, general optimizations and more which can be found in the changelog at the end of this article. Furthermore, CremonaSoft has also dropped a list of features expected to come in the
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Cremonasoft Airbus A310: The FSElite Review

We really are in the golden age of the classics within the X-Plane community at the moment. We’ve recently had FlyJSim update both their 732 Twinjet and 727 Series, while we have Felis working on a 747 Classic, along with Rotate’s MD-11 looking like it may make a release in 2019. We were also recently graced with the Cremonasoft A310,
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CremonaSoft A310 Released

A310 304 Cs 001
Just a few days ago, CremonaSoft announced the impending arrival of their A310 for X-Plane 10 and 11. Today, the product has become available for sale through the Store. First flown commercially in 1983, the A310 was one of the first airlines from Airbus. The A310-304 is powered by two General Electric CF6-80C2 engines and despite being close to
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CremonaSoft Announce Airbus A310-304 for X-Plane

A310 304 CS 034.jpg.81898fd925fb888948b3b0b219225d69
Finally, X-Plane is getting a taste of old Airbus technology, as - courtesy of CremonaSoft - an A310 is announced. Being one of Airbus' first developments, the A310 was first introduced in April 1983 with Swissair. With a range of 5,150nmi, the A310-304 is powered by two General Electric CF6-80C2 engines, which are set to be faithfully recreated in this product,
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