iniSimulations Reveals A300 BelugaST ON THE LINE Trailer

IniSimulations A300 BelugaST ON THE LINE The Trailer
After noting that their latest aircraft had moved into beta testing just last week, aircraft developer iniSimulations has premiered a trailer, showcasing some features of their upcoming A300-600 BelugaST ON THE LINE aircraft for X-Plane. The video premiered on YouTube and showcased the aircraft in action as well as the Hawarden scenery, commissioned by iniBuilds to accompany the aircraft upon release.
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iniSimulations Development Update on A300 Passenger Variant

Inisimulations A300 600 On The Line Passenger X Plane 11
Update: We have updated the article to reflect that the passenger variant will release after the update, and not part of the update. Last month, iniSimulations released its first X-Plane 11 add-on to the community. Since then, the A300-600R(F) has seen three minor updates which provided increased stability and multiple bug-fixes. Today, however, Ubaid from the team took to the
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iniSimulations A300-600F On the Line Cargo Previews

A300 Tma Cargo 4k
Developer iniSimulations has shared a couple of new previews for their upcoming A300-600F On The Line. On the forums, two new previews of the TMA Cargo livery was shared. The original screenshots are in 4K so head over there to see them in their full resolution. The new previews remind us that the aircraft will first be released as a
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iniBuilds Announces A300-600 “On the Line” for X-Plane 11

Inisimulations A300 600 X Plane 11 (3)
Although teased a few weeks ago, iniBuilds has today confirmed that the aircraft they are developing is indeed the A300-600R(F). The aircraft, developed under the iniSimulations part of the team, the aircraft will focus on the day-to-day experience of flying the aircraft in X-Plane 11. Dubbed as the "ultimate day-to-day experience", the 'On the Line' product release will enable you to
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