How to Improve Your Landings with a Flight Simulator: The FSElite Tutorial

In this FSElite tutorial, we discuss the basic techniques you can use to help improve your landings with a flight simulator. In this video, I showcase different aircraft landings ranging from Cessna 172 to a Boeing 747.

Disclaimer: This tips and tricks video is designed to help you in a flight simulation environment and does not substitute any kind of real-world training.

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A2A Simulations J-3 Cub Starts Beta Testing

3 Beta Preview 2b Copy 750×469
Developer A2A has announced that their updated Accu-sim J-3 Cub for P3Dv4+ has begun beta testing. In an announcement on their website, the developer discusses elements that have gone into the development of the plane, including an often-overlooked element - character design. The plane includes highly modelled pilot and passengers, including PBR, updated textures, and material definitions - the same
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A2A Update Both Cherokee 180 and Comanche 250

PA 28
A2A has continued to provide updates for their aircraft fleet. Today, both the Accu-Sim Cherokee 180 and the Accu-Sim Comanche 250 were updated. Both updates included the new A2A windshield rain effect, which was first introduced with the Bonanza. Other updates included additional textures within the inner surface of ailerons in the virtual cockpit of the Cherokee 180, the ability
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A2A Aircraft Update And Rain Effect

The new generation of flight simulation is truly spectacular! With products that add thrust effects, wing vortices, realistic contrail and of course rain effects. With FSFXPackages first breaking the ice with this incredible technology, to TFDi with their rain effects, and now, A2A Simulations has updated their Cessna 172 Trainer, and Cessna 182 Skyhawk with their very own rain effect
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A2A Simulations Releases Rain Effect To All Developers

Accu Sim P 40 For Prepar3D RELEASED With Rain Physics Available To All Developers
A2A posted on their Twitter page that they will be making their rain physics effects available to all developers for either freeware or payware without cost. This was following other big news by A2A who announced that their Accu-sim P-40 was released. A video was also published as well with the post using those rain effects with their new Accu-sim
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A2A Simulations Accu-sim P-40 For P3D v4 Released

P 40 1

Over on their Facebook page, A2A Simulations have announced the release of their Accu-sim P-40 which has finally been brought over to Prepar3D v4.

The Curtiss P-40 is an American, single-prop, single pilot warbird. It is the third most produced aircraft used in World War II with 13,738 P-40s having been made from the early years of 1939-1944.

A2A’s rendition of the P-40 for Prepar3D v4 is packed with a bonanza of features to entice the old school aircraft fanatic. Notable features include, modeled hypoxia (oxygen starvation), a physics-driven sound environment, designed to be built and flown “by the book”, authentic battery capacity based on temperature and so much more that Accu-sim has to offer. The comprehensive features list is rather extensive, we’ve pointed out more notable features down below but if you’re looking for the full list you can find it on the product page here.

You can grab a hold of the mighty A2A Accu-sim P-40 over on the A2A Simulations online store for $49.99-79.99 (Incl. VAT) depending on the version of Prepar3D v4 you own.

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A2A Simulations Beechcraft Bonanza V35B: The FSElite Review

A2A Simulations Beechcraft Bonanza V35B The FSElite Review
The full review is in video format above. Below is just a brief summary and final score. First introduced in 1947 and still in production to this day, makes the Beechcraft Bonanza V35B an icon for sure. It also means that this aircraft has been in non-stop production longer than any other aircraft in the world. Known for being relatively
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A2A Looking to Bring Accu-Sim to X-Plane

Bo06 Fselite
Although posted a week ago, this was missed by us and was brought to our attention by kind reader. Prepar3D / FSX users have had many years of flying GA and other aircraft using the A2A Accu-Sim engine. The custom built engine works with the SimConnect API to deliver results far beyond what the default sim can offer. A question
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A2A – The Latest Developer to Comment on FlightSimStore

41524204 10156673861225365 1177019363513860096 O Fselite
The tragic situation for customers who continue to use FlightSimStore appears to be getting worse. Aircraft developer A2A has issued a statement urging their customers to not use FlightSimStore any longer. Much like the other developers who sell their products through FSS, they have completely lost contact with the store owners. The news comes from Scott at A2A via the forums.
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A2A Simulations Update Bonanza

Bo20 Fselite
A little less than a week after releasing their V-Tail Bonanza , A2A Simulations has pushed up a rather large update for the new aircraft. Highlights of the update include adjusted takeoff and maneuvering speeds, optional, non-minimapped textures, added inertia to taxi physics, replaceable fuel injectors, and more. The update is now available, and the full changelog can be found
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