Magknight 787 FMS/EFB Development Update

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Developer Magknight has updated the community, over on the X-Plane forum, with progress to the 787’s FMS and EFB.

Magknight has shared some previews of how their new coding incorporates performance and weight/balance calculations through the use of the EFB.

Large changes to the EFB are being made, including new aircraft config system, allowing you to manage all the important aircraft loadout features from the galley to the cargo. As stated above, this update also features takeoff and landing performance calculations. Its simplicity allows the user to select their runway of choice with an intersection departure if desired. Runway conditions, winds, and automatic flap settings for flaps 5, 10, 15, 17, 18, and 20 (for some airports only) are all incorporated into the system for accurate performance calculations from within the simulator.

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FS2Crew: QualityWings 787 Released

FS2Crew QualityWings 787 Edition Trailer
Following on from the announcement yesterday that the update for the Ultimate 787 from QualityWings Simulations is now available, FS2Crew has now made available their utility package ready for the community to purchase. FS2Crew packages provide a virtual co-pilot to sit alongside you to run through flows and checklists when flying multi-crew aircraft. Each package is specific to the aircraft
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Magknight Shares New 787 Previews

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Developers Magknight has shared some new 787 previews via their Discord server. The new previews are renders of the cockpit, but lack much of the 3D modelling for various components. This is very much just an indication of where the team are currently with the development of the cockpit redesign. In addition to the new cockpit renders, a few other
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OldProp 787 Immersion Package Update


OldProp has updated its 787 Immersion package to support the recently released QualityWings 787-10 update. The update is available right now through VFXCentral, the add-on manager provided by OldProp.

The 787 Immersion package aims to enhance your simulator visuals by providing a number of added effects. These effects include, for example, wing condensation, engine condensation, jet wash, contrails, volumetric lighting and more. The 787 Immersion effects package is available for $27 from the OldProp website.


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QualityWings Ultimate 787 Hotfix 1.2.1

Qualitywings Simulations 787 10 (1)
QualityWings has released a hotfix for their Ultimate 787 Collection. The hotfix follows on the Service Pack 2 update, which was released just a few days ago, and brought us the long awaited Boeing 787-10. The hotfix comes with a few fixes for some issues, such as a fix for the 'flaps 20 take-off flap- and gear config warnings', some
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Magknight 787 Update from Cosford

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Over at Cosford, the team that brought the 787 to X-Plane, Magknight,  just finished presenting their latest update to the aircraft. ThresholdX was on scene to attend the presentation and we'd like to thank them for their information and source for this article, available here. Head developer Mariano Gonzalez was the first presenter for Magknight. Mariano explained how important the
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QualityWings Simulations Releases Ultimate 787 Update 1.2 – Includes Dash 10

QualityWings 787 The Dash 10
After releasing the trailer earlier, QualityWings Simulations has now released their anticipated v1.2 for the Ultimate 787 package. Along with a variety of fixes, changes and improvements, the update also contains the long-awaited extended variant of the Dreamliner aircraft. The 787-10, and its stretched fuselage, can carry more passengers than both the -9 and -8 models of the aircraft. The
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QualityWings Simulations Ultimate 787: The Dash 10 Preview Trailer

QualityWings 787 The Dash 10
The QualityWings Simulations Ultimate 787 will soon see an update to version 1.2, which will include the long-anticipated 787-10. The stretched variant sacrifices range but adds additional capacity and of course, different flight characteristics. With a release not far off (hopefully), the team has released a brand new trailer showing off the new aircraft from QualityWings. As per their most
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