Magknight Updates 787 to Version 1.7


Developer Magknight has updated the 787 to version 1.7. According to the developer, this is the “biggest update since the initial release” and includes a number of improvements to the cockpit, the modelling, fuel systems and much more. Magknight has said that the update can be downloaded through the SkunkCrafts update tool, but they do recommend that you download from the store first as it is likely to be faster.

The new update sees changes throughout the aircraft with many new additions and features that many customers will appreciate. Some of the standout changes with the new version for the modelling and animations include the new cockpit hatch, additional GPU models and toe brake animations. The fuel system has also seen major improvements including automatic fuel jettison, crossfeed and also pump loadsheeding.

Another improvement is the inclusion of a more detailed CPDLC/ACARS system which also integrates with HOPPIE. The new update enables users to get clearance requests for oceanic procedures or pre-departure clearence on the ground at various airports. Furhtermore, you can now use Simbrief to uplink aircraft loadout, configuration and also flightplans.

The team has reconfirmed that the Magknight 787: Aviator’s Edition is compatbile with X-Plane 11.50 and Vulkan. This is a free update and can be downloaded from your original store account or by using the SkunkCrafts update tool. A full changelog is provided to customers, but an abridged version is below for an overview on key changes.

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FlightFactor Shares New Previews of 787 Pro

Developer FlightFactor has shared an additional number of previews for their upcoming 787 Pro for X-Plane 11. The progress comes from their 3D team and highlights improvements made over the past few previews we have seen from the team. We've seen numerous previews of the 787 Pro since the initial announcement of the aircraft back in September 2020. On Twitter,
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FSElite 2020 Holiday Raffle: Flight One – Any Product (Including QualityWings Simulations Products) (Week 2)

Flight1 Week 1
Welcome to FSElite's 2020 Holiday Raffle. This year we have over 160 prizes to give away to the community thanks to the incredible support of numerous flight simulator developers and publishers. As has become tradition at FSElite, we're giving everyone in the community a chance to win any of the amazing prizes in time for the holiday season. Our raffle this
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New Magknight 787 Update Previews

Magknight continues to provide development updates for the 787 update they will be bringing to X-Plane 11 in the future. The new previews shared Mitchell Chen's Twitter (@sp33dm) highlight the new wing modelling that will be included in a future update to the aircraft. From what we can see, the new renders showcase an improvement in the overall quality of
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First Glimpse of the QualityWings Simulations 787 in MSFS

QualityWings Simulations has shared its first screenshots and information for the 787 Ultimate in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new screenshots are still very much work in progress but, highlights both the external modelling and also how the cockpit looks for the plane in the simulator. The developers said on their Facebook page that they have been testing the pre-release versions
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Magknight B787-9 Updated to Version 1.6.0


A new update for the Magknight B787-9 has been released on X-Plane 11. The new update brings both the new cockpit and also the next-generation EFB. Furthermore, version 1.6.0 also brings full X-Plane 11.50 support (Vulkan/Metal) and a host of bug fixes.

The new cockpit brings high-resolution textures for the cockpit and cabin, along with more complex lighting for the cockpit. Modelling has also been improved to make sure that the dimensions of the cockpit is more accurate than before. In addition, the new cockpit brings new animations for all buttons.

As for the “Next-Generation EFB”, Magknight has included an all-new WTBAL calculator which will support various cabin configurations and load-outs. Also, a new takeoff calculator has been added which will take into consideration INTX and runway slope, max weight for the runway along with calculating automatic derate calculations and also trim calculations.

The new update is fairly extensive in also fixing a range of bugs that have been reported. For example, ACARS messaging formats have been rectified, along with numerous alterations to how the EICAS is handled in the simulator. A full list of those bug fixes and changes can be found down below.

The update is available now from the store or via the Magknight updater tool. That said, the team are recommending that people update with a fresh installer due to the large file size and amount of changes.

If you haven’t picked up the Magknight B787-9 for X-Plane 11, you can do so from the store for $44.95.

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FlightFactor Announces 787 In Development for XPL

FLIGHTFACTOR 787 X Plane 11 (3)
Aircraft developers FlightFactor has announced that they are creating a new series of aircraft based on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Dubbed as the "next generation of FlightFactor Pro" aircraft, the 787 Por from the team will bring the modern jet aircraft to X-Plane 11. Whilst details are somewhat light on the ground, FlightFactor said that the aircraft will "conquer new
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Magknight 787 FMS/EFB Development Update

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Developer Magknight has updated the community, over on the X-Plane forum, with progress to the 787’s FMS and EFB. Magknight has shared some previews of how their new coding incorporates performance and weight/balance calculations through the use of the EFB. Large changes to the EFB are being made, including new aircraft config system, allowing you to manage all the important
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FS2Crew: QualityWings 787 Released

FS2Crew QualityWings 787 Edition Trailer
Following on from the announcement yesterday that the update for the Ultimate 787 from QualityWings Simulations is now available, FS2Crew has now made available their utility package ready for the community to purchase. FS2Crew packages provide a virtual co-pilot to sit alongside you to run through flows and checklists when flying multi-crew aircraft. Each package is specific to the aircraft
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