New FlightFactor 777 Reborn Previews

Flightfactor 777 Reborn (3)

Earlier this month, FlightFactor announced a brand new 777 for X-Plane. The product is known as the 777 Reborn and will be with “different principles in mind and different philosophy for the end-user.” Since then, the team has shared a number of new images of the product.

Taken from the external view from within the simulator, the team gave us a brief glimpse at the external model of the aircraft product.

The Twitter account didn’t really give much more away in terms of details, but we do know that the aircraft has been built to give you the experience of flying as an airline captain. You can read more about the aircraft in our initial announcement article.

We’ll continue to follow the progress of the development and be sure to report back.

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Small PMDG Development Update

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Robert took the PMDG forums over the weekend to share some new information regarding the DC-6 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, along with the development focus on P3D and Global Flight Ops. Opening the forum post, Robert took the time to address how development is going on the Prepar3D platform. Since the release of the 777-200ER Expansion Pack, the team has
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Editorial: PMDG’s Three Year 777 Update

The Boeing 777-200ER is arguably one of the most requested add-ons from PMDG ever since they released their 200LR/F Base Package. Though the 200LR is certainly a very beautiful long-hauler, many fans have always been wondering why PMDG opted to model this variant of the Boeing 777 over the 200ER version of the plane, which is much more widespread in
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Captain Sim 777 Livery Debacle

After the somewhat poorly received release of Captain Sim's Boeing 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the developer found itself in yet some more turmoil regarding the new plane during the last weekend. The initial debate about the developer and the plane were sparked when it turned out the CS 777 functionality is paired with the default 747 functionality in MSFS.
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Captain Sim Releases 777-200 Base Pack for MSFS

Captain Sim 777 200 Base Msfs (7)

Aircraft developer Captain Sim has released an all-new version of their 777-200 Base Pack to Microsoft Flight Simulator. The twin-engine aircraft is capable of all types of flying and makes it perfect for those pilots looking to take on a long flight.

On the product page, Captain Sim has confirmed some of its features for when it releases. The aircraft will come with an incredibly detailed cockpit and virtual cabin, all of which has been textured in 4K. Hundreds of custom animations including wing-flex has also been included, along with 3D windows, animated pilots and more. When it comes to systems, Captain Sim does say that “essential functionality [is] paired with [the] default 747 systems” included with the base-back of the simulator. Captain Sim doesn’t go into any further detail into what specific system depth is included. That said, the aircraft does support the rain and icing effects within Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Further to that, a number of liveries are available to download for the aircraft and it also makes use of the Aircraft Configuration Editor (ACE). Finally, there are a number of support documents and links in their Sim Ops section.

It also appears that a 777-300 and 777 Freighter expansion pack will also be made available at a later date.

Captain Sim’s 777-200 Base Pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available to buy for $29.99 USD on their store.


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[Update] Parallel 42 Releases 777 Immersion v2

777 Immersion V2 P3d
Parallel 42 has released the all-new 777 Immersion v2 for Prepar3D V4 and above. The new immersion pack is specifically designed for the most recent PMDG 777 update and also the PMDG 777-200ER. This is a whole new product since the original 777 package reached the end of the line back in February 2021. The new version brings the immersion
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PMDG Updates Boeing 777 Product Line

PMDG 777 PBR (3)
A few days ago, PMDG has issued an update for their Boeing 777 product line. The update, according to Robert Randazzo, is focussed on improving the 'quality-of-flight'. This includes updates to the pitch control mode of the C*U mode of fly-by-wire, as well as improvements to accelerations at high AOA/ANU whilst the aircraft was rolling on the main landing gear.
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FS2Crew 777 Updated to Version 3.4

PMDG 777 PBR (3)
those that use FS2Crew's tools to enhance their flying experience will be pleased to hear that their 777 package has been updated to version 3.4. The new update is relatively minor, but also adds as an additional reminder that the product is fully compatible with the recent updates to the PMDG 777 Product Line. The new update from FS2Crew has
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PMDG 777-200ER Expansion Pack Released

PMDG 777 200ER (12)
PMDG has just released the latest expansion for their Boeing 777 lineup, covering the much anticipated 777-200ER. The PMDG 777 was first released back in 2013, covering only the -200LR and the freighter variant of the 777. Since then, many have asked PMDG to go back and add the -200ER to the 777 lineup, and now it has been released.
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