Captain Sim 767 Captain II Now Version 1.0

Developer Captain Sim has today announced that the 767 Captain II is no longer in early access and has reached full release status. Version 1.0 of the aircraft brings with it a large number of fixes and changes, as well as some new features including wing-flex.

The changelog below from Captain Sim seems to be a mix of customer comments, bug fixes and some other oddities (such as a fix named ‘Floating’), but we can see there has been some changes to functions within the aircraft. Some of those changes include fixes with the FMC, VNAV and also some of the navigation data when selecting certain segments of flight. There have also been improvements made to the cost index calculation, EGPWS and also some instrument approaches.

Despite calls from Captain Sim saying that they would increase the price $134.99 once the aircraft was released from early access, the price is still currently listed at $99.76 USD. It remains to be seen if they do increase the price (or not).

To get the new update, which is compatible with P3Dv4 and P3Dv5, you will need to download a full installer from the Captain Sim website.

You can get your copy of the Captain Sim 767 Captain II from the website.

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Captain Sim Adding Wing flex to 767 Captain II v1.0

Captain Sim 767 300 Base Pack (2)
When Captain Sim brings the 767 Captain II out of early-access into a full version, they will be adding wing and engine flex to the product. It was confirmed earlier in a short video demonstrating the new addition.   Further details about what features will come to the product for the version 1.0 release are not yet clear, but we
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Captain Sim Updates 767 Captain II to Version 0.99

2020 5 22 11 19 2 565
Captain Sim has released a brand new update for their 767 Captain II. The new version, version 0.99, adds a few new features, along with numerous fixes which have been reported by the community. The new additions with version 0.99 include support for Prepar3D v5 DirectX 12 support for Captain Sim's GlaCS rain effect, new yoke checklist animations and also
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FlightFactor issues update for 757/767

767 200ER Xp11 23.jpg.cde02eeb5a0ecf0484f3906fe8274f28
Via Twitter, FlightFactor has announced that they have updated their Boeing 757 and 767 series of aircraft for X-Plane. The aircraft developer has updated their Boeing fleet with similar improvements which mean both aircraft are now compatible with the Vulkan API changes made by Laminar Research to X-Plane 11. Although both aircraft have received a similar update to include added VHF
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Captain Sim 767 Captain II Updated to v0.97

2020 5 22 11 19 2 565
Captain Sim has updated its 767 Captain II to version 0.97, which addresses numerous problems reported by the community. This latest version was released earlier today and includes over 15 fixes and additions over the previous version of the early-access aircraft product. Listed in the changelog, is only a single new feature compared to the previous version. This new feature
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Captain Sim Updates 767 Captain II to Version 0.95


A week has since passed since Captain Sim last updated their Boeing 767 Captain II Base Product for Prepar3D v4. This new update brings it to version 0.95 and brings a couple of new features and a range of bug fixes and improvements.

The new features include a much-requested feature from the community. That feature is the ability to easily configure the CRT display refresh rate. This can now be down via the ACE software included with the product. Another small feature added to this version is wireless CDU support.

As far as fixes go, a number of changes have been made including fixes to the FMC with speed restrictions. an issue with the speed tape with flaps 1 along with improvements to the daytime nav lights on the wings. Furthermore, extra conditions for various spoilers have been added, along with the overall animations improved for the position of the slats.

As a reminder, the Captain Sim 767 Captain II is still in early-access.

The Captain Sim 767 Captain II comes with 4K exterior textures, options for winglets, a 6+2 door configuration with a 4+4 coming soon, and plenty more features. The full feature list can be found at the bottom.

You can buy it now for the sale price of $99.76. It’s still unclear whether this price will change to the $134.99 tag attached once the product is out of beta. In other news, the team did inform the community about expansion plans, but did quickly change their mind and put it to a community vote instead. You can vote on their forums.

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Captain Sim Updates 767 Captain II to v0.94

Captain Sim 767 300 Base Pack (7)
The Captain Sim team has released version 0.94 for their 767 Captain II Base Package. The aircraft which was released recently on Prepar3D v4 has been updated inline with various fixes and changes. Do note that the aircraft is still considered an early-release product. This update includes new features such as the outboard high-speed aileron and spoilers now having lockout
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Captain Sim Announces 767 Expansion Plans, Confirms MSFS Plans

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Update 30-April-2020 @ 1945z: Captain Sim has edited their original Facebook post removing all of the information regarding the expansion packs. Here is the screenshot from the original post. == Original Article 30th April 2020 @ 17:05z == A few days ago, Captain Sim released their 767 Captain II add-on for Prepar3D v4.5 as an early-access product. Since then, the team
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Captain Sim 767 Flight Deck Previews

Captain Sim 767 300 Base Pack (11)
Following the announcement of their upcoming Boeing 767 for Prepar3D, Captain Sim has shared the first previews of the flight deck for the 767. The previews give a look at both some up close details, and overall wide angles of the flight deck. Its also evident that this plane shares a lot with its younger brother, the 757, as both
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