FlightFactor Shares More Previews of the Boeing C-32


Over on Twitter, FlightFactor posted more previews showcasing the interior of the Boeing C-32. The Boeing C-32 is planned as a free expansion for their popular Boeing 757 package available for X-Plane. There are only a handful of Boeing C-32 aircraft in operation, all of which are flown by the United States Air Force.

As shown by the pictures, the cabin is fully modeled with large plush seats throughout. The area where the press sits is shown with a 2 by 2 configuration, this area has the same look as a large first class cabin. On most of the walls you can also see the Presidential Seal. The other areas of the cabin are full of large seats with tables, some tables have books, phones, and headsets resting on them. An executive lounge is also shown with a large map on the wall, couches, and a wall-mounted TV.

Those are all the updates on the C-32 for now, no release date has been set.

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FlightFactor Previews Boeing C-32

Ff 757 Update
FlightFactor has shared some new 3D renders on their Twitter page of an upcoming expansion to their popular Boeing 757 package. The renders show the interior of the Boeing C-32, complete with luxurious chairs, folding tables and even a work table that seems to feature some equipment (phone, headsets). The team stated that the C-32 won't be pay-ware. Boeing has
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Flight Factor 757 Updated to Version 2.3.7

757 200 Xp11 12
Aircraft developer Flight Factor has posted a new update to their Boeing 757 rendition. Included in the update is numerous fixes to the modern avionics package that was recently released. That upgrade-update is available for $20 (for existing 757 customers) on the xplane.org store here.  Changelog Changed alt disagree message logic for FPDS Set altitude symbol step as 20 and
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Flight Factor and Step-To-Sky 757 FPDS Preview Video

Flight Factor Step To Sky 757 FPDS For X Plane 11
YouTuber Thomas Rasmussen has teamed up with Flight Factor and Step-to-Sky to show off a new preview video of the upcoming 757 FPDS. The new update, dubbed as "coming soon", will add the Flat Panel Display System to the 757 and 767 aircraft in X-Plane 11. The update was revealed to be a paid update from the team (via Twitter), but will add a
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FlightFactor Shares 757 Model Improvement Renders

Ff 757 Update 3

The team at FlightFactor took to Twitter to share that they have plans to improve the 757 model. The 4 new renders are from their 3D artist and were shared to let the community know that work is currently ongoing. From the Tweet, FlightFactor said “This just came from our [3D] artist. How about that? Small but important improvements to the 757 [3D] model.”

FlightFactor are continuing to add improvements to their 757 product with the FPDS currently in closed beta testing. Once we hear more, we’ll let you know. You can find out more about the FlightFactor 757 by heading to the FlightFactor website.

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FlightFactor Multi Update

A320 448
Flight Factor has released updates and previews for their A320, 767 and 757.   First off, the FlightFactor Boeing 757 is receiving the Ram Air Turbine (RAT) into the arsenal in the unlikelihood of complete power loss in flight. The Ram Air Turbine will automatically deploy during flight in the case of dual engine failure, or complete loss of power.
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Captain Sim Releases 757 Captain III Update 1.4

Captain Sim 757 01
Captain Sim has released a brand new update for the 757 Captain III. This new version brings it to version 1.4, marking yet another major update for the aircraft since its release back in January 2018. The update features new adjustable acceleration and rotation speed or the rotary knobs in the virtual cockpit, as well as an all-new APU shut
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Captain Sim 757 Captain III 757-300 Expansion Available

Captain Sim 757 300 (2)
Captain Sim has released their 757 Captain III 757-300 Expansion pack for Prepar3D V4. Only a few weeks after multiple updates and the release of the freighter version, the team has released the final expansion pack for their 757 package. The 757-300 expansion pack includes custom engine performance, FMC set up and flight modelling to match that of the real Boeing
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