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SSG 747-8 Series Updated to v1.9.1

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Despite saying at the release of the previous update, that v1.9 would be the last before the all-new version 2 of the aircraft, Supercritical Simulations Group (SSG) has updated their Boeing 747-8 Series to v1.9.1 in order to address some pressing bugs that were present for a large portion of users in the previous update.

Many users reported a very poor frame rate with the previous update, and this has been corrected in the latest release. Additionally, this update corrects the behaviour of cockpit avionics such as the autothrottle, PFD, MCP, Autobrakes and FMC, while SSG has also made adjustments to the lighting of the aircraft, with strobe and beacon lights now reflecting from the ground, and the cockpit night lighting is improved.
See the full changelog below for the entire update summary.

The update is available to all existing owners free of charge and can be downloaded from your point of purchase.

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Felis Announces 747-200 Classic In Development

B747 013.thumb.jpg.85414c536ea6be366d78b7b13e311835
Felis, the developer behind popular vintage airliners for X-Plane such as the TU-154M and AN-24RV, has announced the start of development on the next addition to the stable - the Boeing 747-200 Classic. In the post on the forums, Felis says that he wanted to make a classic variant of the 747 without the modern equipment such as digital
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UPDATED: [EDITED INFO] PMDG Previews Further Detail into their 747-8 and NG3 Confirmed

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UPDATE 27 Jan 2018 @ 22:55z: Slight edit for accuracy: The NG3 may not refer to the 737 Max. Can anyone confirm if the 737NG (real world) comes equipped with moving maps by default?

Yesterday, PMDG CEO, Robert, treated us to a small glimpse into the 747-8’s flight deck. The preview showed us some exciting new features including an EFB, moving maps and airport charts. Today, he went into a bit more detail and shared a few new screenshots of the upcoming aircraft and confirmed the team are working on the NG3.

The first key detail is that the product will be entering a beta period very soon. This is exciting is it means that soon we’ll see many brand new shots of the aircraft and see it in more detail. The next piece of information is that some of the features we saw yesterday are most likely to be only found P3DV4, as it’s a 64-bit platform. To quote RSR, “[the new stuff] brings forward our increasing effort to leverage the new x64bit simulator Prepar3D v4 to further increase the amount of realism we can provide.” The EFB in particular is important to note as it will be found in other PMDG aircraft in the near future. This will include the 777, the 747-400 and the upcoming NG3. That’s right, not the NGX.

The EFB itself, as we mentioned yesterday, will offer a range of performance calculations for take off and landing. If you have in-op equipment, let it know and it will make sure the calculations are accurate. Wet runway, it’ll factor that in too. The EFB will walk you through the whole process making it as easy as possible. Furthermore, it will offer limited flight planning capability.

Also discovered yesterday was the airport position map. RSR is a huge fan of this due to the added safety benefits it has. As a result, he was keen to get this into the aircraft. Luckily, for us, it comes with very little impact on the frame rate and implements a dynamic and real-time implementation. PMDG have made every effort to make it as easy as possible and will work with both default and add-on scenery you may have.

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FSFX Packages Tease 747 Immersion

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We have known for a long time that FSFX Packages will be developing their famous immersion packages for the PMDG 747. With a quick mention at Cosford earlier last year that it is indeed coming along (and P3Dv4 only), there's not been too much in the way of information since. However, today, FSFX Packages released a short teaser trailer showing
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