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iFly 747 updated for Prepar3D V4

Flight One Software have released an update for their iFly 747, which is a highly popular aircraft as it was the only quality 747 we had for quite some time. The ‘Queen of the Skies’ received an update to be compatible with Prepar3D v4. Flight One states that this is not just a port from the previous version, but rather a new version completely recompiled with the v4 SDK. This is important because this improves the performance of the aircraft and adds some unique v4 features, such as the new HDR reflections and dynamic lighting.

For more information, or to purchase this amazing plane you can head over here.

PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II Updates Coming (And More)

Robert from PMDG today took to the forums to inform users that there will be soon be an update for their 747 Queen of the Skies that released around a month ago.

What’s new is that this update will be different from any update delivered by PMDG before. Gone are the days of long complete redownloads of the product,  but instead small incremental updates that update the files that have been changed. It’s been teased and mentioned before, but now it’s finally going to happen via the PMDG Operations Center. The new software update means that fixes can be issued monthly, daily or even hourly if required.

The first update will come for the 747 which Robert has promised will be “chock full of changes, improvements and fixes”, which  is surprising as the 747 was met with lots of praise and very few issues. The full list of fixes and changes will come soon, so don’t go asking just yet.

Of course, the NGX and the 777 will receive the same incremental update system in the near future.

The installers have been tested for a while and should be around in the next few days.

You can read the full forum post on the Avsim forums.

Let us know what you think via our Discord channel.


Winner of our PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II Competition Announced

We had an exciting evening on Discord and Twitch during our PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II launch party last night. We took a risk and stream for around 6 hours in the hope the red button to release the product – and we were right. Not only that, we were joined by Airline2Sim, Kyle Rogers and even Belynz stepped in to help celebrate the launch.

Of course, that’s not the only exciting thing to happen yesterday! Of course, it also meant we were going to have a winner for our HUGE PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II competition.

We had nearly 1,400 entries between Facebook and our Google Forms and of those, 118 people guessed the correct date. We work in zulu and the product was released on January 31st at 23:50pm (give or take).

I am pleased to announce that the winner is Karl Alden.

Thank you so much to everyone who took part. Of course, we’ll continue to cover the PMDG 747 for months to come and will bring you some new competitions very soon!

PMDG Release 747-400 Queen of the Skies 2

One of the most highly anticipated products of the year had arrived! PMDG dropped a bomb shell earlier today announcing that the product would be with us shortly. This aircraft has been long in the making and a much wanted add on for all those Boeing or 747 fans out there. You can purchase the aircraft here for the price of $89.99 (FSX) and $134.99 (P3D)

This is PMDG’s 3rd rendition of the Queen of the Skies and once again it looks like they have blown our expectations out of the park. They have included almost all 747-400 models that are currently avaliable with the 747-8 to follow soon. We have been teased for quite some time about this product and it is great that we have finally got our hands on it.

The beta testers over at PMDG have been doing an excellent job to make sure that the release has been as quick as possible and that any issues were quickly eradicated. Some of the technology that has been implemented into this 747 will soon be coming into the 777 which is exciting news. We look forward to seeing what PMDG have up their sleeve regarding future products.

Any news regarding the 747-8 expansion will of course be reported over here at FSElite. God save the Queen!

PMDG Welcomes you to 747 Queen of the Skies II Release Week

With all this maintenance work going on and an update to the PMDG operations center, we knew that the release of the 747 Queen of the Skies II would be very soon. After all, RSR did give us a 2 week warning. However, we are now in RELEASE WEEK! This is release week for FSX, FSX:SE and P3d 3.x for the 747 Queen of the Skies.

RSR said that everything is on track for a release this week, with just a few small items to patch out before releasing. Whilst there’s still no update on pricing, the team did give us a HUGE insight into what we can expect from the 747 when it is released.

So first, what’s included on release day. As previously mentioned, the complete 747-400 family will be included. This means you can fly around in the 747-400, 747-400BCF, 747-400D, 747-400ER, 747-400ERF, 747-400F and the 747-400M. As of today, there’s currently 62 liveries available for download through the Operations Center, as well as a paint kit AND a SDK for people who wish for their products to interact with the product (looking at your FS2Crew!).

As said, there was some huge insight into what you can expect from the product upon release. I’ve highlighted some of the standout points for me. But please, make sure you check out the thread for the full scope. There’s 3 sections that RSR was keen to point out. 1) Stuff the development team wanted to point out. 2) The sound engine for the aircraft. 3) The newly designed physics engine.

Before I move onto the list, PMDG have made a massive effort to ensure that VAS has been used effectively and impacts minimally onto the user.

As you read through, again, I want to highlight that I’ve picked some of my favourite bits from the list RSR gave. Like he says, this will just scratch the surface of what’s available. We cannot wait, as the immersion sounds incredible.

I’ve added the list after the jump as it’s MASSIVE!

Don’t forget, you can WIN a free copy thanks to FSElite.

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Relax – PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II Isn’t Out Yet

The servers on Avsim have been a bit haywire the past couple of days. With many people struggling to access the forums, to the point where the website simply failed to load. Why? Well, some maintenance the team at PMDG were carrying out got people a little bit too excited which caused the Avsim servers to overload.

The team have been busy preparing the servers for the upcoming release of the 747, which caused the store to be down for a few hours. Of course, this prepped many people to switch between refreshing the store and of course the forums to see if it’s been released. As a result, Avsim crashed and is still only just beginning to recover. The store is back to usual, but RSR from PMDG have advised that maintenance could go on for a day or two.

Win a Copy of PMDG’s 747 Queen of the Skies v2

He did give us a quick update saying it probably won’t happen today as the beta and tech teams are giving it the final look over before packaging it into a RTM (release to market) installer and unleashing it for the joe-public to buy.

All we are doing today is server maintenance in preparation for release…  This will probably go on all day tomorrow too.

We told you two weeks ago that we would give you some warning…  R.E.L.A.X!!!!!!

We are still finalizing some details and giving the beta and tech teams a chance to wring it out over the weekend and make sure we are happy with it.

rsrandazzo – Avsim Forums

Our advice – chill and wait. We’ll be warned when it’s coming out. So do everyone, including your keyboard, a favour: leave the F5 key alone. Do that, servers will sustain and everyone will have a chance to download one of the most anticipated aircraft of the year.

PMDG Talks 747 Queen of the Skies II Release Planning

We haven’t heard much from the PMDG development team since October regarding the release of their highly anticipated 747. Today that changed with Robert Randazzo opening up a little in regards to the release plan for the 747 Queen of the Skies II.

First and foremost, this isn’t a release announcement. RSR made it clear that it won’t be within the next week, but that it would be before Christmas Eve ’17! A bit of a joke for sure, but it looks clear that within the next few weeks, Vatsim will be full of 747s (and hopefully A320s!). An exact date and time of release will be confirmed beforehand. However, from past experience, they seem to just ‘drop’ it without any warning to surprise us. So despite any of this, it could be a trick to deviate our F5 keys away from their site whilst they quietly upload!

Win a Copy of PMDG’s 747 Queen of the Skies v2

Regardless, it was confirmed again that nearly all 747-400 variants are included, including the 747-400D. All models have correctly modeled engine data and performance as well as their appropriate special features. There’s been plenty of Youtube videos and pictures showing it off, so make sure you go hunting!

Something else mentioned was the fact that they’ve been busy testing “micro-updating” that will allow the team to issue small updates for the product line rather than long wait periods in between releases and updates. This could or could not be live for release day, but they’ll continue testing until they are happy. Of course, we’re likely to see this rolled backed to the 777 at some point in the future soon.

As soon as we hear more, we’ll keep you posted with what’s going on!

We’re not sure if this is for both FSX and P3D (or just for one), but we’ll soon find out.

First PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies 2 Beta Prepar3d Shots

The PMDG 747v3 has been in beta for some time now, with many shots showing off how glorious she looks in FSX. Like most of you, we’ve been dying to see her in Prepar3d and today, beta tester, Jorge, was kind enough to show some amazing shots of her on the PMDG official forums.

As you can tell, it looks breathtaking in the more modern Sim. Showing off the advance lighting and shadow work.

With the livery list coming along nicely and now this, we can only hope we’re moving very close to a release date!


PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II – Official Livery List

Courtesy of Kyle Rogers over on the PMDG support forums has listed what is currently the working list of liveries available for the PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II.

There are currently a whopping 20 different liveries available for the Boeing 747-400, 13 for the Boeing 747-400F as well as a handful of others for the Boeing 747-400BCF and the Boeing 747-400M.

The list is pretty extensive covering old favourites like British Airways, Qantas, United and Cathay Pacific. The list is current as of 22 DEC 2016 and is subject to change in the future. So if your favourite isn’t on there (*cough Virgin cough*), then don’t worry as the team possibly are working on it.

…and if not, then we’re sure your favourite painter will do you a favour!

With the liveries now available to beta testers, hopefully things are begining to wrap up on beta builds and testing will soon start on possible RTM (release to market) installers!

Boeing 747-400:

  • Air New Zealand – ZK-NBS – Classic
  • Air New Zealand – ZK-SUH – Historic
  • British Airways – G-CIVX
  • British Airways – G-CIVI – oneworld
  • Cathay Pacific – B-HUI
  • China Airlines – B-18208
  • Delta Air Lines – N661US
  • Japan Airlines – JA8075
  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines – PH-BFA – City of Atlanta
  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines – PH-BFN – City of Nairobi
  • Korean Air Lines – HL7495
  • Lufthansa – D-ABVM
  • Malaysia Airlines – 9M-MPI
  • Qantas – VH-OJM
  • Singapore Airlines – 9V-SPQ
  • Thai Airways International – HS-TGP – Retro
  • United Airlines – N127UA
  • United Airlines – N197UA – Saul Bass
  • United Airlines – N175UA – Battleship Gray
  • United Airlines – N177UA – Blue Tulip

Boeing 747-400M:

  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines – PH-BFT – City of Tokyo

Boeing 747-400BCF:

  • EVA Airways – B-16462

Boeing 747-400F:

  • Atlas Air – N475MC
  • Cargolux Airlines International – LX-VCV
  • Cathay Pacific – B-HUO – Metal
  • China Airlines – B-18708
  • EVA Airways – B-16483
  • Japan Airlines Cargo – JA401J – Metal
  • Korean Air Lines – HL7462
  • Malaysia Airlines – 9M-MPR
  • Nippon Cargo Airlines – JA04KZ – NCA Pegasus
  • Nippon Cargo Airlines – JA05KZ – NCA Apollo
  • Polar Air Cargo – N451PA – DHL
  • Polar Air Cargo – N452PA
  • United Parcel Service (UPS) – N581UP

More PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II Preview Shots

Beta tester Luke Pabari has shared even more stunning shots of the upcoming PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II.



Understandably, all of these previews are making our mouths water, so this will be the last set we post until a video has been released.

These shots were taken from dawn when departing from London. As you can see, the way the sun shines off of the wing as it flexes during the bank is stunning.

Hopefully we will see p3d shots soon!

Make sure you check out our competiton to win a free copy.