FSFX Packages / OldProp Release 747 Immersion Package

After a year of development and plenty of new technology, OldProp (as FSFX Packages are now known) has released their 747 Immersion Package.

Ripping apart the previous immersion packages, the team have created a brand new easy to use interface called Immersion Manager to apply effects, preview them and switch them on/off on the fly to suit your computer’s performance. It will now become the new standard for future Immersion Packages from the team, with more updates still to come in the future.

The 747 Immersion Package is compatible with the PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II, as well as the newly released 747-8. It includes a whole range of effects that are suited to the atmosphere and in-sim conditions. For example, water droplets will drop off realistically from the edges of your aircraft, dust will fall off your wheels upon landing and spray effects will display depending on weather and speed of aircraft. Further effects include light reflections off of fog and cloud, condensation falling off the wings and much more. All of the effects can be tested or adjusted via the Immersion Manager.

You can buy the product now for $29.00USD via the OldProp website.

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Just Flight Preview Textured 747 Classic

Just Flight Textured 747 Classic Previews FSElite 8
With the latest and greatest of the 747 family, the 747-8,  having been released by PMDG just 4 days ago, the team over at Just Flight felt it a fitting time to release new previews of the aircraft where it all started: the 747 Classic! These are the first previews we've seen of the aircraft textured, and it certainly looks
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747 Immersion and Koln Bonn Airport Preview

747 @ KölnBonn Airport
A video was posted today on YouTube of the upcoming 747 Immersion and Koln Bonn airport. The same video can be seen below. The airport will have a fully modeled interior and see through glass. The airport also includes static aircraft with dynamic people walking from the jetways to the aircraft. Tons of static objects have been added giving the
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Giveaway Winner Announced for PMDG 747-8 QOTS II

Earlier today, we announced that we would be giving away a copy of the PMDG 747-8 QOTS II expansion pack. To of been in with a chance to win, you had to guess the release time of the product. After all, PMDG did confirm that a release would take place today. After over 900 entries into the competition, we're thrilled
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SSG 747-8 Series Updated to v1.9.1

Screen Shot 2018 04 02 At 6.04.51 PM

Despite saying at the release of the previous update, that v1.9 would be the last before the all-new version 2 of the aircraft, Supercritical Simulations Group (SSG) has updated their Boeing 747-8 Series to v1.9.1 in order to address some pressing bugs that were present for a large portion of users in the previous update.

Many users reported a very poor frame rate with the previous update, and this has been corrected in the latest release. Additionally, this update corrects the behaviour of cockpit avionics such as the autothrottle, PFD, MCP, Autobrakes and FMC, while SSG has also made adjustments to the lighting of the aircraft, with strobe and beacon lights now reflecting from the ground, and the cockpit night lighting is improved.
See the full changelog below for the entire update summary.

The update is available to all existing owners free of charge and can be downloaded from your point of purchase.

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Felis Announces 747-200 Classic In Development

B747 013.thumb.jpg.85414c536ea6be366d78b7b13e311835
Felis, the developer behind popular vintage airliners for X-Plane such as the TU-154M and AN-24RV, has announced the start of development on the next addition to the stable - the Boeing 747-200 Classic. In the post on the forums, Felis says that he wanted to make a classic variant of the 747 without the modern equipment such as digital
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PMDG 747-8 Feature Tour and First Look

PMDG 747 8 Features And Quick Cockpit Tour
Update: Chris, the person who did the video, is actually part of the development team, not the beta team (anymore). We've updated the post a bit to reflect this. Thanks to Kyle for pointing this out to us. Since the release of the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II, many people have been eager to get their hands on the
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