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ZIBO B737-800 Mod Updated to Version 3.40

B738 304

The famed ZIBO B737-800 mod for X-Plane 11 has been updated to a new full version of v3.40. The new update features a range of new functionality and improvements to enhance the freeware add-on for the simulator.

The first on the list is an improvement to the flight modelling. The flight model is already regarded as highly realistic, but improvements continue to be made. Another big change with the full version of 3.4 is the addition of the new layout and standard weight settings in the EFB. Along with that, users can adjust weights as well as cabin layouts (varying from 160 seats up to 189) which is saved per livery. Along with those additions, bugs have been fixed for turn radius and also various warnings such as overspeeding.

The full list of changes is rather extensive and can be found down below.

You can download the full new update from the Google Drive account. Remember to add it to your own account to prevent issues with downloading from the original hosted area.

The Zibo mod is so loved, it topped out Top 10 jetliner aircraft for X-Plane 11. You can remind yourself of that in the video below.

Thanks to Midds in our Discord for the heads up.

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PMDG Weekend Update, 737, 747, and 777

PMDG 777 PBR (1)
On the PMDG forums, Robert Randazzo has shared a good sized update on the future of their product lines and more. 737 NGXu Starting with the NGXu, a smaller update was given for this product. The team is currently working on the BBJ expansion which will include the BBJ1 and BBJ2. The expansion will include all of the auxiliary fuel
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Parallel 42 Releases 737 Immersion v2 (PMDG NGXu Compatible)

Orbx Central 2020 03 01 10 43 18
Parallel 42 has delivered on their original promised and has released the next iteration of their Immersion pack for the 737. The 737 Immersion v2 provides full support for the PMDG NGXu line of products. The new version will include the Immersion Manager first seen with the 747 Immersion pack. This will enable you to preview effects, adjust settings and
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PMDG 737 NGXu Base Pack: The FSElite Review

REVIEW Pmdg 737 Ngxu Base Pack
Initially, PMDG sent the community into a bit of a panic when they announced that the long-awaited and fabled NG3 would instead be heading to Microsoft Flight Simulator and not to Prepar3D. At the time, the product named NGXu was never known to the community until a few hours after the initial announcement. Whether you think it was PR suicide
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PMDG Issues 737NGXu Animation Hotfix

PMDG 737 NGXu Expansion (5)
PMDG has issued a hotfix to solve some model animation issues with the 737NGXu. The hotfix comes mere hours after the release of the much anticipated 737NGXu 600/700 expansion. Over on the forums, Robert Randazzo explained that they had found out they had a corrupt output process that affected all animations on all of the 737NGXu external models. In order
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PMDG 737NGXu 600/700 Expansion Package Released for Prepar3D V4

PMDG 737 NGXu Expansion (5)

Today, PMDG released the highly anticipated NGXu Expansion Pack. This expansion pack includes both the -600 and -700 variants of the 737. In a post on the PMDG forums, there is tons of information on what the pack includes, how its different, and more. The NGXu base pack was released about 2 months ago as a surprise to us all, and that included the -800 and -900 variants of the 737. PMDG has also released an update for the NGXu Base Pack that offers many fixes.

NGXu Epansion

The -600 and -700 expansion include all the certified winglet types. The -600 only has a standard wing, while the -700 comes with standard, blended, and scimitar winglets. With this expansion comes all the cockpit differences and system differences that are within the real plane. The flight model as well is tuned to recreate the performance capabilities of the smaller version of 737, as well as the different handling characteristics. The expansion, like the base pack, is full PBR exterior with lots of detail added to the model, high resolution textures, and custom animations. The EFB has been given all of the performance data for the new variants, and the operations center will give you access to the 28 liveries PMDG is providing for the expansion pack.

PMDG has also stated that the NGXu base pack was the fastest selling product in all of PMDG’s 22 year history. With that, PMDG is saying thanks to the community by discounting the expansion for the month of February 2020 by $10. This brings it down from $34.99 to $24.99.

You can pick up the PMDG NGXu Expansion Pack for $24.99 now on the PMDG website.

NGXu Base Pack Update

Earlier today, PMDG also released an update for the NGXu back pack that is required for the expansion to work. At no additional cost, this update will offer fixes, tweaks, updates, and new functionality. This update is only available via the PMDG Operation Center 2.0. A complete change log can be found on the original forum post.

PMDG has also stated that the team is already working on more updates, and the BBJ and Cargo versions of the 737.

NGXu Expansion Feature List

  • All new system simulation, utilizing the latest PMDG system simulation engine.
  • Enhanced flight physics.
  • Addition of rigid body physics to wing and tail surfaces.
  • Improved flight control systems.
  • Electronic Flight Bag with Navigraph Integration.
  • High resolution cockpit displays
  • New equipment options for cockpit instrumentation, fuel system changes and more.
  • Changes to 737 options packages reflecting real world changes since NGX was first offered in 2011.
  • Expanded failures simulation to cover nearly all QRH scenarios.
  • PMDG Global Flight Operations compatibility (when PMDG GFO is made live in 2020!)
  • Native PMDG datalink simulation for offline flying (similar to 777 and 747)
  • PMDG’s enhanced light package for the virtual cockpit.
  • Driveable pushback tug.
  • Base Package includes 737-600 and 737-700 models with standard wing, blended winglet and split scimitar winglet options where offered on the actual airframe.
  • All new external models, with PBR texturing, enhanced animations and more.
  • All new virtual cockpit model, with high detail PBR texturing, advanced animations and more.
  • All new, high definition sound suite recorded on a fully instrumented test airplane.
  • Enhanced PMDG Sound Engine for immersive audio experience on the flight deck.
  • New PMDG Operations Center 2.0

…and much much more!

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PMDG Release of the 737 NGXu Expansion Delayed

Pmdg 737ngxu 600700expansion (2)
Last week, Robert from PMDG announced that Wednesday 29th January 2020 would see the likely release of the 737 NGXu Expansion pack, which would include the 600/700 variants. In a statement issued on the PMDG forums, Robert has confirmed that the release will see a short delay. The reason for the delay is that Robert has been called away to
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Immersive Audio Releases 737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack V2

737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack V2 Official Promo
The second version of the highly impressive 737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack by Immersive Audio has been released. The new version, which is completely free to current owners, features all-new recordings of the CFM56-7B engines from the flightdeck. The soundpack is now compatible with the recently released PMDG NGXu, as well as the original NGX. Furthermore, the product also features other
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Parallel 42 Announces PMDG 737 NGXu Immersion [Exclusive Image]

Immersion Pack 737ngu
Following the blowout of information from the developers at Parallel 42 (//42) regarding their complete acquisition of OldProp, the team then announced that the PMDG  737 NGXu Immersion is in development. The project is being headed up by Raul Morales of Flight Sim Technologies Limited, creator of AI Lights Reborn under a new Partner Developer Program within Parallel 42. "Raul shows an
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PMDG January Info Update Thread – 737 NGXu 600/700 Expansion, 777 Update and More

Pmdg 737 Ngu P3d 10
PMDG issued a rather lengthy statement the other day on their forums with regards to various items and products. They spoke about an upcoming NGXu update, additional information on PMDG Global Ops, along with further update information on their 777X update. Starting with the Operations Center V2, Robert Randazzo from PMDG said that version 2 of the utility will be
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