PMDG Shares Brand New 737 for MSFS Previews

Pmdg 737 Previews Msfs 6

PMDG has shared some brand new previews images of the upcoming PMDG 737 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Robert Randazzo of PMDG has taken to the forums to talk a little more about the plane, the development cycle so far and also shared some exterior shots.

Robert began by saying that the development of the 737 for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been “difficult thus far” due to how different the platform is from what they’re used to. They were also reliant on the Asobo team to help them identify and add elements to the simulator to help PMDG bring the aircraft to the simulator. As the core simulator was still a moving target for many, often the development agency didn’t line up and this is what resulted in an announcement from PMDG last year that the 737 wouldn’t release until “late 2021/early 2022”. Whilst progress picked up again, it slowed back to a crawl in July/August due to holidays and the release of Sim Update V causing some issues.

Throughout September, the team made more progress on bringing the popular aircraft to the simulator. As such, the current release guidance is that the aircraft will release in this quarter. With that out of the way, let’s see some in-sim previews of the iconic jet.

Robert made it clear that the images you are seeing above are work-in-progress and there may be some changes required here and there. On the PMDG forums, Robert goes into a lot of detail about some of the visual qualities you can see in the images above. The team has made great use of Microsoft Flight Simulator’s engine to take full advantage of the light mapping and surface material tools that are part of the SDK. Everything from the leading edge, bleed air vent holes and many other surfaces are extremely accurate and well represented.

Whilst seeing the plane from the outside will surely fill people with joy, there will be the question of where are the interior shots. Well, PMDG said that they will be coming soon once some more clean-up has happened inside and they have removed some of the customised tools they are using to help develop the aircraft. Alex from the team is currently working on the cockpit lighting

When it comes to functionality and the feature set, PMDG can’t yet comment due to the varying situation with the platform itself. Even as close as June 1st 2021, many things weren’t in the aircraft, but things have improved since then with more features added. Right now, PMDG is working on a list of items and they’ll update the community further when the time is right. Finally, Robert said that they are working on the ‘options’ list and working to preserve the rich list of optional items you can have on the 737 (e.g. satellite antenna locations).

When it comes to pricing, Robert made a statement that will undoubtedly please many people. He said that they have largely settled on a pricing structure for the plane, but more details will follow in the future. However, Robert said that the “goal is to make it easier and less expensive to add a PMDG airplane to your MSFS hangar.”

So to recap, the PMDG 737 for MSFS is due to come out by the end of the year and will be priced in a way that is “easier and less expensive to add a PMDG airplane to your MSFS hangar.” Exciting!

Thanks to buffegg for the tip.

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PMDG Status Update

DC-6 Update PMDG has shared a new status update about their ongoing efforts with Microsoft Flight Simulator and a few other things. First off, there is a very small update for PMDG's DC-6 for MSFS. The update fixes a few issues that have been found with the plane, that PMDG did not want to delay amidst general MSFS updates and changes.
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Captain Sim Releases Boeing 737-500 Classic Expansion

Y375 08
Captain Sim has released the Boeing 737-500 expansion for their 737 Classic Base Pack. The 737-500, despite the name, was the smallest of the Boeing 737 Classic planes. It has the lowest dimensions and was intended as a replacement of the Boeing 737-200. The expansion pack does not come with any additional features, other than an updated plane model. The
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Small PMDG Development Update

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Robert took the PMDG forums over the weekend to share some new information regarding the DC-6 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, along with the development focus on P3D and Global Flight Ops. Opening the forum post, Robert took the time to address how development is going on the Prepar3D platform. Since the release of the 777-200ER Expansion Pack, the team has
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PMDG Shares New Tutorial Series for DC-6 In MSFS; 737 Expected for This Year


It’s been no secret that PMDG has been working on the Microsoft Flight Simulator platform, but little has been said about how development has been going. We saw the 737 in the simulator last year, and most recently, a teaser of the DC-6 in the simulator. However, Robert has taken to the forums to give a lot more detail about what we can expect from PMDG this year and beyond on Microsoft Flight Simulator.

In his extensive forum post, Robert said that they realized they would have to build all-new development processes in order to take full advantage of the simulator’s new technology. That process has been hard for the team over the past fourteen months, but they are ready to finally share, in detail, the product line coming to the simulator.

Whilst it was anticipated that the 737 would be the first product from PMDG to be released on the new platform, the development of the DC-6 outpaced expectations and has been under an extensive testing period for several months now. In fact, it’s so far ahead with development that the PMDG team has created a series of tutorial videos to help anyone understand the aircraft. Half of those have been added to a new PMDG YouTube channel, with more coming soon.

The DC-6 will be the first release from PMDG for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Robert suggests that a release could be within the next few weeks. Considering that PMDG development cycles are usually fairly long, this is a huge change of pace from the development team.

Once the DC-6 is out of the door, Robert says with confidence that the 737 is “expected” to release this year. The team has overcome some of the challenges and hurdles from before, but things seem to be picking up extensive pace. So much so that Robert even considers that the 777 could also be out this year. The 777 release is a “remote possibility”, but the fact dates are being applied suggests how confident PMDG is in their new workflow. Of course, Robert couldn’t forget the 747 Queen of the Skies and suggested that the 747 will be out in early 2022.

Finally, Robert said that we can expect the PMDG YouTube channel to be used quite often to showcase development progress and additional tutorials. An advance series for the DC-6 is already planned and Robert also said that we can expect some 737 in Microsoft Flight Simulator previews soon, too.

Things are really heating up for simmers on all platforms and with PMDG “all-in” with the new platform (which should be no surprise), this is becoming a really exciting time for any flight simulator fan.

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Rumour: Captain Sim 737 Classic in Development for P3D

Chrome 2021 03 17 12 13 09
It is looking likely that Captain Sim is currently developing a 737 Classic series for Prepar3D v4 and Prepar3D v5. A brand new product page has been discovered on the Captain Sim website which indicates that they are bringing the 737-300 BASE Pack for the simulator. The store page indicates various features if this is indeed happening. On the product
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PMDG Previews 737NGXu BBJ, Coming Soon

PMDG 737NGXu Bbj P3d (6)
PMDG's Robert Randazzo has taken to the forums to inform the community about the upcoming release of the 737NGXu BBJ (Boeing Business Jet) expansion pack for the original 737NGXu on Prepar3D. Robert went into detail about how the BBJ/BBJ2 differs from the standard 737 configurations and some of the changes present in the aircraft product. The BBJ expansion pack will
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PMDG 737 NGXu Cargo Expansion Released for P3D

737 NGXu Cargo Expansion (2)
PMDG has just released the latest expansion for its Boeing 737 NGXu line up of aircraft. The cargo variant brings a new element to flying a 737 than just flying passengers. As the name of the package suggests, this adds the freighter variants to the base NGXu package. The 737 freighter is a modified passenger 737 to carry cargo. At
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737 Ultimate for X-Plane Becomes Threshold LevelUp

Threshold Levelup 737 Ulitmate X Plane 11 (8)
What was once known as the 737 Ultimate project has now been handed over to Threshold to develop. Now branded as the LevelUp series, the project will bring the Boeing 737-600 to the -900 & -900ER to X-Plane 11. The development project is being worked on with both Zibo and Laminar Research to bring the freeware package to simulator users.
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