FlyJSim Update Their 727 & 732 for X-Plane 11

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Over on their Facebook page, FlyJSim has announced the release of updates for their 727 Series Professional V3 and the 732 Twinjet Professional V3.

X-Plane users are urged to use caution when updating from an outdated X-Plane version client. These patches are for X-Plane 11.30 only and can be downloaded via their Skunkcrafts updater tool.

The new updates fix flight model performance issues and introduce new features for extra eye candy. You can find the full changelog below.

If you don’t already own these aircraft, you can pick them up at

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The Flight Sim Deck: First Departure With Zibo Mod 737-800X [FYC]

X Plane 11 First Departure With Zibo Mod 737 800X
This video has been posted as part of our Featured YouTube Community partnerships. Having just installed X-Plane 11 fully, I decided to start adding the various bits of freeware. In this video, you can watch my first look at the Illustrious 737-800X Zibo mod for X-Plane 11! You can follow my channel on YouTube:  
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Immersive Audio 737NG CFM 1.2 Update Now Available

737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack HD V1.2 Alternative Bassy Engine Sounds Promo
The team at Immersive Audio has just released a brand new update for their 737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack. The Immersion Soundpack is a alternative solution for the engine sounds of the PMDG 737NGX. The free update includes a new sound-set for those that wanted a more 'bassier' feel to the engine sounds. It also has removed loop clicks, fixed the reverse
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Infinite Flight Version 18.6 Now Available

Infinite Flight 18.6 Feature
Popular mobile flight simulator Infinite Flight has today been updated to version 18.6. This version marks the 6th free update to the simulator since the start of the year and the new features are some of the most requested from users. The biggest changes users will enjoy is the complete rework of the A-10 and the introduction of working gauges
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Immersive Audio Announces 737NG CFM Soundpack Update

737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack HD Official Promo
Post-release of the Immersive Audio 737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack, customers criticised the product saying the engine sounds lack bass. Immersive Audio announces that they will be releasing an update to surprise their customers with the more bassy sounds they want. For their updated sounds, Immersive Audio say that they were not satisfied with the overall quality of some recordings that they've received
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iFly 737NG HD Texture Set Released

A few days ago, aircraft developer iFly released a brand new “Texture Pak” for their popular 737NG aicraft. The new set of textures for the virtual cockpit and beyond enhance the quality of the resolution found in the product. Further to increasing the resolution of the textures, work has been done to improve the realism of the fonts found on the overhead panel and other areas of improvement.

Further to that, HD textures have been applied to the exterior of the aircraft, a GPU had been modelled and a pair of new liveries have been included. Of course, those who wish to keep the standard texture resolution the same as it is today, can change this via the configuration tool. For the painters, they can take full advantage of the new HD visuals via the brand new paint-kit.

It’s important to note that the texture set only supports version 3.2.3 of the 737NG and no support for the texture set will be given for users on FSX or P3Dv3 or less. It’s reccomended that only P3Dv4 users use the set due to the 64-bit nature of the simulator.

The update and information about it can be found via the iFly forums.

Late last year, the team announced they are working on a 737 Max series of aircraft for Prepar3D V4. No further news on that aircraft has been revealed at this time.

Thanks to reader Greg and Jeff for pointing this out to us.

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Sim Innovations Show Video Preview Of 737 MAX Avionics

41846313 1901561999920969 6921903971523100672 N
Sim Innovations has continued to make mouths water following their recent announcement of a 737 MAX avionics suite for X-Plane, this time showing a working video preview of the Captain's PFD in a Facebook video. The video shows the take-off stage of flight, with a few abnormal events thrown in to show what the system is currently capable of -
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Sim Innovations Preview 737 MAX Avionics For Zibo

41846313 1901561999920969 6921903971523100672 N
In a recent Facebook post, Sim Innovations announced a new project that they are working on... The team provided us with a single screenshot showcasing the PFD for the 737 MAX avionics suite. Along with the screenshot came a caption stating that they are planning on making the complete avionics suite for the MAX and that it is based upon the
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ProSim737 Receives Update V2.08

The team over at ProSim-AR have just released an update to their ProSim737 bringing it to V2.08. All update information can be found here. For those who don’t know, the ProSim737 is an addon that brings an accurate representation of the 737 and its systems into FSX and P3D. This includes a realistic flight model, display images, and a no
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Immersive Audio Release 737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack HD

737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack HD Official Promo
Just the other day we brought you the fantastic preview of the 737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack HD by Immersive Audio. Plenty of our readers appeared to enjoy it after we posted it to Facebook. As a result, we're pleased to let you know that Immersive Audio has snuck this one out on simMarket not too long ago, and is now available to
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