TFDi Designs Seeking Community Support for 717 Performance

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The TFDi Design 717 has been out for a relatively long period of time at this point. It’s gone through plenty of bug fixes and updates since its initial release and the team have shown they are really listening to the community through the Opt-In beta program. As they wrap up everything to make the stable 1.1 release, there appears to still be the complaint of the 717 not performing to expectation.

As a result, the team have reached out to the community for their help. They’re looking for people who would be willing to go on TeamViewer with one of the developers to try and debug the issue and hopefully squash this complaint once and for all.

You can head to the form below to get yourself all signed up. Once done, TFDi Design will be in touch to take you through the next steps.

TFDi Design Performance

Perhaps this is why these guys won our Community Choice awards for best support.


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TFDi Design 717 Approaching Version 1.1

717 Wingnacl
For the past year, TFDi Designs have been pushing themselves to create an incredible product that the whole community will enjoy. When their 717 product released, it had the makings to be a great aircraft, but there were some flaws that stopped it from being so. However, listening the insurmountable amount of feedback, the team have pushed more and more
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TFDi Design Community Beta Update – Available

Prepar3D V4 True Glass Is Here TFDI Design 717 200
TFDi Designs has been busy integrating their new TrueGlass and Real Light technology into their flagship aircraft: the 717. Further to that, they've continued to listen to the community and have implemented more fixes, changes and additions to their jet. The latest update in the 'Community Beta' program brings the version up to, which has been described as "the most
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FSElite First Look on TFDi Design’s True Glass

TFDI Design TrueGlass
Aus Flight Simmer took some time to have a look at the recently released TFDi Design True Glass feature. If you don't know, True Glass is a modular add-on which will enable aircraft to have a fully immersive windshield effect. This means that weather will impact your ability to look outside. Currently the technology is available for the TFDi Design
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TFDi 717 Community Update Released


Today the TFDi team has released a Community Update for their 717. It’s available by opening your Addon Manager. You’ll get a notification once you do that and then just follow the on screen procedure. If you don’t get an update notification then you have to join the Community Beta on their site.

The amount of things updated for this aircraft is just massive. Several updates in the cockpit on the ND and other flight deck updates. G forces and the weather radar is brought up to date to work better with Active Sky.

Make sure you’ll get this update because you can’t fly without such a big and massive update available.

For more about this specific update go TFDi’s forum.

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TFDi Designs Update 717 to Version

TFDi Designs have worked tirelessly over the past 6 months to update and bring their rendition of the 717 up to the community's standards. Since the release of the Boeing aircraft back in December 2016, TFDi have released numerous bug-fixing updates, entrusted the community to test new features and provided regular updates on their progress. It has been a challenging
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TFDi Designs Update 717 to Version

TFDi 717 1140×600
Developer Month: Interview with TFDi Designs TFDi Design 717: The FSElite Review Yesterday, TFDi Designs updated their community beta for users to try out the impressive update. We revealed details of the update in a previous post, but just to jog your memory, here's some of the key details: Additional functionality to FMS SPD button Additional functionality to INIT
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TFDi Designs Preview 717 Update – FPLN and PROG pages

Over on the TFDi Design forums, Colin has previewed some of the highly awaited updates for their continuously improving 717 aircraft. This time, he showed off some new images of the 717 FMS and in particular, the FPLN and PROG pages. The images below show before throttle advancement. And these show after throttle advancement! The update itself is getting "much
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What’s next for the TFDI Design 717?

TFDi Design has posted a blog post detailing some upcoming new features for the next update to the 717. It looks like the next update will not only improve some of the existing bugs, but add some much needed new features as well! TFDi is hard at work on the MDCU features, adding in the MCDU REF system, which allows
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