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TFDi Designs Update 717 to Version

TFDi Designs have worked tirelessly over the past 6 months to update and bring their rendition of the 717 up to the community’s standards. Since the release of the Boeing aircraft back in December 2016, TFDi have released numerous bug-fixing updates, entrusted the community to test new features and provided regular updates on their progress. It has been a challenging road for the team. With the release of version, the aircraft has received a huge number of fixes and additions, vastly improved from the original release.

The number of changes is absolutely massive, with things like T/D information, added additional functionality to the FMS, added several alerts, CO ROUTE support, support for place.bearing/distance waypoints and so much more added or changed.

Further to this, the team addressed questions such as “where is the paint kit” and “what about Prepar3D V4 support”? Both of these are described as “short term goals”, with finishing touches being added to both elements before being made public. The modelling of the exterior aircraft is being put through the final touches and a few other CTD scenarios are being fixed before the final push is made.

Once everything is complete, there will still be ongoing updates, but some of their time will be focused on future projects. What those projects are, well, we’ll find out in due time.

They also wanted to drop a quick line to say if you’ll be attending FlightSimCon (June 10th and 11th), to stop by booths 207 and 208. We’ll be there as well so we’ll be sure to get the best information.

TFDi Designs Update 717 to Version

Developer Month: Interview with TFDi Designs

TFDi Design 717: The FSElite Review

Yesterday, TFDi Designs updated their community beta for users to try out the impressive update. We revealed details of the update in a previous post, but just to jog your memory, here’s some of the key details:

  • [ADDED] Additional functionality to FMS SPD button
  • [ADDED] Additional functionality to INIT page
  • [ADDED] EBOF functionality
  • [ADDED] Option to accelerate mouse scrolling for various knobs
  • [ADDED] Chocks and cones
  • [FIXED] Missing approach transitions under some conditions
  • [CHANGED] Improved magenta line tracking
  • [CHANGED] Improved DRAG messages on MCDU

Today, TFDi Designs have updated even further and released version to the community beta for people to continue enjoying updates to the already impressive aircraft. Some of the updates include distance to top of descent, fixes to bank angle warnings and also the TCAS fail display logic. The full list provided by TFDi Designs is below.

  • [ADDED] Function to force a persistence save to the MAINT page for debugging
  • [ADDED] DIST to T/D to CRUISE PERF page
  • [ADDED] RETURN functionality to the MENU page
  • [FIXED] “BANK ANGLE” warning at very low altitudes
  • [FIXED] T/C or T/D disappearing under some conditions
  • [FIXED] Cruise level and cost index not resetting when the flight plan resets
  • [FIXED] Derates being reset when switching between thrust limit modes automatically
  • [FIXED] “TCAS FAIL” display logic
  • [FIXED] Some weight inputs/displays not honoring the weight unit setting
  • [FIXED] Scroll acceleration requiring too much to initiate
  • [FIXED] Missing EXTRA= display on VERT REV page
  • [FIXED] B not resetting standby altimeter

To get the new update, ensure you’re part of the community beta and download the update. Simple. If you’re unsure how to participate, head over to the TFDi Design blog for information.

TFDi Designs Preview 717 Update – FPLN and PROG pages

Over on the TFDi Design forums, Colin has previewed some of the highly awaited updates for their continuously improving 717 aircraft.

This time, he showed off some new images of the 717 FMS and in particular, the FPLN and PROG pages.

The images below show before throttle advancement.

And these show after throttle advancement!

The update itself is getting “much closer” and we are excited to see the improvements and hopefully addresses some of the challenges we faced in our review.

Internally the team have started testing to ensure when it’s pushes out as a community beta, the bugs will be minimal.

What’s next for the TFDI Design 717?

TFDi Design has posted a blog post detailing some upcoming new features for the next update to the 717. It looks like the next update will not only improve some of the existing bugs, but add some much needed new features as well!

TFDi is hard at work on the MDCU features, adding in the MCDU REF system, which allows for place/bearing/distance pilot created waypoints. In addition they’re adding the MCDU Annunciators. In the release they added 2d pop out screens and are fixing some issues with those as well as optimizing them. VMIN, which is a topic I’ve talked about with this aircraft, is getting an update in the way it is calculated and should be much more accurate. The autothrust system should fly much closer to VMIN without freaking out.

They’re also reworking some of the materials on the aircraft exterior. Repaints will now be able to support 4096 textures in the future and will look much more crisp. It will be awesome when the work is finished and paint kit is released to see what cool creations the community does for this bird.

I’m very happy to see so many positive updates from the TFDi team. The 717 is really shaping up now! All of the details, including some video snippets and screenshots, can be found in the blog post.


TFDi announce Community Beta

A lot of news over from the guys at TFDi design on their recently released Boeing 717. In a post on their blog they announce that they are working on a new update for this product. This update, named, will bring introduce many requested features such as pop-up 2D displays and panels and the ability to hide the yoke. This update will also bring new tools with it that TFDi will use to analyse some of the edge-cases and issues that people have been reporting. It is yet unknown when this update will go live.

Wanna get access to this update already though? TFDi also announced to be working with a new way of distribution that just so happens to allow you to! Their Community Opt-In Beta project has gone live and will allow you to download Keep in mind that this is a beta and everything is subject to change. This will allow TFDi to work on perfecting the next update for everyone while being able to get some test-results directly from you.

Interested in the TFDi Boeing 717 and want to know more? Recently we took our time to make a great review on it which you can read here. Or head over to our YouTube to check out our video on it!

TFDi Design 717: The FSElite Review



The TFDi Design 717 has been one of the most highly anticipated addons for FSX and P3D for a couple of years now. It has seemed as if there may be a new kid on the block ready to bring us high fidelity aircraft simulations. The TFDi 717 has had its fair amount of hype, and after releasing on December 22 for $59.99 USD, it seemed as if everybody had this addon as quickly as the overloaded servers would allow.

TFDi said earlier in the year that 2016 would be “the year of the 717”. They did what most developers don’t by giving a release date. It seemed as if this added to the excitement of the 717. Developing anything is often a fluid process that can take two steps forward and one step back. As such, developers don’t like giving release dates because it puts them in a situation where they have to either release a product that isn’t finished, or deal with the angry customers. TFDi stayed true to their word by releasing the 717 in 2016, but does it hold up to the hype though?

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TFDi Update 717 to Version 1.0.5

Quick one for you if you already didn’t know. TFDi Design’s have updated their 717 with updates including fixing incorrect VAPP/VREF speeds, takeoff trim and some issues with the magenta line drawing.  This comes after what Josh said from the TFDi Design Team. Full update below, but you can grab it from the manager now.

FSElite will have a full review soon!

  • [ADDED] Database version indication to MCDU
  • [FIXED] Crash when selecting certain SIDs/STARs/ILSs
  • [FIXED] Autothrottle fighting pilot deceleration
  • [FIXED] Incorrect VAPP/VREF speeds
  • [FIXED] Acceleration and climb thrust altitude resetting during climb
  • [FIXED] Crash when reselecting a STAR (or SID) after beginning to fly it
  • [FIXED] Range not setting to 10NM when TCAS mode was selected on the ND
  • [FIXED] TCAS mode inner range ring displaying incorrectly
  • [FIXED] Takeoff trim being improperly calculated
  • [FIXED] One scenario that could cause strange magenta line drawing
  • [FIXED] One scenario that could cause out of range speed predictions in the MCDU


TFDi Design Inform What Will be in their Latest Update for 717

TFDi have been working really hard on ensuring that their recently released 717 is up to the standards many expect from a payware aircraft these days. The team have worked tirelessly since release to update so many users have a good experience with the aircraft.

Since then the team have continued to work through the New Year to provide further updates to the aeroplane.

Josh from TFDi Designs have informed the community that the following issues will be looked at in the next update (which we assume will be soon):

  • Resolving more CTDs (Improved Stability)
  • Improving magenta line performance
  • Improving FMS Speed
  • TO ATS Stability Improvements

We’ll have a review soon.

Pac Sim Salt Lake City Enters Beta

The developers at Pac Sim have announced that their Salt Lake City (KSLC) scenery will be entering beta later this week, by showing off their “final” dev pics on FaceBook.

The scenery is expected to have the usual range of custom night lighting, vegetation and volumetric grass, season textures, SODE jetways (T and full animation types), airside ground equipment (tugs, trucks containers, etc). But most unique is the inclusion of the surrounding area and suburban region around Salt Lake!

Head over to the PacSim FaceBook page to check out the full gamut of images.

(Is anyone else as excited for TFDi Delta 717 flights out of SLC as I am?)

TFDi Designs Release their 717

For a developer new to the aeroplane scene, who set a release date target of 2016, they’ve not only kept to their word, but also delivered on creating an immersive 717 experience for Flight Simmers.

TFDi Designs have spent several years developing this classic bird to really give Simmers a new lease of life. With all the automation of today’s aircraft, it’s great to see someone bring something a bit different and a bit more challenging to your A-B flying.

We have been excited for the TFDi Design 717 for ages now, and we’re pleased to announce its finally out for the cost of $59.99, which will cover FSX, FSX:SE and Prepar3d versions 2 AND 3. It’s great to see an aircraft developer have 1 cost for 1 aircraft across multiple platforms – a win for the community.

The aircraft is detailed in every aspect. With high resolution textures for both the exterior and interior, no detailed has been spared. Inside the real-world cockpit comes a full display system, along with terrain radar and more impressively, a fully working weather radar. It’s been tested to ensure that real world 717 aerodynamics are at play here, along with correct flaps, control services and much more.

I believe the biggest selling point of the TFDi 717 is the amazing “aircraft sharing” technology, which according to TFDi, will allow 7 (SEVEN!) users to fly the aircraft online at the same time. Not only that but the transition from pilot flying to pilot monitoring is seamless and even if your Sim crashed, the fun wont as you will be able to bring both of you back to the cockpit at the same point within minutes.

There’s so much to the product just from the spec list below, so make sure you check it out.

You can buy it now from TFDi Design’s website for $59.99.

You can win a copy thanks to our Christmas Giveaway!

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