FSFX Packages / OldProp Release 717 Immersion Package


During this morning’s conference at Flight Sim 2018, OldProp (formally known as FSFX Packages) has announced the release of the 717 Immersion Pack.

Taking advantage of the brand new Immersion Manager, the 717 Immersion Package comes with a range of new effects for the TFDi Design 717. Water droplets from the wings, tail and fuselage, volumetric lighting and a range of water and condensation effects can all be seen on the aircraft in detail. Furthermore, the new effects can be adjusted on-the-fly to your liking and previewed beforehand. Otherwise, the right effects will appear in the right atmospheric or weather condition.

You can buy the product now for $29.00USD via the OldProp website.

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TFDi Design – Summer of Fun and #FreshPaintFriday

Tfdi Blue 1
Since TFDi Design released their long-anticipated 717 version 1.1 update, the response has been very positive. I've seen plenty of Facebook and forum groups flood the respective places with new shots of their 717 aircraft. To further celebrate the release, TFDi Design has announced a couple of cool community engagement pieces to continue sharing the 717 love. Before you read
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TFDi Design 717 V1.1 Released

Just 2 days ago, we reported on TFDi Design pushing the first release candidate of v1.1 of their 717 to their Community Opt-In Beta program. Today, 7/17 at 7:17 EST, TFDi made version 1.1 live, brining the aircraft out of open beta and signifying beginning of the end of full time, active development on the 717! Users who have been
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TFDi Design 717 v1.0.9.99 Released

2018 7 15 16 27 22 516
TFDi Design has pushed out version via the community opt-in beta. This is the "test" bed for the upcoming release of version 1.1, which is due in just a couple of days. Bringing an overhauled external model and a minor bug fix in preparation for 717 day on Tuesday and the release of version 1.1. The main change of
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TFDi Design 717 Approaching Version 1.1

717 Wingnacl

For the past year, TFDi Designs have been pushing themselves to create an incredible product that the whole community will enjoy. When their 717 product released, it had the makings to be a great aircraft, but there were some flaws that stopped it from being so. However, listening the insurmountable amount of feedback, the team have pushed more and more updates via their Community Opt-In Beta system. This tool enabled people to truly try out new features and fixes with the caveat that it’s not fully stable. With this in mind, Collin from the team gave an update regarding the next stable version: 1.1.

When the next version of the TFDi Design 717 is released, it will feature everything that the Community Opt-In beta version contains as well as a host of new features. This includes a brand new exterior texture overhaul and a paint kit, as well as new cabin lighting and WING/NACL lights in P3Dv4. The team will also supply a brand new re-written documentation guide detailing all the systems and an FMS guide.

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TFDi Design Community Beta Update – Available

Prepar3D V4 True Glass Is Here TFDI Design 717 200
TFDi Designs has been busy integrating their new TrueGlass and Real Light technology into their flagship aircraft: the 717. Further to that, they've continued to listen to the community and have implemented more fixes, changes and additions to their jet. The latest update in the 'Community Beta' program brings the version up to, which has been described as "the most
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FSElite First Look on TFDi Design’s True Glass

TFDI Design TrueGlass
Aus Flight Simmer took some time to have a look at the recently released TFDi Design True Glass feature. If you don't know, True Glass is a modular add-on which will enable aircraft to have a fully immersive windshield effect. This means that weather will impact your ability to look outside. Currently the technology is available for the TFDi Design
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TFDi 717 Community Update Released

Today the TFDi team has released a Community Update for their 717. It's available by opening your Addon Manager. You'll get a notification once you do that and then just follow the on screen procedure. If you don't get an update notification then you have to join the Community Beta on their site. The amount of things updated for this aircraft
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