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Prepar3D V4 – What We Know From Developers – Part 2

Bumped to the front page again. Updated on June 3rd 2017.

With the announcement of Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D V4, we are committed to ensuring you’re kept up to date with what flight sim developers are going to do with the new simulator. P3D V4 brings a huge change in core coding and as a result, many developers will need to ensure their products are correctly ported over.

You can read Part One here. Covered in part one are:

  • TFDi Deisgns
  • FSDreamTeam
  • A2A Simulations
  • FlyTampa
  • PMDG
  • TOGA Projects
  • FlightBeam Studios
  • 29Palms
  • LatinVFR
  • REX
  • Turbulent Designs
  • Orbx
  • Aerosoft
  • Hi-Fi Simulations
  • Milviz
  • FS2Crew
  • Black Box Simulations
  • PILOT’S!
  • FSLabs
  • JustFlight
  • Dreamflight Studios
  • iBlueYonder
  • UK2000
  • Majestic
  • CaptinSim
  • ImagineSim
  • FSFlightControl



For some reason, some people were worried that Pete wouldn’t be making FSUIPC for Prepar3D version 4. Well the man himself has now confirmed that we will see FSUIPC. However, it will be a new version making it FSUIPC5. Fair enough if you ask us considering he’s been offering free updates for many years now. He says the weather stuff will be taken out and some other facilities may not work yet.

Won’t be released day 1, but hopefully not long after.

LH Simulations

The team behind Budapest (LHBP) was created in a 32-bit environment so is not currently compatible for P3D V4. However, the team have said they will be upgrading the product as soon as they can. Right now, there isn’t a release schedule for an update, or any details on pricing. Keep Reading

Active Sky for P3Dv4 Open Beta Now Available

As promised, HiFi Simulations have released the open beta for their Active Sky series for Prepar3D V4. Known as ASP4, it’s been in testing via a private testing team for some time, but now anyone who owns a AS16 P3D license can now participate. You just need to use the same license key to install and use ASP4. If you don’t own one, then we highly recommend buying it!

As this is still a beta, there are some known issues and the team request you don’t report them numerous times.  These known issues are:

  • Real-Time Sky texture dynamics are disabled.  We expect to enable Sky Texture dynamics within the next couple builds.  While dynamics are disable, ASCA sky textures can only be changed by Activating via ASCA and then restarting the simulator.

  • Navigraph data updater has not been updated yet with ASP4 definitions.  We expect a new updater from Navigraph to be available soon which includes ASP4.

As the beta continues, more builds will improve the experience. The team asks that you head over forums to report any bugs to them to help ensure the transition is nice and smooth. to the and the full “official” release will hopefully be in the next couple of weeks.

As ASP4 is a seperate product to AS16, you can run both side by side for use in other simulator environments.

Now how do I download?

Active Sky for P3Dv4 BETA Full Install:

USA Mirror:

Europe Mirror:

Make sure that you uninstall any previous versions when updating any new beta versions.  



ASCA SP2 Update BETA (required for ASCA+ASP4+P3Dv4 use – installs over the top)

USA Mirror:

Europe Mirror:

FSDreamTeam – Huge Update – P3DV4, GSX 2.0 and More

With all this excitement over the announcement of Prepar3D version 4, we need to remember that developers also have products of their own with announcements. We’ve detailed the smaller updates from other developers in this post, but FSDreamTeam deserved their own post as they have lots of details to share about their upcoming products and code base.

Firstly, they wanted to reiterate that their products will be updated free of charge. So even products like their Las Vegas which started out as a FS9 project, will be updated to 64-bit code absolutely free. With all of their products using Addon Manager, the team had to port the code over to 64-bit architecture to ensure it worked. As part of this, the team also worked on fixing problems and improving things based on feedback.

The team have now committed to a single FSDT folder installation. So regardless of number of sims installed on your PC, FSDT products will install outside of the sim and install straight away. Also part of this is the new way add-ons will be configured with P3D v3 and V4.

If you remember from P3Dv3, scenery config files were private for scenery, textures, simobjects etc. This meant that if you had to uninstall or reinstall the sim, then you wouldn’t lose any of the previously installed scenery. Of course, if you already have everything set up nicely, FSDT aren’t forcing you to change anything as the old installers will still work. Keep Reading

Prepar3D V4, What We Know from Developers

A number of developers are now coming out with their plans for P3D V4. Please note that this post will be a continually updated post as and when more developer news is provided.

You can read PART TWO HERE

TFDi Design 

The team over at TFDi design announced on their forum that their 717 will not be available with P3D V4 immediatley. They are currently working on finalising their 717 version Hopefully we can expect this aircraft to come to P3D V4 not too long after it’s release.


FSDreamTeam have been showing off some great videos of P3D V4 over on YouTube. This includes a video showing off the new snow particles at their upcoming Charlotte scenery.  This is one of two videos which also includes a video of them flying around the scenery in the default F35. This is a good video that shows off not only their Charlotte scenery once again, but also showing the new levels of LOD radius that can be set within this new sim.

Keep Reading