Aerosoft CRJ 550/700 for Microsoft Flight Simulator Available

Aerosoft has released their CRJ 550/700 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The long-awaited airliner is the first complex third-party airliner released for the brand new simulator and comes packed with features that extend beyond anything included by default.

The aircraft comes with a comprehensive suite of modelling features that take advantage of the all-new technology found in the new simulator. The extensive 3D modelling is covered with high-resolution PBR texturing, whilst also featuring fluid and smooth animations for gear, flaps and doors. The cockpit has also been developed to a high level of detail with realistic materials and other texture effects to add a new level of immersion. This level of detail also extends to the sound engine, which features a full suite of sounds using the latest Wwise technology.

Aerosoft has taken full advantage of the new modern Flight Simulator aerodynamic model for more realistic behaviour of the CRJ in all flying conditions and is reactive to published specs of the plane. In terms of systems, the aircraft comes with a detailed Flight management System and is paired with Honeywell ProLine Avionics including Advisory and Coupled Vertical Navigation. The built-in EFB gives you detailed performance calculations based on the actual weight and balance of the aircraft, the ability to transfer weight, fuel and V-speeds directly into the FMS and also run through checklists for all flight situations.

Included in the package is both the CRJ 550 and the bigger CRJ 700 and comes with a total of 9 liveries preinstalled for your flying needs. These liveries include United Express, Air France Hop, ADelta Connection and American Eagle. You will be able to configure controls to

You can buy the Aerosoft CRJ 550/700 for Microsoft Flight Simulator now from Aerosoft for €42.00 (plus any local VAT). It is also available now through the Microsoft Marketplace via the simualtor.

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