29Palms Announces Mykonos Airport for MSFS

29palms Mykonos Msfs (1)

29Palms will be returning to Greece for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developer has confirmed that they will be bringing Mykonos Airport (LGMK) to the new simulator, along with providing a few new screenshots of the current progress. The airport itself is sat on the island of the same name and typically sees a huge range of seasonal traffic visit the island. Airlines such as Aegean Airlines, easyJet and Volotea visit on a regular basis from all across Europe.

The airport itself sits near the coast of the island and has a runway just over 6,200ft in length. This means that your take-off and landings need to be well prepared and planned, especially in warmer months when travelling longer distances where runway is at a premium.

Very few details were shared with the product announcement, but it is confirmed that Emmanuel Stefanakis (lead developer of Chania) will be co-developing with 29Palms.

As we learn more, we’ll let you know.
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29Palms Scenery Design Skiathos 1.53 Update

Lgsk Skiathos
29Palms Scenery Design has released an update for their popular Skiathos (LGSK) airport. The update comes with a few changes, such as a change of the runway numbers, texture changes and an updated airport layout. The update is available right now through the 29Palms Scenery Configurator and is available for both Prepar3D v4 and Prepar3D v5. Changelog Runway designators changed
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Captain7 Nuremberg Development Update

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Over on Facebook, Captain7 gave a development status regarding a few ongoing projects, including Nuremberg for X-Plane. Let's take a look at all the updates shared in the post.   Nuremberg (X-Plane) This scenery was released from Prepar3D back in 2018, and was very highly rated by us. Captain7 has been working on an X-Plane version for this popular scenery,
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Captain7 & 29Palms Share Renders of Hannover-Langenhagen (EDDV)

Captain7 29palms Hannover Langenhagen (EDDV) (1)
After winning our Community Choice Awards for their excellent Nuremberg (EDDN), the teams are back all-hands-on-deck producing their recently announced Hannover-Langenhagen (EDDV) Airport. On Facebook, the team wanted to give a brief overview of the current status with a couple of renders of the airport. Although all in German, when translated (roughly), the team wanted to let the community know that
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29Palms Update Twentynine Palms Airport

29palms Twentynine Palms Update (1)
Scenery developer 29Palms has updated their version of Twentynine Palms Airport to version 1.17. Although a relatively old product for the developer, the new update brings in additional features including new animated people and static aircraft. There were also some improvements with compatibility with various terrain mesh which is available for simmers to enjoy. To get the update, you can
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29Palms Releases v1.11 Update For Nuremberg (EDDN)

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Developer, 29Palms Scenery Design has announced a v1.11 update to their popular Nuremberg (EDDN) scenery over on their Facebook page.

In the developer’s best effort to keep this rendition for our simulators as close to it’s real-world counterpart as possible, they’ve made a few changes to reflect it such as the addition of the new fire simulation facility left of runway 28 and a parking position change. You can view the full changelog below.

If you don’t already own it, you can grab a hold of Nuremberg over at simMarket for a price of €20.97 (Excl. VAT). This scenery is only compatible with Prepar3D v4.

If you already own this add-on, you can grab a hold of the v1.11 update through the scenery configurator.

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29Palms & Captain7 Nuremberg: The FSElite Review

Review Nuremberg
Nuremberg Airport by developer 29Palms and Captain7 may well be one of the best sceneries in my library. Thoughtfully laid out and with a clear attention to detail, 29Palms and Captain7 have captured the essence of this cozy Bavarian airport. Nuremberg International Airport (EDDN) is located in the heart of Bavaria, and is the second-busiest airport next to Munich Airport
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[UPDATE] 29Palms Nuremberg Released

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After great anticipation, 29Palms and Captain7 have released their long-awaited Nuremberg scenery. Available for P3D v4 only, this product takes advantage of the 64bit platform and has had some incredible results with what looks to be an excellent scenery. Available for a price of €20.97 (excl tax), this product can soon be purchased from 29Palm's website. Nuremberg will also be available to
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[UPDATE: Winners Announced] FSElite Giveaway: 29Palms Nuremburg (EDDN)

Nuremberg Giveaway
WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Thank you to everyone who took part in our giveaway. As always, a massive thanks to the guys at 29Palms for giving us the chance to give away a couple of copies. We have two winners! Congratulations to Stefan F who won the random selection from the AviationLads Facebook page and also congratulations to Mark Oxley who won our comment section
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