Check out Parallel 42’s New Store

12 months ago

This new store has been designed to ensure that customers can easily find the latest Parallel 42 products and also ensure they are buying products that are compatible with their simulator and interests.

Check out Parallel 42's New Store

You will also find the latest news from the team hosted on the platform, along with the ability to download product updates and get product support.

When we asked Edson about why the addition of their own store after using OrbxDirect for so long, here’s what he had to say:

“It’s about quality control really. Selling directly to consumers allows us to provide customers with service levels equal to or better than our preferred distributor, Orbx, and significantly better than Microsoft. Built on the rock-solid Shopify platform, we’ve crafted a frictionless, elegant experience, a million ways to pay at checkout, including Paypal, and proper multi-currency support so you don’t have to pull out a calculator when viewing a price.

“Lots of custom work went into creating this portal, but the user experience continues beyond checkout; accessing your download is instant after payment, and updates are without delay.

Other benefits? Well, there’s the obvious one, you’re showing us more love and support by buying direct!”



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