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BRsimDesigns Releases E121A1-Xingu II for MSFS

BRsimDesigns has released its E121A1-Xingu II for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

From their product page:

The EMB121A1-Xingu is a twin-turboprop fixed-wing aircraft built by the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer, Embraer. The design is based on the EMB 110 Bandeirante, using its wing and engine design merged with an all-new fuselage.

SIMMARKET Product Page

You can buy the E121A1-Xingu II for Microsoft Flight Simulator from SIMMARKET for €18.00.


– 8 Liveries (Including two Brazilian Air Force and two French Air Force liveries)
– Detailed external model
– Detailed cockpit model
– Detailed 3D instruments
– Detailed 4K and 8K textures
– Detailed passenger cabin

– KAP140 Autopilot
– GSN530 GPS (Working Title GSN530 necessary)
– PMS50 GTN750 (Externally Integrated)
– Custom NAV/COM/DME/ADF/Transponder panels
– Weather Radar (limited by API)

Warning System:
– Custom integrated warning system

Anti-Stall system:
– Stick Shaker
– C.A.A (AOA Control System)

– Custom coded AC system (With auto and manual control)
– Custom coded pressurization system (With ventilation and pressurization mode)

– Controls: Chocks, GPU, doors, weight and fuel

– MSFS checklist menu
– EFB checklist page
– PDF checklist

MSFS Effects:
– MSFS icing effects
– MSFS particle effects

Customizations (Controlled by EFB):
– Airplane Registration (With the exception of Air Force liveries)
– 2 glareshield options (New and Old)
– 2 panel color options (Blue and Beige)
– Fuel Panel Indicator (Magnetic indicator or Lights)
– Shades for the cockpit side windows
– Baggage objects shown according to the loaded baggage weight
–  WT GNS530 and PMS50 GTN750
– Save and autoload system for customizable options

– Custom cockpit flood light
– Custom passenger cabin light
– Custom glareshield light
– Custom and individual spot lights for every instrument
– Custom landing, taxi, nav, beacon and inspection light

Custom Sounds:
– Knobs
– Switches
– Warning
– Autopilot
– Stick Shaker
– Oxygen Test
– Fuel Pumps
– Engine Ignition

– This add-on is not study level. However, normal operations are simulated.
– It is recommended to start the airplane in Cold And Dark state.
– It is recommended to load fuel and weight using the EFB.
– Not tested for Virtual Reality (VR)

Cartayna Files GSX Pack 5 Released

1 year ago

Developer Cartayna Files has released its fifth GSX pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It covers a bunch of airports and adds realistic profiles to the following:

  1. CYHZ: FSim Studios.
  2. EDFH: RF Scenery Building.
  3. EGKK: Origami.
  4. EINN: MK Studios.
  5. KAUS: Dominic Design Team.
  6. KPHL: MK Studios.
  7. KSAN: Latin VFR.
  8. LFRS: Jet Stream.
  9. LICJ: Jet Stream.
  10. TJSJ: Latin VFR.

You can buy it from OrbxDirect or SIMMARKET for around 10 Euros.

Novawing24 Releases 1435 Flight Typhoon Livery Pack for the CJ Simulations Typhoon

1 year ago

From Novawing24’s Facebook page.

1435 Flight Royal Air Force is tasked with defending the Falkland Islands from Air and Maritime threats.

1435 Flight Typhoon Livery Pack for the CJ Simulations Typhoon in Microsoft Flight Simulator now available on my Gumroad!

This pack includes all four Typhoon FGR.4’s stationed at Mount Pleasant.

It is technically freeware, but you can donate to say thanks to Novawing24 for the package via their Gumroad account.

TSS B767-200 GE-CF6-80A Pilot Edition Released for P3D/FSX

1 year ago

Turbine Sound Studios has released a new sound pack for the 767 on P3D/FSX.

You can pick it up from SIMMARKET for €19.30.


  • All new recordings.
  • All new editing methods with matched engine pitch values.
  • External engine sounds.
  • Dynamic style distance sounds up to 2km+.
  • Internal engine sounds.
  • New layered wind sounds.
  • And much more.

Gorna Oryahovitsa Airport Now on FlightSim.to

1 year ago

Developed by BG Virtual Simulation Studio, Gorna Oryahovitsa Airport (LBGO) is now available to purchase over on FlightSim.to.

Airport Features:

  • Detailed modelled tower, terminals and surrounding buildings.
  • Highly accurate PBR textures on buildings. 
  • Realistic apron and runway texturing.
  • Realistic night atmosphere.
  • GSX Profile very soon.

You can buy it now for £11.95.

New Product on Contrail

1 year ago

SamScene3D Bangkok Mega City is now available on the Contrail store.


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