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What is Streams? Brief and quick fire news from across the flight simulation community.

Check out Parallel 42’s New Store

This new store has been designed to ensure that customers can easily find the latest Parallel 42 products and also ensure they are buying products that are compatible with their simulator and interests.


You will also find the latest news from the team hosted on the platform, along with the ability to download product updates and get product support.

When we asked Edson about why the addition of their own store after using OrbxDirect for so long, here’s what he had to say:

“It’s about quality control really. Selling directly to consumers allows us to provide customers with service levels equal to or better than our preferred distributor, Orbx, and significantly better than Microsoft. Built on the rock-solid Shopify platform, we’ve crafted a frictionless, elegant experience, a million ways to pay at checkout, including Paypal, and proper multi-currency support so you don’t have to pull out a calculator when viewing a price.

“Lots of custom work went into creating this portal, but the user experience continues beyond checkout; accessing your download is instant after payment, and updates are without delay.

Other benefits? Well, there’s the obvious one, you’re showing us more love and support by buying direct!”

iniBuilds Announces May Mayhem

1 year ago

From May 24th until May 29th 2023, iniBuilds are hosting their May Mayhem event. During the period of time, they will have six daily deals with some crazy savings. If it’s anything like their deals last time, there will be some bargains to be had. Each deal will be added at 3pm and will last for 23 hours and 59 minutes (don’t want you to get caught out if you leave it until the very last minute).

Welcome to the iniBuilds May Mayhem event! Bringing you six daily deals with crazy savings! Starting on the 24th May & running until the 29th of May. Be sure to check in everyday at 3pm UK for new deals!

In an email sent to us, the team said that “we’ve got some exciting [deals] in store,” so be sure to keep your eyes peeled on their May Mayhem page to stay updated.

The first deal is due to go live in a couple of days and you can see timers for each of the daily deals over at iniBuilds.

BRsimDesigns Releases E121A1-Xingu II for MSFS

1 year ago

BRsimDesigns has released its E121A1-Xingu II for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

From their product page:

The EMB121A1-Xingu is a twin-turboprop fixed-wing aircraft built by the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer, Embraer. The design is based on the EMB 110 Bandeirante, using its wing and engine design merged with an all-new fuselage.

SIMMARKET Product Page

You can buy the E121A1-Xingu II for Microsoft Flight Simulator from SIMMARKET for €18.00.


– 8 Liveries (Including two Brazilian Air Force and two French Air Force liveries)
– Detailed external model
– Detailed cockpit model
– Detailed 3D instruments
– Detailed 4K and 8K textures
– Detailed passenger cabin

– KAP140 Autopilot
– GSN530 GPS (Working Title GSN530 necessary)
– PMS50 GTN750 (Externally Integrated)
– Custom NAV/COM/DME/ADF/Transponder panels
– Weather Radar (limited by API)

Warning System:
– Custom integrated warning system

Anti-Stall system:
– Stick Shaker
– C.A.A (AOA Control System)

– Custom coded AC system (With auto and manual control)
– Custom coded pressurization system (With ventilation and pressurization mode)

– Controls: Chocks, GPU, doors, weight and fuel

– MSFS checklist menu
– EFB checklist page
– PDF checklist

MSFS Effects:
– MSFS icing effects
– MSFS particle effects

Customizations (Controlled by EFB):
– Airplane Registration (With the exception of Air Force liveries)
– 2 glareshield options (New and Old)
– 2 panel color options (Blue and Beige)
– Fuel Panel Indicator (Magnetic indicator or Lights)
– Shades for the cockpit side windows
– Baggage objects shown according to the loaded baggage weight
–  WT GNS530 and PMS50 GTN750
– Save and autoload system for customizable options

– Custom cockpit flood light
– Custom passenger cabin light
– Custom glareshield light
– Custom and individual spot lights for every instrument
– Custom landing, taxi, nav, beacon and inspection light

Custom Sounds:
– Knobs
– Switches
– Warning
– Autopilot
– Stick Shaker
– Oxygen Test
– Fuel Pumps
– Engine Ignition

– This add-on is not study level. However, normal operations are simulated.
– It is recommended to start the airplane in Cold And Dark state.
– It is recommended to load fuel and weight using the EFB.
– Not tested for Virtual Reality (VR)

Cartayna Files GSX Pack 5 Released

1 year ago

Developer Cartayna Files has released its fifth GSX pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It covers a bunch of airports and adds realistic profiles to the following:

  1. CYHZ: FSim Studios.
  2. EDFH: RF Scenery Building.
  3. EGKK: Origami.
  4. EINN: MK Studios.
  5. KAUS: Dominic Design Team.
  6. KPHL: MK Studios.
  7. KSAN: Latin VFR.
  8. LFRS: Jet Stream.
  9. LICJ: Jet Stream.
  10. TJSJ: Latin VFR.

You can buy it from OrbxDirect or SIMMARKET for around 10 Euros.

Just Flight Adds X-Plane 12 Compatibility to three New Aircraft

1 year ago

Just Flight has announced that three of their aircraft from X-Plane 11 have been updated for full compatibility with X-Plane 12.

The aircraft which have been updated are: PA-28-181 Archer TX/LXPA-28-181 Archer III and Duchess Model 76.

If you didn’t know, the TB-10 Tobago & TB-20 TrinidadRobin DR400 and C152 were all updated for X-Plane 12.

Just Flight are continuing to update their fleet to be compatibility with X-Plane 12.

SoFly Explore UK Pack 1 Now Available

1 year ago

A new product from SoFly has launched allowing simmers to discover new UK cities.

The pack includes fully-voiced audio tours for the following UK Cities:

  • Bristol
  • Brighton
  • Eastbourne
  • London
  • Portsmouth
  • Southampton

Immerse yourself in the excitement of flight as you explore the vibrant streets and stunning landscapes of London, Brighton, Bristol, Eastbourne, Portsmouth and Southampton. As you fly over each city, you’ll receive audio descriptions of famous landmarks, giving you unique insights into their history and significance.

Each discovery city within Explore: UK features authentic audio descriptions of 20 landmarks, points of interest or significant locations. In total, you will learn facts about 120 of the UK’s most cultural and exciting places. Combine Explore: UK with the free United Kingdom World Update to get up-to-date imagery, landmarks and accurate placements.

You can buy it from SoFly or from OrbxDirect for £5.99 / $11.95AUD.

Coming soon to the in-sim Market place for PC and Xbox.

REX Streaming ‘State of the Simulator’ on May 25th

1 year ago

Join the REX community to discuss the current and future state of flight simulation on Thursday, May 25th at 8PM ET.


To join the event, click the link below:

Source: Facebook

Novawing24 Releases 1435 Flight Typhoon Livery Pack for the CJ Simulations Typhoon

1 year ago

From Novawing24’s Facebook page.

1435 Flight Royal Air Force is tasked with defending the Falkland Islands from Air and Maritime threats.

1435 Flight Typhoon Livery Pack for the CJ Simulations Typhoon in Microsoft Flight Simulator now available on my Gumroad!

This pack includes all four Typhoon FGR.4’s stationed at Mount Pleasant.

It is technically freeware, but you can donate to say thanks to Novawing24 for the package via their Gumroad account.

Nemeth Designs Development Group Updates Aerolite 103

1 year ago

A new update for the Nemeth Designs’ Aerolite 103 has been released.

The ADF system was replaced with a glider NavSat system, flight state configuration settings were added, several model and level of detail tweaks were implemented.


Microsoft Flight Simulator Shares New Community Spotlight on JoeyBolo77

1 year ago

Over on the official Microsoft Flight Simulator website, the team has shared a new Community Spotlight on community member JoeyBolo77.

The interview is in celebration of Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month and goes into a bit more detail in how he got involved with flight simulation and his experience on Twitch. You can read the full interview on FlightSimulator.com.


How long have you been playing the Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise? What was the first version you played?

I’ve loved flight simulators since elementary school. I remember booting up Flight Simulator 95 at the school computer lab whenever the class had the chance to go in. We didn’t have joysticks or controllers but that was time well spent for me. My dad figured I liked airplanes and flying so much that he got Flight Simulator 98 for me to enjoy at home.



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