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Aberdeen is an airport I’ve been waiting to be developed for what feels like a lifetime and I was overjoyed when UK2000 finally announced it. Aberdeen Dyce as its formerly known is a major industrial hub for the Scottish offshore oil industry with the majority of its traffic being helicopter traffic by Bond, Bristow CHC-Scotia and NHV Helicopters.

With that being said it is also a destination for many domestic and international carriers. Notable operators include easyJet, British Airways, Aer Lingus, Flybe and Eastern along with other scheduled carriers and during the summer months charter services by Tui and Thomas Cook to name a few. Aberdeen is of particular interest to me due to its relatively short runway and its at times challenging weather conditions that frequent the north eastern coast of Scotland.

Aberdeen is available to purchase through UK2000 website and as with all products by this developer a full try before you buy demo is available giving the consumer the opportunity to see if its really a scenery for you. As if there was any doubt. I believe UK2000’s pricing structure to be the most realistic in terms of quality vs. cost. The download takes moments and comes in the form of a zip file with installation via an executable. In typical UK2000 fashion its very straight forward and any kinks can soon be straightened out by taking a look at their forums for support.

My first impressions of Aberdeen were wow! Its one of those airports that has been so well modeled and the attention to detail really stands out. The textures are exquisite from the markings on the runway to the runway textures themselves no detail was overlooked. I was particularly impressed with the standard of dealing surrounding the terminal itself. That was something I really noticed when I arrived on stand and shut down the engines. From the traffic cones, to walkway markings and even FOD bins (Something I never thought would excite me) but its just really a testament to the work and commitment that the team at UK2000 put into delivering an extremely accurate rendition of Aberdeen.

Aberdeen as with the majority of UK2000 products blends seamlessly with global mesh products such as Orbx and their region packs. This really becomes clear when viewing from a top down point of view. I think it is worth mentioning now how beautiful the seasonal textures are and how much I struggled to differentiate between Orbx and UK2000. In favor of realism I never change seasonal textures or weather so I have an as accurate rendition as possible of where I am flying in that current season or weather profile and let me tell you I love every single season with this scenery, I’m really looking forward to the changing of seasons so I can experience its beauty outside of testing for the purposes of reviews. Another thing that I really enjoyed as simple as it sounds was the grass textures within the airfield perimeter, they are extremely lifelike and help to immerse the user.

Its from a top down point of view that you appreciate the level of details more, taking into account the way shadows lie or how they are cast, the geometry and of course the way in which it compares to its real life counterpart. Obviously this isn’t how we fly but it offers an eye opening experience that really shows off the work that’s been done.

Lighting is as you may know by now is something that I have an obsession with as its so easy to overdo tainting the apron with an almost luminescent pearlised sheen that just looks awful. However the lighting in Aberdeen is sublime, casting just the right amount of light. Its very atmospheric and adds to the immersion factor when your on finals with the almost pearl like centerline lights glinting as you touchdown. The light textures are very lifelike under varying weather conditions, the way they fade into the distance in fog or glow brightly during a thunderstorm really impressed me.

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