TropicalSim Rio De Janeiro 2016 (SBGL): The FSElite Review

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Rio Rio Rio! Rio Rio Rio!

Yes, in the light of the ongoing 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, we thought it would be proper to check out TropicalSim’s Rio de Janeiro airport scenery.  The scenery covers Rio de Janeiro–Galeão International Airport (SBGL) airport, which is the main international airport in Rio where all of the competitors fly in to, as well as most of the surrounding cities and mountains in Rio. And I have to say, they did a beautiful job with this.

Lets start with the surrounding scenery. This product covers an enormous area in Rio, and accurately depicts the city and mountainous areas with extreme detail. I found myself flying low in my 172 and being able to see soccer stadiums, multiple types of houses, hotels, and special features of the terrain. Southeast ish of the airport is where a tram is setup to take people across two mountain tops, and both stations are modeled very nicely. Also, the world famous Christ the Redeemer’ statue is also modeled nicely and is set atop his mountain with a little train running down. If we head west of the airport, more photoreal ground textures show us all of the industrial complexes and vast population in Rio, and where there is some marsh / open land where the ocean meets terrafirma. There isn’t too much on the east side of the airport on the small island it lays on, just more populous regions and a few more small mountains.

Now the airport. The airport is very well done. The terminals, ground signs, and static vehicles are all places nicely and properly. There are many large hangars around the airport for all of the large carriers that are based out of there like TAM and TAP. The terminal area in general is also very well done. Every terminal has its marker and a small group of ground service trucks ready.All of the small roads that lead under the buildings look cool and add more liveliness to the airport. There are also trees and foliage around the airport, as well as small patches of grass along the taxiways that give the airport a more tropical feel.

With all of that said, there are some things that I find myself grinding my teeth at. Not in anger or confusion, but eager on how close TropicalSim got, and how just a little bit more would of made this scenery so much better. One item being the ground textures at the airport. The taxiway signs and markings on the ground as well as the runway texturing are all nice, but definitely could have been done better. They do seem a little faded and default and could have been more detailed and crisp. Same goes with the rest of the ground texturing at the airport, something about the concrete or grass area that seems a bit faded that takes away from the quality just a little. It’s not drastic. The airport is very well done, I would of just liked to see some more detail go into the ground. The other thing is all of the terminal buildings. They also seem a bit bare and basic (also accurate description words for my prom date) and could have been modeled a bit more. But other than that, the scenery is perfect.

Rio is definitely known for its party scene, so as night draws in, the vibrant lights and beautiful sunsets shine over the water to really make Rio look unique. The same can be said about the airport itself. The night lighting is actually very good. The subtle approach to the approach lights suit the airport perfectly, ensuring you can see the runway, but not be blinded by the bright lights. When you touch down, you will then notice the apron lighting, which although well lit and bright for pilots to see, the techniques used by TropicalSim give the scenery this orange glow, which seems too obvious to be realistic. It doesn’t look bad, per se, but it just seems really odd compared to the rest of the subtle lighting used across the rest of the airport.

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