RFSceneryBuilding Turin-Caselle Airport (LIMF): The FSElite Review


Turin Caselle Airport is one of their latest scenery packs to be developed for the Flight Sim community by RFscenerybuilding. The airport is located 16km north-northwest of the city of Turin in the Piedmont region of northern Italy. The airfield opened in 1953 on the site of a WWII air base and has seen many renovations in preparation for several major sporting events which thrust the Turin into the limelight. In both 2007 and 2008 the airport won the ACI Europe Best Airport Awards in the category 1-5 million passengers. The airfield has one runway designated as 18/36 with a total length of 10,827ft. Runway 36 is equipped with Cat III-B ILS to help with those low visibility approaches.

The airport caters for many airlines including cargo operators. To name but a few Air France, Alitalia, British Airways, easyJet, KLM and Lufthansa respectively. You really are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding a carrier for your simulated flights.

Passenger figures through the past five years have been steadily increasing, in 2015 the airport was visited by 3,666,582 people from all over Europe. All of this ensures that many people will benefit from flying here within the Sim.

Turin-Caselle can be purchased from FlightSimStore for the price of £15.47 and comes as a digital download of around 279.49mb. As with all RFscenery products installation doesn’t take very long at all and is more or less point and click. One thing I’ve noticed with this developer is no configurator is given to the consumer so you can chop and change what you don’t really care for, etc, but with that being said RFscenery’s are all very good on FPS so even with high settings you shouldn’t notice a frame dip.

On the product page the scenery is listed as being compatible with FSX/P3Dv2/P3Dv3 up to v3.4. I also noticed that the scenery is compatible and meshes very well with FTX Orbx Global world textures and also Taburet Italy 19M Mesh. Some features include custom airport building, custom platform and custom vehicles, custom runway lighting, 3D mast lighting and lights on the taxiway, glass effect windows on the buildings and airport vehicles, large size land class textures, automatic season changing, road traffic, 2048 ground textures. There was also an advisory to inform the consumer that the airbridges are purely static and the developer recommends installing Orbx FTX Trees HD.

Initially when this scenery was announced part of me thought here we go another Italian scenery and the other side of me said fantastic I have an alternate for Genoa. With my aviation background I am quite precise, borderline OCD, with my flight planning with the aim of being as close to real world operation as possible so I’m always on the hunt for secondary airports. Working for an airline that operates to this airport I was rather excited about seeing how it compares to its real-life counterpart and I can say that I’m impressed and pleased with the results. If I’m totally honest I can’t fault any of their products, they all are made to a very good standard and give an accurate representation of the airport to the consumer.

RF scenery has nailed the texturing of the airport surfaces, notably the way the runway markings appear to be flaking. It’s the subtle wear and tear that I particularly like and there’s nothing worse that when something is overdone to the point where it becomes an eyesore. I’d have liked to have seen a bit more of a prominent rubber slick on the runway at the touch down zone as it looks a little too clean.

They have accurately modelled the 3D taxiway lights and PAPI lights so you don’t get this effect of the lights just appearing as a beam out of the ground. I like the attention to detail that the developer has paid to the service side of the airfield and also the service vehicles which despite not being animated are extremely detailed. For example, the cabin lift used to assist passengers with reduced mobility really shows the attention RFScenerybuilding has given to Turin.

It’s this attention to detail that embeds the feeling of trust in RFscenery because I consistently know they can deliver what they promise. Primary and secondary radars are modelled in great detail however they aren’t animated. The surrounding area is modelled to a high degree which helps add to the immersion on approach and climb out. As I mentioned before the airbridges are not animated but if you use GSX this doesn’t present too much of an issue although it would have been nice to see. Despite this, the glass detail of the airbirdges look really nice.

Detailing has been put into the terminal façade however it does seem a tad repetitive, on longer turnarounds you notice more and despite the weathering elements added, I still think there’s a lack of depth. That being said it certainly doesn’t detract from the product. I also liked the way that the developer has added the service roads surrounding the airfield which have animated traffic, and as sim pilots, this does help to immerse you.

Lighting is done beautifully and is very atmospheric particularly during IMC. The glistening sapphire glow from the taxiway edge marks are modelled beautifully. I noticed the flashing red warning lights on top of masts within the airport perimeter which is a nice touch. Also, I was particularly impressed with the way the lights come into view gradually as opposed to being visible from the other side of the airfield. Going back to what I said earlier on regarding the terminal buildings lack of depth, during the night is when the immersion and depth is really stepped up. The terminal lighting is fantastic and gives the impression that its actually functioning with lights in certain areas of the terminal slightly darker than the others, which really adds to the perspective.

Performance wise throughout testing I operated some quite VAS intensive aircraft in and out of the airfield to test performance and experienced very little stutter or loss of frames. I also tried out several VFR flights and experienced excellent performance throughout. Low and slow the airport is just beautiful and the real detail shines through. I believe this is another thing RFscenery excel at is achieving the balance between good detailed frame rate friendly scenery that will work on anyone’s computer regardless of individual specifications.

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