Presenting: FSElite User Reviews

Over the last year we have published a lot of reviews. We try to review every (or almost every) airport, aircraft, tool, etc. that is out there. We do this to the best of our extent to make a review that is as inclusive and comprehensive as possible to give you the best impression of an add-on before you decide to buy it.

However, add-ons were being created long before FSElite existed, and some of those are still out there and being used to this day. There are a whole lot of products that we will probably never get to cover since so much new add-ons are coming out all the time.

FSElite User Reviews

That’s why we decided to leave these reviews up to you! We want to ask you to review your favorite scenery, aircraft or tool. Together with you, we will then turn it into a real and official FSElite Review, in which you’ll work together with one of us to do this. That way, we also want to give you a little bit of “a look into our kitchen” and show you how we do things.

Reviews can be submitted to us using the following Google Docs Form:


Before you start typing away about your favorite add-on, there are a few rules for this:

  1. User Reviews need to be filled in using the Google Docs link
  2. We must not have already covered the product in a review, or are planning on doing so
  3. Try to use no more than 500 words why your add-on should be picked out. Try to cover what you like about it, what its nicest features are, etc. Yet be comprehensive.
  4. You need to be open and willing to work together with one of us to turn your review into a FSElite Review.

Winner(s) will be picked on April 30th. We’re also throwing in some prizes for a lucky few, so make sure to enter your review!


Need some help writing a review? No problem! Just send us a message on Facebook. Or take a look at our reviews! We recently covered PacSims KSLC (Salt Lake City), JustFlights PA-28R Arrow, Aerosofts Menorca X Evolution, Vidan Designs Billund X and many more!

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