Orbx / Turbulent Designs Melbourne V3 (YMML): The FSElite Review

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Melbourne is Australia’s second largest airport and is situated 560 miles south of Sydney. Last year alone, the airport handled 32.2 million passengers flying all across the globe, thanks to the fact that Melbourne has flights reaching all corners of the world whether that be London or Los Angeles. Melbourne is situated in the South East of Australia with the airport situated in the North West of the City, which provides some stunning views of the city upon departure. Due to it’s location in Australia, there’s a huge range of destinations available from Melbourne, with a range of airlines and aircraft to choose from. Melbourne is actually a last for Turbulent Designs in one respect. This is their swansong with ORBX and have now split off to create their products individually.

The product does not fall short of the high standards that ORBX employ throughout all of their products as you would expect from their high quality and attention to detail.

The product itself does not cease to amaze me just like all other ORBX products that I have ever experienced as the airport is modelled to the highest of detail – very akin to the standards we expect from Turbulent Designs and Orbx.  This includes everything from the buildings which are textured from over 3,000 high res pictures, full support for AI aircraft docking with gates and, of course, over 60 km squared of 60 cm/px of photo real scenery.

The 3D modelling of buildings that surround the airport, is extremely detailed, which is what defines Orbx/Turbulent Designs from other developers out there. Detailed wear and tear can be seen on the buildings, as well as small details such as relatively well detailed cars that are situated within the car parks that sit next to the airport. Runway markings are detailed to the point where you can see splashes of paint from edges. All these details culminate together to create all round superb airport.

The terminal interiors are not modelled which is a custom that we have become used to with high level scenery developers such as FlyTampa and Taxi2Gate. Although not a problem when you take the detail of the airport as a whole and see just how well detailed it is. Also when you are at the airport terminal interiors are not the most vital thing you worry about. This is simply just a passing thought that would make the airport just that tiny bit better.

The night lightning at Melbourne is excellent. As we have seen before with Turbulent Designs and ORBX. They both know how to make good night lighting. The environment at night immerses you into the airport with excellent apron lighting and high level street lighting surrounding the airport. With the airport being mixed in with ORBX Australia the lightning flows seamlessly from within the airport right out to the city of Melbourne and beyond.

Although Melbourne isn’t the easiest on the frames, for the level of detail, it’s still rock solid. The FPS at the airport is very nice and allows for a nice experience at the airport. What was a little troubling, was that, the VAS usage can be relatively high. I’m lucky, as my powerful PC can achieve good performance, and with Melbourne, I was attaining relatively similar VAS usage as I do at Aerosoft’s London Heathrow. On the whole though the airport performs well.

Melbourne comes at the reasonable price of $39.95 Australian.  One point that must be noted before purchasing the product is that FTX Australia SP4 must be installed prior to the install of Melbourne. I personally did make the mistake of doing this and had to chuck a further 50 or so dollars ORBX’s way in order to use the airport.The installation like all other ORBX products, is very painless. The download itself is relatively small with a size of 649MB. After you have downloaded the installer it is as simple as choosing your preferred platform. It will install into the ORBX folder in your P3D/FSX route directory.

The airport itself very much gives you an immersive experience of the airport. The level of detail does not disappoint in creating a realistic environment that surrounds you when you’re in the sim. With the AI traffic that can be turned on or off within the configuration tool. It allows you to feel as if you’re not just taxiing around a baron airport with nothing in it.

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