MK-Studios Tenerife Vol. 1 Ver. 2: The FSElite Review

MK Studios Tenerife Vol. 1 Ver. 2 The FSElite Review
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MK-Studios recently released Tenerife Volume 1, version 2 for Prepar3d v4.4+. The scenery features the entire Tenerife South Airport and island including 45cm/pixel imagery for the island and 25cm/pixel imagery for the airport. 5m/pixel mesh is included for the whole island as well. The terminal glass, taxiways, and runways have all been given the PBR treatment and SODE jetways and windsocks are included.

Tenerife South Airport is the larger of the two international airports located on the island. The famous Tenerife airport disaster occurred at the North airport while the one included in the software was under construction. Slightly over 11 million passengers traveled through the airport in 2018.

The main terminal of Tenerife South Airport has been modeled to a nice level of detail. The PBR textured glass that covers most of the airside surface of the airport is transparent and allows you to view the lightly-modeled interior. Watching the reflections play with the light during dawn or dusk is always enjoyable to see. The SODE jetways are also well done and feature weathering where appropriate. The terminal underside includes baggage carts, luggage, and transportation belts giving some extra depth to the building. There are a few buses that also roam around the airside portion of the airport, though I did notice that they disappear when looking in certain directions. At the time of review, I have not found a solution to this, though I suspect it is a Prepar3D issue since I previously had a similar issue with dynamic lights.

Ground textures throughout the airport were phenomenally well done. The textures are sharp, well weathered, and the PBR reflections add that extra detail that really puts them at the top.  AI aircraft traffic didn’t have any issues with navigation or parking as far as I could see. There were some slight discrepancies between the markings I saw on google earth compared to the scenery itself. Though it is worth keeping in mind that airports are always in flux and either Google or MK studios may not have the most up-to-date imagery.

Watch our video review to see the product in action!

The ground textures covering the remainder of the island are fantastic. The imagery looks great at both general aviation and airliner altitudes and the terrain elevation changes are masterfully sculpted. The textures appear to fit into Prepar3D’s color pallet well and also show that this is a more arid island off the African coast. Most of the taller structures on the island and approach paths are modeled, including animated wind turbines, off-shore oil rigs, and resorts. I would have liked to have seen a few more of the shorter buildings on approach modeled, but it still looks great as is. There were some floating buildings near one of the resort areas as well as some water discolouration where some construction has since taken place. For the latter, Google was also hit-or-miss with what exactly was and wasn’t there based on how the imagery from different dates merged.

While the ground textures are incredibly well done, I do think there could be some more custom buildings along the approach paths. The major resorts and structures are accounted for, but I think some smaller buildings on top of some of the photo scenery could help bring in some more depth. Around the rest of the island, the building density is appropriate and works well.

Night lighting both on the airport and the rest of the island looks great. The white glow from the floodlights at the gates is atmospheric and the city and town lights twinkle at any altitude. The only change I would like to see is the floodlights for the main gates line up with the light poles themselves similarly to the remote stands.

The product manual is a 7-page PDF that gives a brief description of the airport, minimum PC specs, install and uninstall instructions, links for support, some optional items for those without GSX or AI, recommended settings, a note for those with the Rikoo Canary Islands or Orbx scenery, and credits.

Turning Onto Finals
MK-Studios Tenerife Volume 1 Version 2 is a wonderfully made product. The texturing of the island and Tenerife South Airport are masterfully created and the modeling and use of PBR materials keep the airport in-line with modern standards. For a price of 20 Euros, or $23.27 US, Tenerife Volume 1 Version 2 is well worth the money, and as an added bonus, owners of MK Studios previous Tenerife Volume 1 can upgrade to this new version for only 5 Euro through simMarket or for free through MK Studios own online store. There are just a couple very minor issues with the airport that could be fixed, but they are barely noticeable already.
8.3 Out of 10 How do we score? | Feedback?
  • Some floating buildings near the airport
  • Could use with some more 3D buildings and objects on approach

Overall, we felt...

Overall Score 8.3

Overall, we felt...

8.3 Out of 10 How do we score? | Feedback?

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