Latinwing’s Garray X Airport (LEGY): The FSElite Review


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Aerosoft / Latinwing’s Garray X was provided free of charge to FSElite for the purpose of reviewing for the community.

DEVELOPER Latinwings PRICE 12.56eur (+VAT)
PUBLISHER Aerosoft BUY FROM Aerosoft

I personally have never spent too much time within Flight Sim to truly appreciate the huge number of independent airfields there are scattered around. Whether you’re In huge landmasses such as the UK, the USA or even Spain, there are so many cool places to land an aircraft, grab a coffee and venture on out to your next pit stop. As a typical A – B pilot, I found it a little strange that I would position myself to review a teeny tiny airport in the middle of Spain. At first I thought I would take off, do a circuit, land and that would be it. But what I didn’t expect is that I would be drawn into the rich detail, the environment and the beauty of Latinwing’s Garray X.

Latinwings have always been known for their level of detail. Over the past 2 years, they have continuously improved their work to higher and higher levels. This is particularly noticeable with Garray X. As soon as I left the ground, I saw wind turbines in the distance, piles of dirt / concrete from a construction site and even storage units. I am already impressed that yet again, Latinwings continue to push themselves and ensure that the Simmer has the best experience possible with their scenery. I am a huge fan of attention to detail, and spreading the coverage area this far really excites me. It’s not just a small airfield with a runway – this truly is an experience.

As I continued to do some rather high G-forced stunts around Soria Garray airport, other objects caught my attention. I noticed field cutters, helipads and even fire hydrants. Fully modelled gliders, helicopters and Cessna aircraft were scattered around in the grass or on the tarmac. Latinwings have really taken the time to ensure that each object is modelled with such clarity and precision –  clearly not an afterthought from the developers and very much part of the overall package. If airport clutter wasn’t enough to satisfy your needs, then hit up Avatar mode (in P3D), and walk among the fully animated characters that live at this airport. These people are fully animated, holding life-like conversations, or even sitting down enjoying the hot sunshine of Spain. With all this going on, performance takes no hit whatsoever, even with the large amount of volumetric grass.

If you’re hard-core, then why not take your A2A aircraft into one of the hangers, and service your aircraft back to its original condition. Perhaps you want to take the time to walk down the paths leading to the entrance to the airport or even inspect the fuel farm is in good and proper condition. To fully enjoy Garray X, you need to take things slow – after all we are in Spain! By taking it slow, you’ll notice the brilliant modelling of the airport and runways. Everything from the wording on signage to tyre tracks on the runways is in high resolution, ensuring that regardless of your location in the airport, you’ll have an immersive experience.

The textures are varied and crisp – detailed enough to show noticeable cracks in the concrete, rust on old signage and mud covered ground textures. It looks great, realistic and fits both default and FTX Global textures. It really is remarkable how natural everything appears in the sim, with nothing feeling like it’s been ‘forced’ to make it look good.

One of the biggest challenges with any review is trying to work out the value for money a product is worth – for Latinwing’s Garray X, that really comes down to your style of simming. If you’re like me, a jetliner A – B pilot, then Garray X isn’t for you – with a short runway suited only to smaller aircraft, then you’ll have a tough time appreciating the value. If you’re someone who frequently jumps from airport to airport in smaller aircraft, then this is an airport for you. If you’re expecting some fantastic night lighting, you’ll be disappointed, as being a day-time only airfield, Latinwings haven’t modelled any night lighting – a little disappointing if you’re hoping to do some early morning flying as the sun breaks over the horizon, but understandable.

With a price tag of just 12.56eur (cheaper if you apply the generous discount for owning Requena X) for a stunning airfield, with detail scattered everywhere, you’re still going to get a good degree of value from Garray X. Whether it’s just to practice your hand flying skills, perform short-field operations or relish in developer’s hard work, you’re going to get bang for your buck.

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