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LatinVFR’s Raleigh Durham was provided free of charge to FSElite for the purpose of previewing it for the community.



Raleigh is a relatively small city that is situated in the state of and is the capital of North Carolina. It can be found on the Eastern seaboard and is about a 40 minute flight from Washington Dulles and little over an hour from John F Kennedy in New York. The airport that serves the city is know as Raleigh Durham which serves a variety of destinations around the USA and some routes crossing the Atlantic to airports such as London Heathrow. In 2015, ten million passengers passed through the airport. The airport itself has been in existence since 1943 with the now non-existent Eastern Airways being the maiden operator from the new airport. The first passenger terminal was created from the remaining parts of some army barracks that were built on the outskirts of Raleigh. The airport itself nowadays contains two passenger terminals with a large cargo terminal serving the likes of UPS and FedEx.

The scenery comes in the form of the normal LatinVFR installer that is very simple to use with only having to put a simple serial number in. Sadly there is no configurator tool for the airport but with the airport not containing too much detail there is not much need for such tool. The only options that I think would be useful to have in a configurator would be to configure grass textures and apron lighting.

The performance at the scenery for me was excellent and I had a very pleasant experience when flying into and around the scenery. The airport is set within an urban area but is not in an area of great amounts of autogen which you will get at airports such as Miami or Boston. This relatively low amount of autogen keeps the memory down and also aids well towards the FPS. I personally have a powerful computer so performance isn’t too much of an issue for me anywhere but at Raleigh Durham the FPS is excellent compared to many other airports so I am sure it will be the same on most systems. Even when the scenery is mixed in amongst Orbx products such as Open Land Class North America it still does not take a large hit on performance.

The approach that LatinVFR have taken to this airport is excellent. They have really pulled their finger right out and have created a very highly detailed product. Raleigh Durham was a relatively untouched airport before, so LatinVFR saw a chance to create an excellent product for this unexplored area of the United States within flight sim. The scenery has been made very professionally and you can tell the amount of time and effort that has gone into making this scenery into a top quality product. They have gone into great depth with the airport right down to the fine details such as fully animated jetways, 3D grass, terminal interiors and visible wear on the ground and on the buildings. The product comes as just the airport itself with no added buildings or autogen placed outside of the airport boundaries. However, the scenery slots perfectly into Orbx so you still get the feeling that the scenery has been created with the surrounding area as well.

Personally I believe that the value for money is excellent on this product with it coming in at the price of 25 euros there isn’t really anywhere that you can go wrong when thinking about purchasing it. Considering the size of the airport and the amount of detail that has been put into the scenery it lives up to its very reasonable price tag. The scenery itself isn’t too unique and plays the role of the normal American Hub Airport that we see throughout the nation. There is nothing that will grab you when thinking about buying the product because of its location or layout but it is a very nice airport to add to the collection if you are a fan of flying in the USA. Some factors that should draw you to the scenery are the excellent texturing and modelling. These two aspects of the scenery are very highly detailed and expertly done. The texturing at the airport is very high quality with crisp and clear textures throughout the whole scenery. The terminal buildings, control tower and other buildings have clear signs of wear and tear. The taxiways and runways also come included with well detailed markings whether that be taxiway markers or tyre marks on high angle turning points. The modelling combined with the texturing makes the scenery even better. The buildings are expertly crafted and having compared them to real life photos they seem very accurate and you can see how much work has gone into making this possible when you take a look at the huge amount of modelling that has to be done around this relatively large airport. Other great modelling that can be found in this product is the nice touch of three dimensional grass and expertly modelled terminal interiors.

When you are at the airport the shear amount of detail really immerses you into the scenery. You get an excellent feeling of what the airport is really like and this is all down to LatinVFR’s expertly crafted product. Some developers often fail to hit the immersive level but LatinVFR have definitely managed to achieve this at Raleigh Durham. Whether it be day or night the scenery still does ceases to amaze me. The night lightning at the airport is expertly created and blends in perfectly with the area around it. The apron lighting, terminal lighting and runway/taxiway lights all aid to that feeling of being immersed within the scenery.

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