LatinVFR Hartford Bradley International Airport KBDL: The FSElite Review

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In this video, I give my review of the P3D v4 version of LatinVFR’s Hartford Bradley International Airport KBDL. We will be taking a look at the building and ground modeling and textures, included SODE features, seasonal variation, and more.

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Overall Summary
Hartford Bradley will mostly appeal to those looking for domestic US commercial flight operations with occasional niche international flights. While modeling and texturing in the primary use area (in this case the main terminal) is general well done, other buildings and parts of the airport feel overlooked or rushed. The airport performs well but has a large list of small annoyances that build up to detract from the overall experience. If the missing structures could be added and have fixes made to the taxiways, runways, and ramp markings and their interactions with imagery, the product would be significantly improved
  • Incorrect or missing ground markings
  • Odd appearance going from paved surfaces to imagery
  • Missing structures or objects
  • Repetitive or stop-start nature of SODE weather effects
  • Divisive line cutting down entire length of coverage area and through the airport


  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3d v4.5
  • Orbx Global Base
  • Orbx Global Vector
  • Orbx Global openLC NA
  • OldProp Chaseplane
  • Flight1 UTLive
  • LatinVFR Hartford Bradley International Airport KBDL
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