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JustSim’s Innsbruck was provided free of charge to FSElite for the purpose of reviewing for the community.


Welcome to Innsbruck. Capital of the state Tyrol (Tirol) and hidden in the Alps. Historic home to the Olympic Winter Games not once, but twice. A busy hub for many tourists particularly during winter. With challenging terrain, tight turns and forever changing weather, it is arguably the most dangerous airport approach in Europe.

With the original flightsim scenery for Innsbruck dating back to 2010, this famous spot was long due for an overhaul. With the knowledge of another developer creating a brand new version, JustSim completely caught us off guard with their release of Innsbruck Kranebitten airfield and city. For some time now, the flightsim community has been waiting for a remake of this airfield, and now we’re getting one – or three (I cannot get away without mentioning that). Besides JustSim’s Innsbruck, Orbx also announced one in development and Aerosoft has had one in the making for a while now. Although we’ll make a comparison of the three of them once they’re out, this review will just be about JustSim’s. Let’s begin!

Quite simply, JustSim have done an awesome job at making this scenery. They have gone out of their way by not only making the airport itself, but also giving the surrounding area a lot of attention. Innsbruck itself looks great from above. The mountains look realistic, the vegetated areas are full of detail and they have even modeled the small towns surrounding Innsbruck. There is a lot of auto-gen even when the settings are not turned up all the way, which is great news for simmers as the performance is very good. Even with all those buildings and trees in place, you’re still going to maintain a high, if slightly stuttery frame rate, with low usage on VAS. JustSim have brought their Innsbruck up to today’s standards with 3D grass, automatic season changing and absolutely gorgeous night lightning.

This product is absolutely beautiful; I won’t lie about that. But after flying around for a while and admiring the area, little cracks start to show. I have come across a few things that, although small, would have been just that extra touch of detail that I feel the Innsbruck area deserved. During my time with Innsbruck, I was trying out the approach to runway 08. It feels great and I felt incredibly immersed. I loved planning and doing the approach, and I even managed to land successfully. Sadly, this is where already some of my little disappointments started.

On the approach to runway from the east, pilots need to make the dreaded, dangerous turn. Approach charts list the landmark of St. Johns church in Axams as a visual reference to start your turn. Sadly, this landmark is missing. Same thing goes for the train station which serves as a landmark for runway 26. With this very densely packed auto-gen area creates a rather weird, empty spot in the town. And upon jumping into a small plane to discover the area, I felt like I was let down a bit. When flying closer to the ground, you’ll start noticing quite a few quirks. There is an area in the town where a lot of the building textures have a bit of a blue tint to them. The photo scenery of the ground and mountains is not as detailed and actually quite blurry up close. I’d even go as far and say that it’s sometimes hard to distinct the roads and railways. With so many landmarks in Innsbruck, it’s sad to see them missing when the detail in the airport itself is quite extensive. The Olympic Stadium, the Ski Jump, and churches are all missing, which is criminal considering the city was built on the skiing tourism! There are no ski lifts in the area, and the bridges look rather bad and sometimes lead straight into a mountain where there is no road.

The airport itself looks really good. Taxiway markings, runway wear and tear and the terminal building are all really good and accurately presented. The modelling is of a very high quality, as are the textures. There are even small glass roofs on top of the terminal building, as well as chimneys. As for the aprons: a lot of detail here as well. Busses, catering vehicles, passenger stairs, fuel vehicles, cargo luggage carts, and even a working windsock. You name it, it’s probably there. In the winter there is a nice layer of frost on both the runway and the taxiways/aprons. This looks very real and is a very nice touch, especially considering this is very much a winter airport! I want to take an extra moment to compliment JustSim on the really nice glass bridge that leads from the terminal building to the garage: it looks incredibly good; just like the real thing.

Moving onto the night lighting of the area, I can say that it is absolutely beautiful and I was very surprised. Despite some of the larger details missing, it was great to see some small lights in the mountains where houses are. It looks amazing and beautiful. It’s just disappointing that this level of detail couldn’t be done where it truly matters. As for airport lighting, aside that the light source is not the same light models alongside taxiways, it’s really well done. There’s very beautiful terminal lightning, both from the ground and when looking down from the sky.

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