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On 7 km from the city of Milan lies an airport officially named Airport Enrico Forlanini, more commonly known as Milano Linate (LIML). Developer Jetstream Designs have recently released their rendition of this relatively small airport. So let’s take a look at it with this FSElite review.

blankMilano Linate was build around the 1930s when the then main airport, Taliedo Airport, became too small to serve all the traffic for the city. Linate steadily grew and was rebuilt completely in the 1950s and 1980s to accommodate the growing number of passengers and airlines. Even though- it was decided that the airport was destined to serve domestic traffic only and Milan-Malpensa became the main hub for the city. The airport sparked a heated debate after an accident in 2001 in which a Scandinavian Airlines collided with a business jet during very heavy fog. This accident led to charges against a number of people for not following proper or performing illegal ICAO procedures and is to this day still the deadliest aircraft disaster in Italy. It also caused a rename of the runways to prevent confusion.


The installation of this addon is really easy and comes with a standard SimMarket installer. These don’t require much interaction, just make sure to be connected to the internet to get an activation code. The manual can be easily found through the installed shortcut in your Start menu and is very clear and concise.

Unfortunately, Linate does not come with a scenery configurator. Or at least that’s what I thought at first. Upon reading the manual I found out that there is in fact a configurator but no shortcut to this was installed. You can find the configurator under the data folder in the installation folder of Linate. Even though I assume the missing shortcut is just a bug, it’s not very clear nor is it easy to find if you don’t read the manual.

After finding and opening the configurator it turns out there are actually quite a few nice customisation options. You can change the terminal detail, toggle 3D grass and bushes, toggle animated airport vehicles, toggle static GA aircraft, toggle runway lighting (always on or only at night time) and select a season. Let me get right into a little bug I found. There are two different winter seasons. One of them is (according to its preview picture) supposed to show completely white winter textures. Upon selecting this texture only the runway was covered with ice and snow. The 3D grass also showed snow textures, but the ground itself was still pretty green and not as previewed in the configurator. I found out later that this season (called: Winter – January) is only visible in the month of january in your sim. A little interesting and it took me a while to figure out.


Jetstream Designs has done a great job at optimising Linate and that pays off. The frames are overall very smooth and VAS usage actually rather low. And don’t forget that they didn’t model just the airport alone. They also gave the surrounding area a lot of attention. I have all the details turned on in their configurator, am running at pretty high settings and I’ve got FTX Global, EU and Vector enabled. I did notice some occasional stutters when approaching the airport. Luckily it wasn’t too bad and had minimal impact on my enjoyment of the scenery. Keep in mind my settings were turned all the way up.


I already listed some of the features of this airport above in the configurator list. Now let us dive into some of them a little deeper and check out the other features this airport has to offer. I want to start of with the textures. Saying that these are HD and very pretty is simply an understatement. The textures are very crisp and absolutely beautiful. I have no other words for it. They also look very nice when it has rained with very nice reflections. What else impresses me is how beautiful the buildings are modeled. The detail in them is amazing. This is especially the case for the buildings on or near the aprons. But also the buildings a little further out look great. The modelling is great and the textures are very detailed and crisp. The car parks are incredibly busy and the terminal even has interior with waiting areas and also little shops and cafes. You can look directly into the main terminal building if you’re parked on one of the gates and makes the airport feel very alive. The jetways look also very nice, and they animate! No SODE, but given that Linate only has 5 jetways, they’re all single bridges and these all move I have no issue with that. The aprons are very busy with vehicles driving around and all kinds of objects standing around that you’d find on a real airport such as baggage carts, staircases, GPUs, vehicles and more.

I already briefly mentioned the ground textures that you can change in the configurator. Despite the issue I have with it, the ground textures look incredibly nice and seem to be very optimised. One gripe I have with them though is that they seem to remove some custom buildings that are placed by FTX EU. A bit of a shame when addons do this.

No airport is complete without (night) lighting and neither is Linate. Linate looks amazing by night. The lighting is very beautiful and seems to be done just right both in the terminal buildings and on the aprons. Apron and runway lights have a nice little halo around them and/or reflect onto the ground. On the areas where there aren’t any bright spotlights around you’ll notice it gets a little darker as well: a nice touch.


Linate comes in at a pretty average price for airports. Normally I’d say the price is a little bit too high if you look at the size of the airport. But when you start paying closer attention you’ll see what an amazing job Jetstream Designs have done here and the price becomes more and more justified. From the config tool (despite it being easy to miss since there is no shortcut) to the crisp and nice textures. From the amazing attention to detail to the perfect lighting. And the performance is very good as well. After you’ve spent a lot of time on the airport, taken in its beauty and have taken a good look at all the little thing you’ll definitely find that your money has been spent well and this airport is worth its price.

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