ImagineSim LaGuardia (KLGA) Airport: The FSElite Review

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LaGuardia. Even saying it gives you a taste of how people from the New York/ tri-state area speak. LaGuardia, little sister to big ol’ JFK, was originally a 105 acre private flying strip named Glenn H. Curtiss Airport after the pioneer Long Island aviator. But over the decades and multiple name changes, the airport rose and expanded into the waterfront of both Flushing Bay and Bowery Bay. Most recently in 2015, a new plan was made to once again and expand the airport, adding new terminals and updating some of the older buildings on the airport. The project is set to be done by 2021, but why wait until then, as the results can now be seen with ImagineSim’s LaGuardia!

So, what do you get out of the box? (Or out of the .zip, should I say?) Well, you get all of LaGuardia airport, not what it looks like right now, but in the updated version of 2021 when the renovations that are currently on-going right now are complete. Once outside the airport, don’t expect much of the surrounding city, but rather just what’s in the airport property lines. As there’s other products out there for your NYC fix, this is good enough for me, as it helps to reduce the number of conflicting issues with scenery and airport. ImagineSim have added some special features to LaGuardia, including custom hand places trees around the airport, custom ground textures and markings, proper airport signage, interiors for all of the gates, and much, much more.

All of the terminals on the airport have clear glass that you can look into, and there are small rows of seats and signs inside of the terminals that are modeled as well as small stations for charging items or sitting and resting before sprinting towards your gate because you fell asleep and your flight is closing its doors. This is the most detailed ImagineSim airport to date.

Outside, the ground textures are amazing and in extreme detail. Once you start to explore around the airport, there are signs and marked areas for all of the service vehicles that really add another aspect of realism. ImaginsSim have spared no expense in ensuring that custom taxiway signage that match those at real LaGuardia and are all correctly positioned. The taxiways and ramp lines have realistic worn-down effects added to them,  which lets you see what effect having hundreds of thousands of flights a year looks like at an old airport. For the little runway 22 expansion into the lake, the cement barrier and overall flatness of the taxiway surrounded by water gives you the feeling of taxiing on water, but yet you are still at the airport. If I’m honest, it was kinda cool watching the reflections of my aircraft bounce over the waves!

Back at the terminals, besides being modeled on the inside, the jetways are fully animated with a SODE option, and also most terminals are setup with small entourages of service vehicles waiting for any sort of plane to pull up. As you head around the international terminals, there are some areas where the baggage carts are stored, or large cargo pods wait to be loaded. Again, the level of detail has really stepped up, giving you a real sense of immersion. One thing I do need to stop and talk about is the absolute beauty of the sky bridges. We see them in many sceneries, but the way ImagineSim made them with the glass panels and the [Max Clearance] signs are so awesome that it’s probably my favorite thing in this scenery. The sheer immersion that those sky bridges connecting the gates to the general terminal is so cool. I got to give ImagineSim a mini round of applause for making the general ramp area one of the best I’ve seen in a sim ever.  

Now, let’s turn off the lights and go dark. LaGuardia is Amazing! Let’s play pretend for a second. Most of us have been on a commercial flight sometime in our life. At night while taxiing, landing, or taking off, you can’t see the ground or the edge of the taxiway, so the airport seems like a totally different place. At night we usually expect everything to be lit with light bulbs and such, but out at an airport, especially near the runways, you can’t light up everything so it looks like a different airport entirely. This is the same with this scenery. The taxiway lights are not over the top extreme, the terminal lights only cover the gates, and every light is meant to light up a specific area. The night lighting isn’t trying to light up the whole airport and sky. It’s only lighting up what needs to be lit up. And that’s the same with real world airports, and this scenery hit it right on the spot.

Let me scroll through my notes and make sure I covered everything…yep! This scenery has so much to offer that it will take a long time for me to find all of the little details and parts of this scenery that make it so unique. The amount that ImagineSim of detail have crammed into a small airport, in a built up area has you wondering about performance. Despite this the performance I got it quite amazing. I have a mid-range system and the frame rates stayed damn stable on Prepar3d v3.

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