FSDreamteam Chicago O’Hare v2: The FSElite Review

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In this video, I give my opinion of FSDreamTeam’s new Chicago O’Hare v2 for P3Dv4. We will take a close look at the modelling and texturing of various elements around the airport and any new features FSDreamTeam has implemented, such as the “living” terminal. I cover airport buildings, ground textures, airport layout, night lighting, animations, seasonal variations, and performance.

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Turning Onto Finals
FSDreamTeam has raised the bar with Chicago O'Hare v2. The airport buildings are modeled with a high level of detail and the PBR texturing and night lighting have not left me disappointed. The performance is below average, but not nearly as bad as some other major airports. There are a few quirks that could be fixed or improved, but they don't stop the enjoyment of the airport. Chicago O'Hare offers many destinations with many different airlines and aircraft types and shouldn't be missed.
8.7 Out of 10 How do we score? | Feedback?
  • Scenery blending with surroundings during certain seasons
  • Lower than average performance
  • Some visual anomalies on stairs and a hangar


  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3d v4.5
  • Orbx Global Base
  • Orbx Global Vector
  • Orbx Global openLC NA
  • Aerosoft CRJ 700/900X
  • OldProp Chaseplane
  • Flight1 UTLive
  • FSDreamTeam Chicago O’Hare v2 (KORD)

Airport Lounge – Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0…

Overall, we felt...

Overall Score 8.7

Overall, we felt...

8.7 Out of 10 How do we score? | Feedback?

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