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Charlotte Airport is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States. It is the second largest hub for American Airlines after Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, with service to over 150 domestic and international destinations. As of last year, it was the 5th busiest airport in the United States (ranked by passenger traffic and aircraft movements). Charlotte is the largest airport in the United States without any nonstop service to Asia. The airport serves as a major gateway to the Caribbean Islands.

FSDT has provided us with a large number of American airports to date, Charlotte is one of the latest. FSDreamTeam has done another fantastic job on Charlotte; the detail and general quality of the scenery are both top notch. As with FSDT’s latest sceneries, Charlotte supports SODE for all your dynamic jetway needs! It also has fully customized ground and runways textured in very high resolution. In regards to installing this scenery, it was a typical FSDT install wherein you simply run the installer .exe and that’s it. Charlotte is compatible with FSX, FSX SE or Lockheed Martin Prepar3d 1.4 or later (this includes v4.1 compatibility).

This scenery is, without a doubt, one of FSDT’s best sceneries yet. One area I felt that FSDT needed to improve upon was the performance of their sceneries. And thus, with Charlotte, the developers have exhibited their ability to provide us with a highly detailed scenery that has good performance. The texturing and modeling of Charlotte are superb, and really offer an immersive experience at this airport. Not only have they modeled and textured the airport itself brilliantly, they have also blended the airfield magnificently with Orbx’s North America OpenLC/Global.

As airports go, Charlotte is quite a mainstream international airport, located in an urban American city. I feel that with what FSDT had to work with, they’ve done a really good job on KCLT. If you are a big flyer around North America, Charlotte hosts a lot of nice routes around both USA and the Caribbean Islands.

The terminals have been modeled to perfection, the distinct blue color of the roofs really makes them stand out from anything else in this scenery. Another area where I feel the overall animative traffic and object placement is a place where I feel FSDT has really upped their game in recent times, again providing us with that sense of ‘ultimate realism’ as it were. You can tell that the scenery has been created with great attention to detail.

The performance at Charlotte is very good. It has to be said that I am running a high-end, so performance is rarely an issue for me. I am not able to comment on performance across the board, however, comparing Charlotte to other FSDT airports such as Las Vegas, there’s a clear improvement in performance. Another consideration is that I am running P3D v4, so I am unable to comment on the VAS (Virtual Address Space / Memory) usage at this airport.  Overall, Charlotte is optimised very well.

Like with any of FSDT’s latest sceneries, the amount of time and effort put into this scenery is clear from the first second that you load up at this scenery, each individual stand has a different feel and look to it at the airport. The Cargo terminal has been modeled to perfection including some static aircraft, which was a nice touch, as well as the highly detailed taxiway and runway textures. The only issue I find with this scenery is the grass – it’s 2D, and as you can spot yourself, they’ve made the grass a bizarre yellow color, almost as if it’s been spray painted on top. But seeing as the rest of the airport has been modeled and textured stunningly, one little problem like the grass doesn’t really stop me from wanting to fly here.



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8.8 Overall, I would say that Charlotte is a top-quality product by FSDT, even though the night lighting isn’t the best and nor is the grass in my opinion. It is still a very good product, especially if you’re a big flyer in the USA. Charlotte was an airport that needed to be done at payware quality, due to the number of routes it hosts. It is one of my favorite FSDreamTeam airports yet and I am excited to see what FSDT has to offer in the future. I would certainly recommend this scenery to anyone that was considering it as it is a brilliant and highly detailed rendition of Charlotte Airport.

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Would be very worth pointing out that FSDT has disabled SODE AI jetway connections. Beautiful scenery, but if a field full of AI with undocked jetways bothers you think twice.

The FBO area and east side of the airport is plagued with drawing order problems and flickering that they don’t seem to care much to fix. Some of the trees show through the terrain and one of the cargo buildings appears to float. Please fix these, FSDT!!!

This is a nice airport but I do not like how the aircraft lighting interacts with the ground textures at night. The grooves in the runway and taxiway appear to be 3D so the dynamic lighting brightly illuminates all of those grooves and causes a lot of white lines that have an awful shimmering effect.

I fully agree with the review. Beautiful airport. A significant improvement over the performance of their Memphis.

Thanks for the review. It was a good read.