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In the heart of Morocco lies an incredibly important city: Agadir.  Near to the Atlas Mountains and on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, Agadir provides a gateway for many to explore North Africa. Agadir-Al Massira airport (GMAD) is a single runway operation that sees over 1.4 million passengers travel through it each year.  As you would expect, the biggest airline at the airport is Royal Air Maroc, but a range of low-cost carriers use it as a portal for European travelers to enjoy the culture of Morocco. Over the past few years, tourism has boomed thanks to the increased links to mainland Europe and the UK, although there is a very limited choice of long-haul options available for those traveling further afield.

When thinking of areas in the world that have shortcomings in terms of scenery availability, North Africa – and more specifically, Morocco – are certainly areas that more attention can be given to. Luckily, the team at Flight Sim Development Group (FSDG) has also recognized this. They took the reins and have crafted a wonderful and detailed rendition of this desert airport.

The detail within the airport is up to the usual standard you would expect by now from the development team at FSDG. Some of my favorite aspects were these smaller details found over by the terminal building. Security cameras have been realistically modeled, signage is clearly legible, and even mosaic tiling has been believably placed onto the architecture of the buildings. There are also plenty of mini gardens where plants and trees are growing, which help birth even more authenticity into the product. I am a sucker for details and FSDG have really gone above board to ensure they meet the expectations of those who have enjoyed their products in the past.

It’s not just the buildings that have received in-depth detail, it’s the airport itself. You will notice objects such as baggage trucks and maintenance vehicles have been created as well. Beyond the walls of the airport, you’ll find the car park littered with cars, buses, and foliage, giving you a reason to continue exploring. This is important because of the sparsity of the terminal buildings. As there’s very little blocking your view beyond the airport itself, the added detail landside ensures that you still feel like a part of the experience.  

Further to those details, there’s a considerable amount of detail in the ground poly and texturing for the runways, aprons and more. As the airport is in a hot climate with lots of dry weather, there’s suitable rust, cracks and other environmental effects that are realistic. The aprons are all highly detailed with ground markings reflecting the real world and they blend in nicely with other scenery elements. When flying to the Moroccan city, the atmosphere of these little details will really encourage you to take a closer look into what FDSG are offering.


FSDG has ensured that they have created a visually stunning airport regardless of the time of day. The airport excels for me during the twilight hours. When the African sun sets, the soft orange glow bounces off of the sandstone walls beautifully – and when combined with the dynamic lighting in P3DV4, it shows just how good the sim can look. The use of shadows on the objects allows for areas to remain beautifully dark, whilst ensuring key parts are lit up for a safe operation. The contrast works really well, with little impact on the performance.

FSDG have never been a group to charge a high amount for their products, and Agadir continues that trend. For just over 14 Euros, it’s quite a cheap addition to your sim world. It’s fully compatible with FSX, FSX: SE, P3DV3 and of course P3DV4 (including correct file structures). For a fully detailed airport with some neat extras, it’s good bang for the buck. It’s also compatible with a range of third-party add-ons, which makes installing even easier.


Overall, we felt...

Presentation 8
Features 6.5
Performance 7.5
Value 9

Overall, we felt...

7.8 Out of 10 How do we score? | Feedback? My time in Agadir was short but enjoyable. The airport is great and is a fantastic piece of work by the team at FSDG. It’s a small little airport with limited short-haul routes available, but it opens up a new part of the world for flight simmers. If you enjoy details, this will tickle your fancy just fine. It’s certainly one of the most detailed and well performing North African airports available for the sim, and certainly worth your time and money.

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