Drzewiecki Design Seattle Landmarks: The FSElite Review

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Drzewiecki Design recently released their latest edition to their city landmark series for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, this time taking on the city of Seattle. I, myself, a resident of Seattle, wanted to pick this scenery up immediately, and explore.

Bottom line, the developer set a target of improving the modeling of the Seattle area, and they largely succeeded in accomplishing that goal. The modeling of the buildings and infrastructure is a significant upgrade over what default brings you. It commands a price of 15 Euros, or about 18 US Dollars, which is a lot compared to what other sceneries are usually priced in the market, but the scenery comes with a lot, so if you’re a Seattle flyer, definitely pick this up. Let’s talk about why.

Spencer te Wildt

The author Spencer te Wildt

Spencer got interested in the aviation community when trying out Flight Simulator X at a friend’s house in 2008 - and has been hooked ever since. A long time member of the flight simulator video community, he launched the SJT375 Youtube channel in 2009 and founded MyFlightDirector in 2012, a site he ran for 6 years focusing on development of the flight simulator YouTube community. Outside of Flight Simulator, Spencer followed his passion in aviation to become an Engineer at Boeing, and enjoys soccer and cycling.
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