Carenado A42-500: The FSElite Video Review

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Ronnie here with another FSElite video review. This time, I’m looking at the Carenado A42-500 on Prepar3D. The aircraft is perfect for short-hops carrying lots of paying passengers. You can watch my video review above, where I take a look at the modelling, the systems and other elements that make up one of the latest aircraft from Carenado.

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-Prepar3D v4.xx
-REX Texture Direct w/ SoftClouds
-REX SkyForce3d
-ActiveSky for P3d v4.xx
-Orbx Global Base
-Orbx Global Vector
-Orbx OpenLC NA
-Orbx HD Trees
-Orbx Southern Alaska(with regional airports)
-Carenado A42 500

PC Specs:
-1080p Monitor
-STRIX Z270 Motherboard
-Intel i5 7600K CPU(overclocked)
-16gb ram
-air cooled
-NZXT elite case (tempered glass)

Produced by:
Ronnie Wainscott

Song used:
Last Heroes- Dimensions (NCS Release)

Turning Onto Finals
$44.95 US is what is needed to add this beauty to your virtual hangar. Although sometimes the overhead lighting bugs out and the 'thousand feet to go' altitude alarm can have its fits if you are descending slowly it was never enough to make me question the value of the Carenado A42-500. I always found myself enjoying hand flying this monster due to its ease at the controls and I really enjoyed being able to squeeze in a quick island hop after work. Its not advertised as being study level but it is a good fit for everyone beginner to advanced.
8.2 Out of 10 How do we score? | Feedback?
  • The FMC is super simplified. It does not seem to support airways.
  • Some bugs with the overhead panel lighting
  • I experienced issues with some sound effects for warnings and also the props themselves

Overall, we felt...

Overall Score 8.2

Overall, we felt...

8.2 Out of 10 How do we score? | Feedback?

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