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Aerosoft/GayaSimulation Genoa X : The FSElite Review

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Genoa is a small city that is situated in North Eastern Italy with a population of just over 500,000 people. The city itself has a large port that is situated directly next to the airport with the airport being placed within the port itself. Genoa airport as it is known to most people also resides with the name of Cristoforo Colombo Airport.  The airport sits upon an artificial peninsula that juts out into the sea. It serves a very important purpose and is the biggest and busiest airport within the Liguria region of Italy handling almost 1.3 million passengers in 2014.  Genoa is used by a variety of airlines coming in from a variety of destinations. To name a few, British Airways from London Gatwick, Air France from Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Alitalia from Rome Fiumicino and even airlines such as S7 Airlines that operate from Moscow-Domodedovo.

The scenery is distributed by Aerosoft so it uses one of their very simple installers that involve very little hassle. Once the scenery is installed there is no configuration tool that comes with the airport so you are left with what you have. However this is no bad trait. The scenery is very pleasant on performance and I have seen no issues with with performance having flown into the airport various times now. It always makes a pleasant experience when flying to a scenery as detailed as this with minimal effect on performance.

The airport is located within the port of Genoa and is encapsulated by mountains that rise above the city. This scenery makes for some captivating approaches with some coming in through the mountains and others such as the circling approach for runway 10 swooping round the port and lining up with the runway at the last minute. I would highly recommend the circling approach as it allows you to have a good look at the city as well as experiencing a challenging approach.

It seems to be that GayaSimulation have cut no corners when creating this scenery. All aspects of the scenery are accurately modelled and extremely well textured. Hopefully something that we will be seeing in Brussels which is soon to come from them. They have modelled a large portion of the surrounding area which makes the scenery far more complete with the ports being very well detailed and other buildings being accurately modelled and textured also. However, apart from the autogen that directly surrounds the airport it seems to be that they have used default autogen and hand placed it. None the less this does not impact the feel of the scenery too much and it is still excellent. All buildings that lie directly on the coastline also seem to be custom autogen with marinas and sports facilities being well modelled. Overall the airport and surrounding area have been created in excellent detail and you will be more than impressed when flying into this airport. It is hard to notice that some of the buildings are default as they have been hand placed and not generically placed by P3D/FSX.

The night lighting at the airport like most airports we see nowadays is excellent. Upon my first visit to the airport I was surprised as my night lighting seemed to be quite poor. It was in fact due to the fact that my SODE was not up to date. SODE is required for this scenery to function properly. Without it installed you will notice that the night lighting does not function properly and that you will have no jetways appear. Once it is installed it does massively improve the scenery especially with the implication of SODE jetways. This is a newer replacement to the traditional Ctrl + J or no jetways moving at all. It accurately lines the jetway up with the aircraft and is being seen in more and more sceneries. It is good to see developers taking more advantage of this awesome tool and I look forward to seeing it be implemented in more sceneries to come. The jetways that are used at Genoa airport are ones that only move forwards and backwards. This means that your jetway aligment with the door must be pretty accurate in order for SODE to recognise that your aircraft is there.

The scenery has been very well implemented into the surrounding area if you are using either default or Orbx mesh. It will of course look better if intergrated within Orbx scenery but it will still look perfectly fine with default. In my shots of this airport you should hopefully see this. If you are wondering what Orbx packages I am using then I can tell you that it is Orbx Global Base, FTX Open Land Class Europe and FTX Vector. With these three products installed I get a seemless transition between the airport and it’s surrounding area. I would not be able to tell you how it intergrates with other mesh from different developers but I am sure that it would work well. On top of the mesh and terrain intergrating well, the night lighting also flows seemlessly into the surrounding area. It is great to see developers such as Gaya Simulations putting such a great amount of effort into making their airport look good stand alone and when placed amongst the terrain around it.

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Mungo Spencer

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Brilliant addition to fsx software. The scenery detail around the airfield is excellent

It would be brilliant when Gaya Simulations would add apron dynamic lights finally.

It seems that they ceased operations (read developing any addon for months). In February they said they are back and they promised to add apron lighting to Genoa.

Still not delivered…