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For years, we’ve been lucky enough to be able to use the same navigation data as some European airliners use. Coming straight from Lufthansa’s Lido system, thousands of airports are covered, complete with their SIDs and STARs. With the release of Aerosoft’s NavDataPro, Navigraph had a whimper of panic due to some competition on the scene. For years, Navigraph was the only reliable source for NavData for Flight Simulation, but then Aerosoft brought their A-Game. Even now, NavDataPro is reserved for only a handful of aircraft available, but users claim it is the most complete set of information out there.

Since Aerosoft released NavDataPro’s data set, Navigraph continued to expand their product range by bringing out Navigraph Charts – a tool which can be used on iOS, Android and Desktop PCs for a complete range of both airport and enroute charts. As a result, Aerosoft had to respond with what they were going to do next. This then brings us to today: Aerosoft have expanded on the product range and have released their NavDataPro Charts, compatible with both iOS and Desktop PC (but not yet Android).

Just the like the NavData itself, the charts are sourced directly from Lufthansa’s Lido system, meaning you’ll have complete coverage of all airports that you currently use with your NavDataPro NavData. Again, this is the same charts that airlines all across the world use, so you can be positive that your simulation will be as real as it gets.

As for usability, NavDataPro is super easy to use. Once you’ve signed in, you’ll be greeted by a simple to use interface, which allows you to search for an airport by IATA code, ICAO code or airport name. In my opinon, simplicity is what it’s all about. A clean, easy-to-use interface is where design is heading these days.

Thanks to the auto-suggesting search box, airports are easy to find. Regardless of whether you know only a portion of the airport’s code or full name, you’ll soon have your charts on your screen. Once you’ve found the airport, navigating to your desired chart couldn’t be easier, thanks to its simple colour coding scheme and flowing tabbed design.

I believe Aerosoft have done a great job with the design. With so much space on the interface reserved for the charts, you have loads of room to zoom in, pan or rotate. This is really helpful for when you’re looking to see the finer details within the charts, or need rotate to face a certain orientation to help you.

As you would expect from real-world charts, these things are highly detailed and allows you to zoom in to very close levels before things start to get a little pixelated. In fact, it’s really impressive how quickly they download to your computer for reading when selecting, despite their high quality. Of course, the high quality is imperative for enroute charts. From the original view, things are illegible, but as you get closer, the detail is staggeringly good, really allowing you to plot your route correctly and precisely. I feel the quality of these charts outweigh the quality from Navigraph, especially when at full-zoom.

Without having that much knowledge of enroute chart names, I would prefer it if there was further information added to each chart. For example, as you can see, I have selected “REC NA 10H”. Luckily, I know this is primarily the Eastern side of the USA, however, less knowledgeable people would ‘guess’ their way to the correct chart. With so much room for more information, it would be good if in the future, Aerosoft could add a descriptor to each chart to simplify the process for both novice and experienced users alike.

Keeping with the theme for simplicity, NavDataPro Charts have done a great job at making frequently visited airports easily accessible, I would just need to add them to my ‘kneeboard’ and at any time, I can just go in and grab the chart information. A feature I really like that keeps things simple is the fact that I can ‘add a flight.’ By adding a flight, I select the departure, arrival and alternate airports, and this pre-populates all the charts into one section, in chronological order. It outputs a massive list, but it’s worth it, because it saves time and effort of downloading time and time again, especially when you may need charts to hand quickly. This really helped with planning my flights; equally, it would be great to see enroute charts added at some point.

Sadly, I don’t own an iOS device to test out the features, but the rest of the team at FSElite have said it works really well, is speedy and the interactive map features really help to make using the charts as easy as possible. The VATSIM integration is also exceptionally helpful when crossing over different airspace, as it gives you chance to plan even more in advance to help make the flying part even easier. It would be great if features like drawing and adding text to the maps were on the Desktop versions, as that would help for the visual people such as myself.

Subscription: Content: Price*
NavDataPro Charts –
One Year Access
Access to charts for 366 days 55,99 €
(47,05 € ex VAT)
NavDataPro Charts –
One Month Access
Access to charts for 31 days 7,99 €
(6,71 € ex VAT)
NavDataPro Charts –
One Day Access
Access to charts for 1 day 2,99 €
(2,51 € ex VAT)
NavDataPro Bundle –
One Year Access
Bundle 1 year Chart Access FMS Data
(13 Cycle)
(available from July 2016)
69,99 €
(58,82 € ex VAT)

As far as pricing goes, Aerosoft have assured us that in July people will be able to buy the NavDataPro bundle (yearly access), which includes both the NavData and the Charts for 69.99EUR, which is actually cheaper than what Navigraph currently supply. If you’re still not sure, then Aerosoft currently offer day subscriptions, giving you the chance to try it out before you drop a large sum of money.

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