Aerosoft Milano Malpensa X: The FSElite Review

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Milan Malpensa Airport is the biggest airport that can be found within the Milan metropolitan area of Northern Italy. It is accompanied by two other airports which are Milan Linate and Milan Bergamo, both of which do not reach Malpensa in terms of size and passenger numbers. The airport itself is located 30 miles North West of the actual city of Milan near to the Ticino River. In the year of 2015 the airport handled some eighteen and a half million passengers to all corners of the world. These numbers brought it to be the 29th busiest airport in Europe. Surprisingly it even handles more traffic than Rome Fiumicino in terms of passengers, freight and cargo. On average the airport handles 435,000 tons of freight annually.

The airport comes in the form of the regular Aerosoft installer package which requires you simply to enter in an email and serial number. Configuration options are basic and the only apparent option you can change is whether you wish for the jetways to move with SODE or by simply pressing Ctrl+J. If you want the best experience of using the jetways then I would highly recommend choosing the SODE option as it aligns the jetways more accurately and doesn’t send the jet way half way through the fuselage. In order for the SODE jetways to work you must install SODE externally from the scenery.

Going onto the topic of performance I am not too sure what to think. It seems to be a common trend at large airports created by Aerosoft that the performance seems to lack. This is in the respect of both FPS and VAS. Although not as bad as some other Aerosoft airport such as Heathrow or Frankfurt it still is not good. I am lucky enough to have a good system so performance does not tend to be a problem for me but if you are on lower end systems then I would recommend thinking about purchasing it before you go out and buy it. The worst thing to do is to buy an addon that you then can’t use due to performance.

The approach that aerosoft have taken towards this airport seems to be a very much aerosoft way of looking at things. It is not anything incredible and on the levels of Taxi2Gate or FlyTampa but it is in no way a bad scenery. I just get the feeling with these aerosoft products that if they just pushed that little bit further then they could create something that is truly excellent. The depth that Aerosoft have gone into here is pretty good. They have modelled a lot of different aspects around the airport and it is obvious that they have spent quite some time on modelling at the airport. There is smooth object flow around the airport that seems to have been implemented well amongst the scenery. Another good feature of the airport is the animated jetways that are seen around the airport. It is not an airport where some jetways may work and some may not. They are all functional and work through SODE or Ctrl+J.

Personally I feel that the value of the product is pretty reasonable. Considering the size of the airport the price does not seem too extortionate for what you get. At the end of the day you are getting a large airport that has taken quite a while to prepare. I was more than happy to pay the price for the scenery. The product itself does not have much of a niche aspect bar the fact that it is the only version of Milan Malpensa that is of any decent quality. It is just another airport in the line of many others that Aerosoft have to offer.

The scenery itself is relatively well modelled but could be slightly better in just a couple of areas. They have to gone to the extent of high detail by adding terminal interiors which is becoming much more common nowadays and also smaller details such as 3D grass. However when at the scenery there just seems like there is something missing that could just make it that little bit better. I personally believe that they could’ve just gone into that tiny little bit more detail in the form of maybe using higher quality reference images or adding more wear to buildings. But considering the size of the airport it is easy to understand why they haven’t gone to that exceptionally high level of detail as that would take a very long time to create and having waited for the product for such a long time I think they have managed to get away with it. Overall though when the airport is taken as a whole it is a pretty well textured airport with the modelling also being on a par with it.

With the level of detail that has been put into the airport it is easy to feel that you are very much immersed within the large Italian hub when you are sat on the ground. I took the time to fly a few VFR circuits around the airfield during the day and also at night. When performing these I felt as if I really was flying around Northern Italy. The scenery has been excellently implemented into the Orbx area that surrounds it and when using open land class Europe the transition between the scenery and the landscape around it is seamless. Going back on the topic of the airport at night I was not too sure too think. I do not think that too much detail has been put into modelling the night lighting. It works perfectly but it just doesn’t quite have that touch that would push it over the bar into being very good. The apron lighting is modelled but seems a bit dark and the terminal lighting in my opinion seems the make the terminals look pretty awful. But overall the airport doesn’t look too bad at night.

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