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The Aerosoft Airbus A318/319 Professional is a plane that may prove very useful to a lot of flight simulator enthusiasts. Versatile and widely used in the aviation industry, the plane is great for short to medium-range flights. Released as the first two aircraft in a series of planes included in the Professional line that will see the release of both the A320 and A321, and eventually the A330, Aerosoft has promised this plane is a complete rebuild of the plane many users are familiar with from previous versions of both P3D and FSX.

The Airbus A318 is the smallest of the Airbus A320 family. Capable of carrying up to 132 passengers close to 3,100nm, the plane is a welcome addition to the hangar of any pilot interested in commercial flights. The A319 increases passenger capacity to roughly 160 and adds an additional 500 nautical miles to your maximum route options. Both planes share a common type-rating with the rest of the A320 family variants and will be familiar to anyone who has spent some time in the cockpit of the A320.

Aerosoft took close to a year of work to complete this family of planes. While most users expected an entirely new aircraft from the ground up (as touted by Aerosoft in pre-release marketing), what we have so far might very well be a just a 64-bit-compatible variant of the 32-bit A320 series that Aerosoft has sold for years.


Installation of the plane was standard practice and easily done without any issues. The included installer provides a variety of documentation along with an updater and livery manager, although the updater is hard to find as it was not installed into my Start menu and I had to search through folders on my hard drive to find it. The included documentation is comprehensive, easy-to-read, and quite useful. Using both pictures and text, it makes getting the plane off the ground quite easy and methodical. The included checklists are a welcome addition for any pilot who likes to follow a specific flow or standard operating procedure and are perfect for a pilot who is new to the A320 family.

Visual Presentation

According to Aerosoft, they spent a lot of time on the visual models for this plane. And in some regards, that attention to the modelling shows. On the inside, the virtual cockpit is impressive. Textures are crisp and bright, and even the smallest text stands out and is easy to read. The included documentation even includes suggestions for optimum graphics card settings to help you get the most out of your visuals. During my test flights, no matter what interior view I selected, I didn’t encounter any blurry textures or hard-to-read words on the panels. A sticking point for me, however, is the font that Aerosoft chose to use in the MCP displays. In all of my research online, the actual font is smaller and less blocky, making the Aerosoft font choice seem a little ‘cartoonish’ by comparison. The dynamic lighting inside the VC at night is outstanding. Colour temperatures feel right, the lighting is well-simulated and makes me want to fly at night all the time. Add to that the fact that the lighting has minimal effect on frames, and this plane is definitely a night flyer.

The outside of the aircraft, however, is underwhelming. Aerosoft chose to use existing textures from their previous 32-bit planes in order to take advantage of the wide amount of liveries already available for their planes. On the surface, this makes sense. Many users are anxious to apply various airline liveries to their new plane and making users wait for updated or optimized liveries can be very frustrating, but this plane has been in the works for over a year and I would like to think that livery painters in the community would have been ready to pump out optimized liveries very quickly. It was always disappointing to switch views from a well-modelled and crisp VC to an exterior that has blurry and dated textures. It would have been nice to see Aerosoft take advantage of the 64-bit architecture of P3D and provide high-resolution textures, as they would have had minimal impact on performance.

Add to that the fact that the included livery manager is unable to properly handle adding existing liveries to the new ‘Professional’ series of planes (many old liveries don’t display properly and getting them to work is finicky), and it defeats the purpose of sticking with the old textures. Aerosoft does include a livery installation workaround on their forums, which includes tweaking some files, but users should expect a seamless solution for managing liveries on their new planes after such a long wait. It’s baffling that this bug was missed during the extensive beta testing.


As with the visuals, the sounds inside and outside the airplane are a mixed bag, and at times, underwhelming. Sounds are present for most of the buttons and dials, but rotating some dials (including switching the Baro from InHg to Millibars) results in silence. Pressing buttons on the FMC results in loud and hearty clicks that are the same sounds as when you press buttons on the overhead. As well, starting the APU gives a sudden and loud whine, and there is very little spool up. The lack of attention to detail in this area make it feel like these sounds were a hastily added after-thought.

Starting the engines gives you a sense that they are in the general vicinity, perhaps even attached to the plane, but I could use some more ‘meaty’ and varied sounds from the engines. P3D 64-bit architecture now allows for a much greater complexity in aircraft systems – including sounds – and this is something that users now expect when they purchase an aircraft. It would be nice to see Aerosoft take advantage of this processing headroom and provide more immersive engine sounds, incorporating more of the realism that should be parcelled with a plane at this price-point.

While the plane is taxiing, there is a noticeable absence of sounds that the wheels would make as they roll over the taxiway and runway, including the bumps and ground noise. There is, however, what I can best describe as an annoying low rumble or hum that plays at certain speeds on the ground. To the best of my knowledge, it is either wind noise or a poorly-simulated version of the aforementioned ground noise that only occurs when you hit certain speeds. During my flights, it started around 17 knots (and would stop instantly if the plane dropped below that speed).

Cabin crew announcements are a welcome addition to the sounds in the plane. Recordings of the cabin crew reviewing safety procedures, preparing the passengers for take-off and landings, and welcoming them aboard the aircraft or thanking them for flying help to increase the level of immersion, and make the plane sound like the busy environment that it would be during a flight. I did find that a few of the recordings would play even if they weren’t triggered (i.e the ‘it’s now safe to use portable electronics’ recording would play even if the ‘no portable electronics’ sign switch was still in the on position).


The plane features what is described as a semi-intelligent co-pilot as well as an interactive checklist feature. This co-pilot and checklist feature adds another dimension to your flying. By turning on both the checklists and co-pilot options in the third FMC menu, you can activate your co-pilot who then performs some basic cockpit functions based on checklists that are included with the plane. By pressing number keys to activate each checklist, your co-pilot performs various flows such as activating fuel pumps, testing emergency equipment as well as operating flaps and gear on take-off, giving you an extra pair of hands in the cockpit. The included voices are that of a male and a female captain and first officer, and I couldn’t find any options to change their voices. The co-pilot feature is very handy and it is fun to have, and while I used it at the gate and it worked flawlessly, I preferred to complete my flights without the assistance of someone in the right seat.

Systems and Flight

The A318/A319 Professional is a plane that can be characterized as comfortable, if not easy, to fly. It feels relatively comfortable in-hand and I believe this plane will appeal squarely to the hobby simmer who is looking for a simulation of all of the major systems in the Airbus without getting caught up in every single detail of running the airplane. And that’s not a bad thing. The plane requires a pilot to pay attention to proper procedures and on flights into KJFK and CYUL, I never felt overwhelmed or lost – the plane performing as it should. The Fly-By-Wire (FBW) system is meant to provide the pilot with a sense of control that is quick and precise, modelled after the real-world Airbus and tested by real-world pilots. I never felt that the plane was difficult to control, and sometimes the controls (in my mind) felt a little too easy, making the plane feel smaller than it actually is.

Many of the airplane options are accessed through an included third ‘FMC menu’ that can be brought on screen by clicking a button at the top of either FMC in the cockpit. Independent from the main FMC (the window appears as a 2D window at the top of your screen), this third menu controls a variety of airplane options including the doors and loading of passengers and fuel. The menu also includes all of the airplane options (including unit displays, sounds, rudder control, checklists) and even gives options for pause at top-of-descent and pause at next waypoint – welcome options for busy pilots who fly offline. The third FMC menu is a holdover from the 32-bit versions of their aircraft, and while a convenient feature it would be nice to see these options accessed by an LSK built into the existing FMC environment.

The FMC layout and pages were as expected, however, the functionality of some areas left me scratching my head. Loading a company route (a flight plan saved in the airplane’s flight plan folder) was a little confusing and caused some issues. On a flight from CYYZ to KPHX, the flight plan (exported from SimBrief) loaded both the departure and arrival runways, along with the SID and STAR. However, the STAR that was loaded in the FMC was completely different from the STAR that appeared on the PDF version of the flight plan from the same SimBrief export. The only time this happened to me was when I loaded a company route (instead of entering my route waypoints manually) and I am not sure if it was caused by pilot error or a hiccup in the system. Also noted within the FMC pages is the inability to use the left and right arrows to page back to the INIT page when you enter the INIT B page. As well, for some reason the standby altimeter refused to register 29.91, instead skipping from 29.92 right to 29.90. Both of these are bugs that I am sure will be addressed in a future update. Plus, the ability for the plane to continue to fly and consume no fuel when the fuel pumps are turned off has mysteriously made it into this version of the build. Definitely something that needs to be looked at.

Button clicks on dip switches were counter-intuitive. On almost all planes, left-clicks move the switch down and right-clicks will move the switch up. However, on this plane, a left-click moves the switch up and right-clicks move the switch down. A small detail that, in most scenarios, is inconsequential, but in a moment of high-workload (such as take-off or landing) this may have you moving a switch the wrong way as you quickly click from muscle memory.

Aerosoft has included some little touches, like a working printer on the pedestal that actually prints relevant METAR data for destination airports. It’s a small item, but adds to the immersion and adds something fun to the experience.

Captain and First Officer systems are linked together, meaning that you can’t operate them separately. Oddly enough, this lack of separate PFDs does not follow the SOP of many airlines, even though Aerosoft promised that, on release, this plane would be representative of those very SOP’s. They do promise independent systems in the SP1 update.

The flight guidance systems are definitely the weakest point of this aircraft. The VNAV logic needs quite a bit of work, as managed climb and managed descent are, at times, enough to make you wonder if the passengers are still alive. On a managed climb out of CYYZ on the MIGLO SID, headed to CYUL, the plane ascended at monstrous speeds. Once in cruise, the plane was relatively tame, giving me time to enjoy some coffee. Speaking of coffee, one is delivered by a cabin crew member once the seatbelt signs go off. This coffee feature can be turned off via the aforementioned third FMC menu, but I suspect many people will keep it on for the first while as it’s a fun little gimmick.

Managed descent is another area that needs work. The plane struggled to stay on the VNAV profile, often approaching descent rates that exceeded 5000 fpm. On my approach during a flight into KJFK, I had to intervene and control the descent – as the plane seemed to ignore published altitude restrictions (noted in the FMC), and went straight to 4000 feet. I had to double-check to make sure I had the plane on managed descent. Once I had the plane back on the profile, it awkwardly leveled off before plummeting once again when it captured the glidescope. It makes it seem as if the plane only has two modes: ‘plummet’ and ‘level flight’. I can only imagine the poor cabin crew member struggling to get to the flightdeck door to deliver that final cup of coffee.

The plane has a negligible effect on frames in P3D. Flying out of notoriously frame-taxing FlyTampa CYYZ, I experienced smooth performance as I taxied around the airport and was climbing through low altitudes. This included a night flight with dynamic lighting and overcast conditions, which usually brings any system to its knees. During regular usage, I typically limit my frames in my flight sim settings, but for the purpose of this review, I ran with unlimited frames. From inside the VC, at night, with cockpit lighting active and dynamic lighting switched on, at CYYZ I averaged 50-60 FPS on my machine (which is a 7700K using a 1080ti GPU). Of course, your mileage may vary.

Aerosoft has also included an updater with the plane, allowing users to easily install both stable and experimental updates. This is a great tool, as users are not forced to download a .zip or .exe file and uninstall and reinstall newer versions of the airplane. Instead, once opened, the updater detects when there is a new update, and applies it to the airplane. As well, if you own the Aerosoft CRJ and have updated that plane to SP1, it will also appear in the updater, keeping everything in one central location. Aerosoft has promised a significant number of improvements and new features with the SP1 update, however, timelines are a little fuzzy although I have noticed several smaller updates via the included updater since the plane has been released.


While good frames are definitely key to a great flight sim experience, there are still many issues with the plane. Aerosoft tacked some shiny new features onto an old plane, promising users an ‘all-new’ plane and instead delivering a beefed-up port of their existing 32-bit plane. While many of the originally promoted features are still promised in an upcoming SP1 update, there is simply no reason that we should have to wait to get a fully-functional, bug-free plane after over a year of development. With that being said, the plane is functional and does what you would expect an airplane to do, and it makes perfect sense for the sim pilot who wants to fill their hangar with variants of the Airbus A320 family and fly without getting bogged down in what has can be a really complex aircraft.


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6.3 A polished version of a long-in-the-tooth airplane, the A318/A319 Professional certainly isn't groundbreaking. It remains to be seen if subsequent updates will finally make the plane into what we were all promised in the first place.

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Jonathan Clayton

The author Jonathan Clayton

Digital Marketer by day and high-performance sprint and hurdle coach by night. Also finds a little time to fly in P3D. Professional Twitch lurker (JC_YYZ). Nintendo Switch aficionado (but true Sega Genesis fan). Lives in Canada, (eh), with his blue-eyed Siberian husky named Aspen. Likes maple syrup, bacon, and saying 'sorry' a lot.

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Just a question, what does the CS757 have more than the AS318/319 ? For real that’s seems more a bashing than a real review. Also i don’t really understand

Your CS review proved that the plane had so much problem , as the FMC bug as you input payload, the FPS problem majority of people have (Look at 2 minutes on the CS forum) , VNAV problem, and for you the price wasn’t an issue for just one type of engine. For real you put a 7.5/10 for this shit CS 757 a,d a 6.3/10 for a

@Alex The CS 757 is better in the universe where planes need to work, first and foremost. In it’s current state, the Aerobus is simply not ready to be flown online. The autopilot bugs out, VNAV and LNAV are unreliable at best and entirely nonfunctional at worst. While the CS 757 does not include some of the quality of life improvements offered in the Aerobus, it gets the fundamentals right and is capable of flying from A to B without dealing with the “quirks” of the flight systems.

@Alex for the record that virtual crew is in no way emulating real world ops.

“CS 757 is much better then this.”

On which paralel universe? Ever heard of a CS757 which includes a complete crew with an automatic copilot or even, if you prefer, FS2Crew integration? AS Bus does, for those that prefer to emulate real world ops, not pretend to steal a B757 all by yourself. : )

Probably because we had higher expectations for Aerosoft

CS 757 is much better then this.

Calum Martin

Different reviewers have different expectations.

I won’t speak for the scores of an aircraft of individual planes by different reviewers but I suggest you read the score guidelines to better understand why they made the choice they did.

Thank you for that balanced review. It is more or less my experience with the old 32-bit version. I just can‘t see a clear (promised) improvement.

I am just glad that there are alternatives out there and I don‘t have to spend any money on it! Maybe the A330. Let‘s see!

Calum Martin

Thanks. I think this is the point Jon was trying to put across.

The Fourth rendition of the exact same aircraft with some of the exact same issues that the very first version had… Another $50+ please!

True, AS Airbus Pro series still need more work and polish.

True, there are still annoying bugs with VNAV and flight dynamics.

But to be honest they are the more immersive aircraft I’ve seen so far for recreational flight simulator.

Having spent my whole professional life in a cockpit I can say that It happens to me today to feel again in the real beast while taxiing or flying her.

Sounds are right, lighting is right, textures are just beautiful.

Although climbing way too fast the Bus flies correctly and systems are enough reliable to bring you to your destination.

I fly a lot the FSLabs Airbus and love it for training purpose.

No other aircraft brings the same level of satisfaction when simulating failures or hard landings.

No other addon goes that deeply with systems accuracy.

It is a real masterpiece.

AS Airbus offers something else to the eyes the ears and the brain.

I don’t compare them and both have their pros and cons and are aiming different targets.

I just really expect Aerosoft to fix the remaining bugs and enhance the flight logic a bit.

I haven’t seen any ETA for SP1. Hope it won’t take too long.

In the meantime I sincerely don’t regret my investment and spend some really cool moments letting my copilot dealing with checklists.

Both Aerosoft A320 series and A318-319 are not for the hard simmer! The main purpose of their Airbus simulation is about the experience to be in the cockpit …like co pilot assistance….checklist…and other things

There were a lot of comments of Aerosoft team regarding that on the forums. They clearly reinforce that their Airbus is all about experience, not complexity. Those who want more hard core simulation of the systems, FGMS and almost all of the a320, please refer to FSlabs A320. It is really more complex simulation with almost all that the hard simmer are looking for. But…Fslabs is not a beginner product….and intermediate simmers have problems with it also to function properly like the manuals. It is really a product for virtual pilots with long lasting experience with dispatch system…flight plans…and so on. At my point of view…Aerosoft Airbus is a product to seat and go. All the other aspects of simulation are left aside. The experience is more important that learn about a320 systems, ground dispatches, complex flight plans and so on.

The review itself is fair, but the numerical grade is a joke. That’s the same grade FSElite gave Blackbox’s BN2 Islander. I wonder if anyone would put these two airplanes on par in terms of quality.

Calum Martin

You’re right – there is certainly work we can do on our grading system. When we first started, we had some relatively highly scored products, which upon reflection was probably too much.

We have work to do on reviews, no doubt, and review scores is something we’re keen to look at.

We’ll never get it right, just like any other media publication out there sadly. However, we do try to make it clear at least what our grading means.

if you are confident you have a good product, and its selling well, then why should you attack a review? it seems too childish and amateurish to do this…

“Speaking of coffee, one is delivered by a cabin crew member once the seatbelt signs go off. This coffee feature can be turned off via the aforementioned third FMC menu”

That’s a negative sir. Not able to disable that thing, which means you have listen to that god awful sound of the cockpit doorbell every flight…..

Fair review! Excellent work

Would be catastrophic if every product was a 8 or a 9. I trust you guys when it comes to spending my money. Keep it up!

Do you even Froogle

And also that PC Pilot magazine.

VC10, yeah, one looses credibility if everything is good and awesome.

> Would be catastrophic if every product was a 8 or a 9.

You just described Mutley’s Hangar! I always find it amusing that they put the glowing citations their reviews have received from *payware developers and publishers* on their reviews page.

Not a happy camper

How did Aerosoft spend so much time fixing bugs and somehow end up with a product that has more bugs than before? Something seems fishy here.

Is there a good reason to buy the A320 variation by Aerosoft? I would answer no. Nothing of what was announced has been completed, Autoflight is not working as it should and if you own their A318 you will only experience very little difference. Use your money to buy THE much convincing alternative: fewer gimmicks but a very convincing replica of the real thing.

Alex: I receive your objections. But doesn’t it really matter to get four models providing the same middle-class flight experience? And the flaws affecting the autoflight are very disappointing for me after such a long time of development. but OK it’s another choice.

@Alex. I hear this argument over and over again but it is just not true. The FSL is so much more than emergencies although that is what Matthijs claims in almost every post. I have had both aircraft and the difference is just huge and I am not even touching the emergencies. Not for a second I had the feeling that I wasted only one cent on the FSL bus… I also haven’t waisted any money on the Aerosoft Bus for FSX/P3Dv3 as it did its job quite well when I was a beginner. But when you have a ton of other great planes around, the Aerosoft Bus just doesn’t cut it anymore, even though it is cheap(er).

IF you don’t mind paying three times more to end up with half the models, in order to fly an aircraft where all systems are functioning but the likes of which you might never unless you’re the type that enjoys practicing malfunctions and emergencies as they happen in level-d simulators and not real life, I would agree with you. If on the other hand you’re not swimming in money, but still want a great airbus that allows you to immerse in real world ops even though the underlying complexity is much smaller yet you might not notice that much as long as you keep to standard ops, I’d suggest Aerosoft’s. And you get 4 models. It’s simply two different approached for different users. Except for the rich simmer that can afford whatever addons his heart desires, none of these two airbus is worse, none is better. They’re different.

I got the Aerosoft A318/19 for a discount since I was a previous owner and I honestly wouldn’t get it (in it’s current state) if I was paying full price. Everything is the same from the 32 bit, except the whole thing is broken. Like you mentioned, sounds are meh at best, systems are lite (which I can expect…but why do I still have linked displays??? All of these “features” aren’t even added yet. They keep talking about SP1, but to me it sounds like this plane shouldn’t have been released.

Alex, everyone bashed them because they would tell us a release date as well as promise all these features, then when they would keep delaying and delaying, as well as promise all these features. When they FINALLY released, it was a “oh it will be in SP1” give me a break.

But remember the constant bashing about it not being released ever? Personally I’m glad it was released, I’ve flown it, and had fun with it, no issues (if I stick to procedures, I am not that familiar with the airbus logic and easily get lost if I stray out of the main path), I found the autocopilot quite impressive, I had no need for the FS2Crew button edition, and making it even easier to fly almost right out of the box.

Amen, Grant. It feels like a crappy port. So many systems/features are supposed to be newly coded, however my eyes and ears are telling me a different story.

Honestly? The thing I love about FSElite is that so far it is the only flight sim media site I have found that doesn’t lick the boots of certain developers while shoving manure at others. Well done at creating a fair and balanced platform.

Calum Martin

Thanks for the feedback. It’s appreciated 🙂

„the ability for the plane to fly while the fuel pumps are turned off has mysteriously made it into this version of the build. Definitely something that needs to be looked at.“

When, oh when, will simmers finally realise that in no modern jet the engines will quit if the SC driven fuel pumps are turned off. This „issue“ keeps being mentioned on the Aerosoft Airbus. But did anyone ever try it in the FS Labs or in a PMDG aircraft?

The simple truth is: Nothing will happen if those pumps are turned off, the engines will keep running as on ALL modern jets there are engine driven fuel pumps next to the AC driven pumps.

Before criticising and pointing out bugs which are no bugs I would have expected a well known side like FSElite to at least do their research.

The only actual bug which existed with those pumps previously on the Aerosoft bus was that it used no fuel when the pumps were off. And as Aerosoft said previously on their forum that was intended as a feature for the less experienced users who did incorrect fuel planning but didn’t want to divert. And that is “corrected“ with the Professional series.

@Calum Martin Wow you Aerosoft hating FSL fanboy, that is OBVIOUSLY the A318s STOL extra flap settings. You just set the flaps to 100 degrees. /s

Not only that. But it lets you start the plane withoit even turing the fuel pumps on. You can do an entire flight without ever touching the fuel pumps.

If you turn off the fuel pumps on the FSLabs bus while your are on the ground, after dome time you see a warning in the ECAM showing “low fuel pressure”.

The bug isn’t that the fuel pumps can be shut off and that the engines still run, the bug is that the fuel pumps can be shut off in flight and the plane will consume *no* fuel while the engines continue to run. This bug has existed for the entire history of the Aerobus, and yet has never been fixed, even in the last year where Aerosoft were supposedly busy fixing bugs 24/7.

It’s a feature, just take the FSLabs and turn off the fuel pumps in flight.

The review tries to make me think the engine should fail as a reaction to the pumps being off. Please tell me if the engine fails in the FSLabs or in any PMDG plane before accusing Aerosoft of such as bug.

For sure their plane is not perfect, but it is not as bad as you make it sound as many others here have already pointed out.

Calum Martin

I’ll certainly ask the reviewer to amend the review if that’s the impression it delivers, but certainly not our intent to confuse.

Thanks for the feedback.

Calum Martin

So what is it a bug or a feature? Your comment confuses me a little bit.

And it’s not been ‘fixed’ or changed for the professional line. I’m having my team now double checking about this. But even if we’re wrong, I don’t think this will impact the overall quality of the product. There are many other bugs and issues with the product. Here’s another example that didn’t make the cut for the review:

We do our research to the best of our ability but can’t read through every single forum post a developer makes. If it’s not documented in a manual, we also can’t expect the regular users to go through their forums.

Welcome to FSElite the home of good old Aerosoft bashing. Kind of disappointed in the lack of Neutral or Fair review when it comes to Aerosoft.

“there is simply no reason that we should have to wait to get a fully-functional, bug-free plane after over a year of development”

This statement says it all, at least to me Aerosoft have always been very clear about the Initial release not being perfect or with all the Features. They simply wanted to release a good enough version so People could fly it. I fly it all the time and yeah it has bugs and quirks but nothing that bothers me too much. And I certainly knew that this version does not yet include everything they are working on yet. Too bad FSElite isn’t trying their best with their Aerosoft Coverage. I’m not necessarily just speaking about this Review either for me FSElite or it’s writers just don’t seem to be fans of Aerosoft (Which is fine) but you shouldn’t let that interfere with your Journalism. Before you ask I have the FSLabs bus as well, for me personally the Aerosoft bus is more than enough Immersion for me personally but obviously as with everything Opinions will vary.

@Calum Martin Wow you Aerosoft hating FSL fanboy, that is OBVIOUSLY the A318s STOL extra flap settings. You just set the flaps to 100 degrees. /s

Calum Martin

Hi Jan. Thanks for the comment.

I really struggle to see how this is seen as ‘bashing’ Aerosoft. We have provided unprecedented coverage for Aerosoft and their products for the past 2 years. We have formed a working relationship with them, done various competitions with them and are in regular contact with their senior managers.

As for our journalism – we have a team of around 20 people. 20 people with different views on everything. Sometimes an opinion comes out in the tone or the wording used, but in general, I feel we do a decent job at being mostly neutral.

In regards to the review, yes, we’re fully aware of the fact this plane was released without certain features and that some people are happy to fly it “with bugs and quirks”. However, there are also a lot of people who don’t. And the reviewer is someone who sits in this bracket, hence his comment about the aircraft should be released with less bugs.

I think the biggest issue he found is the fact that even after all these years even smaller issues (e.g. fuel pumps, font sizes) still aren’t fixed.

We have reviewed a bunch of Aerosoft products in the past and by-the-by, given pretty highly scored reviews. Just in this case, we felt they dropped the ball.

Like other comments said, this could easily be a better product having had the feedback and fixing up the issues mentioned in the review.

Based on your comment and experience with the product, it sounds like the product is “good enough”, which is what a score of 6.3 suggests to me. Our review guidelines are pretty clear about that. This is what we say in our guidelines:

“A category in this range means that it falls within the expectation of the reviewer which was set out for the developer. What we mean by this is that the developer promised feature X and we got feature X. It’s not bad, nor is it great – it falls in the middle. A score in this range means the product is still usable and enjoyable for the community.”

That’s the impression I get from the review personally.

I hope that helps with your comment.


Based on the scoring guidelines, I feel the review I wrote was more than fair. If any developer delivers a product to market, where they ask for money in exchange for the product, then said product also becomes fair game for critique.

If you go to a car dealership and they ask for your money in exchange for a car, and the dealer says “the car is missing a window, and one of the tires isn’t bolted on properly, and much of the parts are from previous cars, but you can drive it and we wanted to deliver a car that is good enough to drive’ would you be happy? I am sure there would be people out there who would say that a questionable car is better than walking, but there would also be a lot of people who would have a critical viewpoint of the car dealership.

We strive to provide balanced coverage, within the review guidelines, based on the product that we are given. There is no ‘hate’ for any developer – simply an unbiased look at the product as is presented. If you refer to the review, you will see that I spoke of several redeeming qualities present on the aircraft.

fair review. this can easily be 8.5 if they fix it and add the missing/incomplete features they started working on

Calum Martin


It’s never a good idea for a publisher to comment on a review. Clearly we do not agree with the review but due to the overall tone of the review decided not to try to correct things when asked to comment. FSElite has been rather critical of Aerosoft (to be honest Calum did step in to correct a rather nasty article). So there is not a lot to gain.

What we decided to do is let customers speak. These are the people who paid money for the product and who commented on our forums and Social Network pages (you will be able to find all the quotes). Clearly these people do not share the conclusion of the review. And in the end it’s customers who we work for. Why their opinion is so diametrically opposed to the views of the reviewer is not clear to me. In an email conversation today Calum suggested “feel the reviews we do are more in-depth than a customer review.”. We do not share that idea. Our customers are highly critical and our forums are full of issues they feel are incorrect. When possible we sort these out (including some issues in mentioned in the review) but we will always be willing to discuss them and explain why we made some choices. This is what customers written:

Great bus and a fantastic support team.
Respect! In view of the many thousand’s hours of work and the huge invest for development, the pricing is extremely fair for such a complex aircraft. Especially for those customers that own one of the previous busses, it should be a no-brainer.
thank you for the a318/319! 🙂
Thanks for the good job you did with your products. Really good 😉
Its working beautifully.
Awesome! Thank you!
First of all: a very nice aircraft
this a/c is a great job of programming. Love it.
congrats on your job, excellent addon.
the new bus its funny, amazing a very great for me
really happy
The new 318/319 package is simply brilliant
Move over FSlabs, there is a better bus.
This was worth waiting for!?
Congratulations to all of you who have been along the way in this project
Clap yourself on your shoulder! You have every reason to be proud!
Once again Congratulations!
Well done
Performance is great.
Fantastic add on to the Airbus collection”
loving this thing
congratulation to an awesome job!!!
it does fly like a dream
new favourite aircraft, deleted the FSL one
So far very impressed.
everything worked perfectly
the frames wow just amazing
Thanks for the wonderful plane, very good job and support
now that i got it in the air she is all thought and much more
what a great job you guys did,
Amazing product!
The best way to show FSL how it should be done is to make something better. Aerosoft just did.
Absolutely amazing. FPS are really nice and the feeling is also really great.
You guys did a great job
a real diamond and stable base
u nailed it down to a really good product for us
This is definitely a new and wonderful product.
i would like to tell that Airbus simulation is astonishing..perfect model, well simulated
The checklist and co-pilot interaction is great and really adds to the immersion
Love the coffee, newspaper etc animations, a breath of fresh air
I love all the new stuff
I love the new Airbus
Worth every cent, love the Airbus
Bravo, you have released the King of the Buses
a real gem and great to have a quality airbus in P3Dv4
I love it! Its working great in VR!
I’m very happy with the Buses.
The fps are truly amazing
What a wonderful aircraft!
What’s the most spectacular thing about it, is the modelling. Dude, that’s impressive. Especially the Virtual Cockpit looks incredible.
I bought the FSL as well. What the hell is wrong with me? 150 EUR gone, never gonna use that one again.
The Professional Bus impresses me a lot. It feels smooth, it runs incredibly smooth (at least for what I’m used to from the PMDGs and the 787). It sounds great, can’t wait to try the shared cockpit Feature.
Thanks for this wonderful product
congrats on an unbelievable aircraft!
kEEP up the good job Aerosoft!!
The bus is amazing!
The fps are truly amazing even better then the older NGX wich always had the best performance for me
Fantastic product, fantastic price, no DRM. Aerosoft I love you.
And the discount is beautiful, 4 Airbus models for 41 euros, in my case. This is heaven.
It is absolutely fantastic. So easy to install. FPS are great even when I loaded up in JFK.
Graphics and textures are super.
New sounds – unbelievable.??
But what I most liked is the controlling the plane on taxi and in the air. It is so close to real like I seat in Thales level D. No other Airbus is even 50% close to the physics you made.
All expectations are exceeded more than twice.
Thank you, Aerosoft! You made the great job!
Impressive work, as always from Aerosoft! Looks good, sounds good, flies good.
my fps are better than for any other aircraft I have
Very happy with the frame rate. Did three test flights in three different models and all went perfect.
Thanks goes to the development team. Well done…well done indeed.
So why did I pay 140 dollar to the ****** at FSL?
Thanks again for a fantastic aircraft! And the documentation is as always very good and easy to read.
That is a more advanced feature than I thought – impressive that you have such a small (but important) detail implemented in this aircraftI am a happy camper with the new bus
a great product!
a magnificent aircraft
I think your team did a great job and I am enjoying flying new bus
Great product and it is was worth to wait.
My favourite
a pretty new thing
Works perfect, Congratulations!
Brilliantly sorted out by the excellent AS support team.
Congrats on this new aircraft, amazing work
Great job on the product though!
i absolutely love the new busses, they run completely flawless for me
a very nice aircraft
Absolutely stunning product
you guys are awesome… congrats to the team… love the plane.
Aerosoft i want to thank you for an awesome bus
congrats to Aerosoft great product
but the graphics and the FPS are perfect and the flight performance was outstanding
congratulations with the new bus
Excellent performance on my computer
Excellent model for the simulator, not in vain patiently expected and very happy with the purchase
thank you very much for this fantastic. I’ve been enjoying it so far
I’m impressed.
it runs great and the modelling is superb. Thanks Aerosoft and the Airbus team
The bus is Wonderful.
and loving it mate
great software
this is a fantastic model. The frame rates are extremely impressive, much better than the FSL
thanks for the coffee
Great work on the airbus lads!
This aircraft is awesome..?.
By the way, you really did a fantastic job on the VC, that looks great now!
long way better than FSL of course, and even better than NGX.
Anyway, You Great!
Superb model of A318-319
Incredibly very smooth on frames!
thanks for that great new toy. You made a wonderful job
the greatest airplane
you guys have done a great job with the new bus
Good job!
Amazing aircraft and the optimisation in P3D v4.3 is the best I have ever seen, it handles with almost the same fluidity as the Airbus in Aerofly! Just jaw dropping
the performance to eye candy ratio in the sim is something to be proud of…never dips below 4?5fp??s??
It’s good to be back in the bus
first of all what a wonderful job you have done
I simply love the new bus
Many thank great job awesome team
all working perfect
wonderful aircraft, it’s really a pleasure
its now my favourite instead of one of my favourites
Very good first impression.
Thanks for this piece of work, great job.
First of all I have to say that I’m very happy with the bus, so great work guys!
PMDG 30 fps, FSL A320, 15 FPS, Your bus running at 44. Amazing
Beautiful flight deck, great frame rates out of the gate
Best framerate optimizing I have seen for any add-on in 64 bits. Why don’t all devs provide newly compiled models?
Double the frames compared to the FSlightsimlab airvus, super!
So smooth and fast, other teams should ask you how it’s done.
In 3 words: I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!
Absolutely love it!
this Airbus has been done so beautifully well in performance, features, animations, textures, systems, and extras, that it is almost impossible to dislike or say it’s not my taste.
Thank you, Aerosoft.. What a wonderful job you guys have done !!!
Have to say this is the most impressive ‘first impression’ I have had from any of the buses. Bravo!
Have to say my first ‘check her out’ flight was great. The functionality, the modelling the FPS performance…….really top job
so far I’m very impressed with the quality of the Bus
This is one of the most amazing aircrafts the sim community has, and it will get even better
I am REALLY impressed
Wonderful job with this aircraft, definitely hits the price point perfectly, dare I say even a bargain for what one gets!
this product is great.
All went very very good
I’d just like to share with everyone how impressed I am so far with the Aerosoft Airbus 318/19
Framerates and performance are very good on my system, the level of detail and systems complexity is exactly what I am looking for.
I can also say that of all the other Airbuses, this one is working without any major flaws in VR which I felt I should congratulate you all on.
really nice aircraft
You all did a great job thus far with the aircraft and i look forward to the 320 and 321Firstly, really, really impressed with the new bus. Absolutely worth the wait, well done!
Congrats, and keep them coming!
its brilliant
Awesome, just awesome.
first congratulations for your work is superb,
Performed seamlessly. Great stuff. Congrats to Aerosoft team
The Professional version has stepped it up another notch and added some great features
the built in First Officer and checklist were just amazing to me, and added so much depth to the flying experience.
very nice !
Thank you for a great product.
I love this thing, im so glad i bought it! its simple
Well Done on this project.
first of all thank you for this bird
Excellent work of Aerosoft
It’s a great package, by the way.
a very good product from Aerosoft
my appreciation of just how good this aircraft is – It is really fantastic, an absolute joy to fly
Beautiful airplane no problems so far
the A319 is already stunning and I just love the handling of it. Great job Aerosoft!
As always, good job.
the frames are mighty impressive, even on my low spec pc
Great fps with ORBX LOWI made for a brilliant system stable event even with the huge amounts of detail being demanded due to tight 180deg turns presenting the whole scene. Loved it. Really happy to be back in the bus
Looks great and performance is fantastic.
I Bought yours A319 – 318 It Beautiful
Thanks for the great product! I really enjoy the light effects and the MCDU on the iPad. Big fun!
Thank you, and congratulations for such a great work with this aircraft!
Love it! Flying Aerosoft Busses for years and After 3years sim Break i am back in the skies now with p3dv4
Superb software by the way.
Love your aircraft, she flies very well!
fantastic update
On a general note, I wanted to add that I have flown your busses from the very first version you released back in the old days, and I must admit that I never really fell in love with any of them. This has now changed completely!!! What a masterpiece you guys developed! Simply breath-taking!
Brilliant ‘plane – well done to all – now then, if only I could find that sandwich..
landed in LEPA under thunderstorm – great realism hand flying final, and that rain effect – wow!
FPS are great, modelling and texturing is amazing. Well played Aerosoft.
the great job that was done with this aircraft.
please let me express my appreciation of just how good this aircraft is – It is really fantastic, an absolute joy to fly. Being a Boeing boy, this may have just converted me!!
Great plane and very nice gimmicks!
I am really enjoying the smaller buses and looking forward for the big brothers
really enjoying having my Airbus back in p3dv4.3
absolutely outstanding the A318/A319 professional
I’ve worked with Flight Sim stuff now for the past 35 years, and I feel like I’m using the best now. It’s true that I had to upgrade my hardware for what I’ve got here, but it was well worth it for your stuff here
CONGRATULATIONS!! You did a great job on that new Bus and I really enjoy flying it.
congrats for this awesome modelling
You did an Amazing job with Airbus A318/319!
FPS was locked at 30 and never strayed away from that number, very impressive.
Really well done team!
looks absolutely beautiful on my new ultrawide 38″ monitor. Extra kudos to the art team! 😀
You have done such a good job on these aircraft.
definitely a valid alternative for me to the PMDG products
The newest version of the fantastic plane
First I would like to thank the team for the great work on the A320/A321 .
Yes thank You for The Plane.
non problem with fps and general smoothness!
Congratulations ! Aerosoft !
Thank you very much !
Many thanks for the hard work on the A320, i love it.
Now I’m on my first flight on the A320 Pro, so far so good! Amazing plane!
I must say I’m impressed with the flare logic
First of all great JOB Aerosoft the bird looks amazing
Keep up the good work Aerosoft Team
fantastic product. TY very much
I really like the new airbus.
This excellent professional airbus software
I’m very happy with the full family
thank you to Aerosoft for the brilliant realization of this Airbus series A318-A321 in P3D!
great job it is so fantastic to fly this bird into heavy sceneries and maintain a decent FPS
The new Airbus work is nice
Other than that I truly love the Airbus, you guys did a wonderful job!
thank you to Aerosoft for the brilliant realization of this Airbus series A318-A321 in P3D

So, Mathijs literally comes in here to contradict a review by patting his company on the back….A year in development for the same damn product with a coffee maker! That’s about as cool as a lawnmower with a cup holder. At least the old bus worked somewhat and did what it was supposed to.

“Respect! In view of the many thousand’s hours of work and the huge invest for development, the pricing is extremely fair for such a complex aircraft. “

You’re right, Airbus is a complex aircraft and if you want to see how an Airbus should be try the FSL A320. Then, guys, you probably understand why many simmers think that the Aerosoft Airbus it’s far to be an “Airbus”. And I don’t think that AS320 is made from scratch and from the review you notice this thing. So… the price is right, like the price for FSL A320 is right as well. Two different add-ons for two different kind of simmers, in my humble opinion… we cannot simply compare the two planes. But the truth – for me – is that if you want to simulate an Airbus you should go with the FSL320. And this doesn’t mean that AS320 is shit!!!! No, it’s a good add-on for its price but far to be at FSL level.


I thought about spending my precious 80 dollars on this, but after reading the community opinions I knew that 80 for a ALFA OR BETA stage package is to much. Ill hold my wallet here and try something more “developed”. A fair early access release would have been good. And if the developers approach is to highlight the GOOD and not mention the BAD, then I wonder will those bugs or lacking in the software ever be sorted. Sorry.

Such a long reply for absolutely nothing being said. Maybe if you took as much time actually making sure your products weren’t barely alpha on release, then this article wouldn’t be necessary.

Please don’t pander us, Mathijs.

We all know that there are “many” people completely satisfied with the new professional series and good for them.

Honestly, I’m one of them. Because as a software engineer I’m aware of Continuous Process Improvement and I appreciate that Aerosoft is making the effort to be aware as well. However it’s a disservice to those same customers that you can’t publicly come on FSElite and also be equally as open to where things aren’t going right and acknowledge them as well. None of my comments that I’ve left on a variety of public places are included in any of the text because it doesn’t extol Aerosoft.

Mathijs why do you feel the need to cherry pick positive reviews to jerk your kok off?

Dear Mathijs,
I am certain that you won’t answer to this comment but hope you will read this and take it into account.

I read this review twice and compared it to what other people are saying in various places, including social media and some discord groups. Tho I do not own the Bus, I followed every single news coming from you about the development process, requests people made for this product as well as all opinions coming from many owners of A3xx series.
After reading all of them, I disagree with your argument of “overall tone of the review”. Of course you can have different opinion as the developer but also as a human being same as me or any other person.
The only difference is that you as a developer will do everything to defend your product. I have however a privilege to be neutral and unbiased in my opinions as much as possible and defend and bash developer om some parts of the product.. And I use this privilege now. I believe John wrote a balanced review pointing the good but also obviously bad things. After reading the “What’s not available, what’s wrong?” topic on AS forum and after checking the changelog (including the one from today), it just makes me stronger in the belief that the problems disqualify the product as full-value and i can’t imagine it left the production line like that.
And I’m taking about the crucial System/AP issues only. Now, can you imagine that BMW (my beloved car vendor) or any other manufacturer will start selling their cars with long list of the features not working and few words from the company saying: Hey! Drive it now like it is, we will fix the Cruise Control, Navi, and even AIRCO in upcoming months just because you can live without them right now? We will even fix this noise coming from the left wheel but not today.
Can you imagine that? Or get the construction company to build you a house but some elements of it won’t work just because company didn’t have a time to make them right in time.
In some of your posts on the forum you said that some of those things won’t be fixed before the initial release or SP1 and the reasons you mentioned were “deadline” or “we didn’t have a time”. Well, who’s fault is it? Just yours because you made your internal deadlines public. I truly can’t understand marketing model where you sacrifice the opportunity of not giving any dates until the product is top-notch in the name of…yes, of what? For sure it doesn’t work positively on brand’s reputation and it’s really hard to believe you don’t see it.
You quoted a lot of very positive opinions but where are the quotes of comments made by the people disappointed with this release?
Even after filtering all comments coming from Aerosoft haters or FSLabs lovers, there is a huge group of people giving substantive opinions, who do not understand this model and logic standing behind it. There is also a group of people making jokes or memes already and to be frankly, I can’t blame them anymore.

On the side:
Quoting the positive comments which mention FSLabs stands in contradiction to what you were always saying: FSLabs should be not compared to our product and vice-versa because consumer target is completely different. Well, FSL is mentioned 9 times.
And again, if anyone will spend a time on going through the social networks or various discord groups and finding all negative opinions there, the amount of them might become equal to amount of positive.

At the end, just to make clear I am not only negative or want to bash the product completely.
If you fix all the issues, this will be a great product with fantastic price tag. 80euro for such of bundle in 2018 is absolutely great price in my opinion.
I’m also impressed with the quality of the VC. It looks fabulous. Just a shame I can’t say that about the exterior texturing but partially I understand your compromise.


(somehow deleted my own comment lel) Overall, kinda disappointed by this reply. Of course, people will praise your product on your forums and other places; however, there is always another side to a story and you’ve failed to acknowledge this. I’d expect a developer to showcase maturity and humility when presented with constructive criticism (i.e. TFDi which I have great respect for their determination to *listen* to the community and improve their aircraft months after it’s initial release). Things do not improve when something constantly gets praised– things improve when people receive constructive criticism and learn about the faults. Unfortunately, this attitude is becoming a pattern with AE products (i.e. CRJ (which I am not a fan of, to be honest), and the A32x) where it’s the mentality of “I know you may not like it, but this guy likes it and we’re not gonna change it because he is fine with it). Please don’t see this as “bashing” your product or anything, I could never complete an airliner such as this, but listen to the community when they tell you of the issues. In the end, everyone will be happier if you choose to listen and change rather than just ignore.

Senchay (Senchay)

Marcel k what other addons you mean? The CS? The tfdi? the md80? the qw787? Or the 2 leaders pmdg ad fsl? If its the last one then maybe keep in mind that is has the half price for a reason maybe.

This is the ultimate act of desperation… You’ve been pushing out half finished and broken products for years, and the CRJ and now this over priced port of the old Airbus. This review I think was pretty kind to you, because personally I would have given it a 2.5

Mathijs – if you didn’t delete the majority of negative comments on your forums, that list would look a lot different.

Own the god damn criticism, man. Get better and people will respect you for it. The act is failing.

Do better.

I think the review fits the product and has nothing to do with FSElite beeing too critical of Aerosoft. It’s understandable that a developer wants a better rating but posting selected positive comments from customers isn’t a very wise defence strategy because it can’t be taken serious. Honestly, it doesn’t deserve more points at the moment. The quality just isn’t there if you compare it to the standards of other products for the 64bit platform.

I don’t know about anyone else but I think that it this response is tantamount to burying one’s head in the sand. This is not a perfect simulation, and that is fine, but to pressure reviewers by openly posting on their website listing a heavily biased and vetted barrage of positive (and suspiciously brief) comments is unacceptable. This FSElite review accurately represents the Bus at this time; step forwards a few months when a few service packs have been released and maybe the changes will merit a relook.

For now, good job FSElite, bringing fair coverage to all products.

Mathijs, as a customer of Aerosoft for over 10 years, this is the first time I will not be buying a big product from you guys. After that disastrous release of the CRJ product, (Which is still unflyable BTW), It seems aerosoft have shifted focus away from what the community has been asking for. I have been holding off from purchasing an airbus for reviews, on which one to pursue. I have made my decision and will go with the other A319\A320. There was nothing wrong with this review. It was honest and unbiased. Your response was the last nail in the coffin for me.

One thing that gets me, especially from the AS forums, is how you frequently respond with this massive list of positive comments in response to criticism. It seems somehow that flightsim is exempt from normal customer service. Imagine returning to a physical store to get help with a product you had issues with and the employee just shoves list of all the positive reviews in your face.

I find the FSElite review is incredibly fair(as personally I think there is a lot more problems), and I think that criticism is good. If all we do is praise developers no matter the quality of products they develop, there will never be any higher standards, and as a result, products that never meet that standard.

It seems like its a common trend in flightsim for developers to have “the customer is never right” attitude. I find this is especially problematic for customers in the software industry given that for many products, there is little to no competition and almost always no refunds.

Maybe for all the money we spend and the hours we devote to posting in forums, developers could respond with a “What can we do to help?” instead of “Nobody else has this problem. You’re wrong. Go away,” the world of flightsim could start to become a better place.

Mathjis, you should’ve stuck with your initial thought to not reply, but your hubris gets the best of you every time, sir. Despite that, I noticed you have cherry-picked the best comments out of your user base and failed to include even one negative or critical thought.

I find it refreshing that the above review is an honest critique of what to expect when spending near $80 USD on the total package. Your reply also intimates that nothing positive was said, which is factually untrue. Once again, you sing the song of lament, but by now the lyrics are tired and your voice is out of tune…

John Moore

Honestly..(personal opinion here, does not in any way reflect the views or opinions of anyone else at FSElite, or FSElite as a whole), this seems a bit..unethical.

While I understand it’s in your best interest to paint the product in the best possible light, I feel those statements should come from customers posting them here themselves rather than someone who was directly involved in the project and stands to benefit from its success.

It makes Aerosoft sound desperate to shift the narrative, yet subtly bashes a competitor’s product at the same time. It isn’t necessary, and I’m sure other reviews published by other outlets or individuals will be in Aerosoft’s favor.

Anyways, just my honest 2 cents on the matter. Read the little disclaimer at the top before making up your mind on my comment.


“is the font that Aerosoft chose to use in the MCP displays. In all of my research online, the actual font is smaller and less blocky, making the Aerosoft font choice seem a little ‘cartoonish’ by comparison”

YES!!!!!!!! And you would think this is a very easy fix.

@Mathijs Kok “less usable” – get glasses then, mate. The wrong font is the first thing one notices as it’s in your face the entire time. Any real bus driver (and I hope there were some on your beta team) will notice that straight away. And while we’re at it, the FCU dimensions are wrong too (it’s too big in height).

We did look at that but other fonts made it much less usable. I am sorry you feel that was an incorrect decision.

I know FSELITE likes to review products shortly after they are released but I feel you should have made an exception and significantly delayed your review given how this product line is notoriously unfinished.

Really Bob? I thought this review (and the comments below) is just the type of sharing of feedback that you claimed two days ago to be in favour of?

If a developer is going to release a product for your money, then it gets reviewed as it currently stands, not after a wait for an unknown amount of time until a Service Pack arrives.

The product is released “as it is” so there should be no delays for any review. If the product is great on day one, then it’s great. If the product is in a state it should not be released, blame developer, not messenger.
It’s not FSElite’s fault, neither a duty to wait until developer fixes the issues which should be fixed before release it..
FSElite is here to give us the facts.

Calum Martin

So do note, that the A318/319 product line has been out for quite a while now already and has received a fair few updates since its release.

Also, it’s part of our duty to info people of our opinion on a product sooner than later because it’s currently available for sale. Whilst developers say update XYZ will come, there’s never a guarantee it will come. We can, and only will, review what is available to the regular user.

I do ask, how long do you think would have been suitable to have delayed the review? A month, 6 months, a year?

As our policy states, we’ll revisit the review in the future if significant progress is made.

John Moore

Hi Bob,

This is actually something that was discussed quite a bit internally before we decided to review it. Our basic logic is that if Aerosoft felt it ready to release to the public, then it should be ready for us to review. There’s no point in waiting months to wait for it to be *somewhat* stable, the CRJ took over a year, when the majority of users would have already bought it. I’m sure Calum will be on to add something here soon. Hope this helps!


Am I right to suggest that the title picture looks more like an A320? As for the review, it’s interesting that it’s fairly negative given how long the aircraft is in development as what I’m really waiting for is the A330 and given the amount of work that the A319 requires it looks like I’ll be waiting a bit longer

Fun fact: Some A319s like Easyjets also have two overwing exits to allow more passengers to be squeezed in

The A320 has two exit doors over the wing. The picture looks correct to me.

Calum Martin

From what I can tell, it’s the A319 in the screenshot. Look at the number of overwing exits.

John Moore

The featured image is indeed of an A319, evident by the registration N319NB.