Alicante Airport

Alicante Airport

Developed for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Alicante Airport comes with 4K PBR textures, hand-made airport models and 3D ALS and runway lights. Furthermore, the airport product comes with hand-made mesh at 1m resolution and also 3D custom trees and vegetation.

LEAL – Alicante Airport

LEAL - Alicante Airport

750 squared kilometers of photoreal textures surround PILOT’S LEAL – Alicante Airport. 3D runway lights, dynamic lighting, and hand-made airport mesh are just some of the features.

EGBG – Leicestershire Aero Club

EGBG - Leicestershire Aero Club

3D grass, 4k textures, and dynamic lighting can be found throughout PILOT’S EGBG – Leicestershire Aero Club. Custom landclass and buildings for the airport and city are included.

KCDK – Cedar Key Airport

KCDK - Cedar Key Airport

Florida’s shortest paved runway has been brought to life by PILOT’S. Based on the 2020/2021 layout, this highly detailed rendition features 4k textures and custom vegetation.

Boeing B314 – The Clipper

Boeing B314 - The Clipper

PILOT’S Boeing B314 – The Clipper is a study-level aircraft. A custom sound package compliments the complete virtual cockpit and simulated Navigation and Radio Room.

FS Global Ultimate – NG 2020

FS Global Ultimate - NG 2020

The virtual world is brought to life with PILOT’S FS Global Ultimate – NG 2020. Based on 2020 data, mountains now display realistically. The product also features bathymetry mesh.

FS Global Real Weather

FS Global Real Weather

PILOT’S FS Global Real Weather injects a variety of wind, cloud, precipitation, and icing conditions. Weather can be generated based on live, or historical data.

LEAM – Almeria Airport

LEAM - Almeria Airport

LEAM – Almeria Airport has been modelled by PILOT’S with 4k textures, immersion-enhancing ambient sounds, and 1000 squared kilometres of photoreal ground textures.

WMBT – Tioman Island

WMBT - Tioman Island

PILOT’S WMBT – Tioman Island, 150 km North of Singapore, in the South China Sea. Accurately replicating the airport and heliport on a neighbouring island detailed with 4k textures.