ZIM Scenery Shares Narita Airport Terminal 2 Renders


ZIM Scenery has shared on their dedicated thread on FSDeveloper some new renders of their upcoming Narita Airport scenery for P3D. The screenshots focus on Terminal 2 in both the exterior and interior. The developer has made an extensive use of PBR materials for a better rendering. Although this is still a work in progress as the terminal still lacks jetways and various “lively” clutter, we can still appreciate the work that has been done, especially since this is a solo project so far. The FSDeveloper thread is also interesting to follow as the developer share some of his modeling techniques – which is the original purpose of FSDevelopers – and we would recommend anyone interested in the inner works of flight simulation to take the time to browse through the various sections of the forum.

We’ll make sure to report on the progress of this promising scenery for P3D.


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