Just Flight Releases Further Previews of Traffic Global for X-Plane

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JustFlight has released via Facebook post further previews of their Traffic Global for X-Plane 11, along with another monthly entry into the Development Diary by TGXP developer, Jim Kier.

Traffic Global for X-Plane is an AI system that recreates real-world traffic within your simulator. Traffic Global for P3D is already a well-established product but to export this complex system into X-Plane is a mammoth task.

Jim has been working on the project since April this year. In the Development Diary, he speaks about the product being currently used by beta testers and how issues and bugs are slowly being ironed out. That being said, Jim mentions that the system is not quite ‘product ready’.

The screenshots below show the Traffic Global system in action. They also show features such as the traffic radar, flight schedule and map can be used to view local traffic.

Jim signs off the Development Diary by hoping that the next Dev Diary could be the last for Traffic Global, hinting that it is approximately a month or so from completion and release. Keep your eyes on the JustFlight Facebook page for further updates.


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